Threats To Poison Feral Cats At Brooklyn Parking Lot

At the Caroll Gardens parking lot in Brooklyn, someone is threatening to poison the feral cats in the area.

One sign at the entrance to the parking lot reads, “Every time you place cat food here, I will soak it in ammonia.”

Another sign says, “The owner of this property insists that you stop feeding the cats here.”

Over the past few weeks, someone has left food for the cats and this has lured even more cats into the area. And now the signs threatening to poison the cats have appeared.

Many animal lovers said that the signs are horrible and are afraid that someone will actually poison the cats.

The ASPCA was alerted of the threatening signs.

The parking lot owner and the parking lot supervisor said they have nothing to do with the signs and have promised to find the person or people who are involved in putting up the sign.

The owner did say that the person that is trying to feed the cats is putting food all over the place and it not only is attracting cats to the area but it is also luring mice to the parking lot.

Source: NY Daily News

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22 Responses to “Threats To Poison Feral Cats At Brooklyn Parking Lot”

  1. Elderta says:

    My old neighborhood… it’s spelled Carroll… two L’s.
    I hope they don’t go through with these threats. Yikes!

  2. Elderta says:

    Sorry, that should be two r’s and two l’s…Tanya

  3. straybaby says:

    well, since the ASPCA has been out there and it’s made news, the cats are prob safer. hopefully the person feeding the cats will hook up with the feral cat group and learn how to manage them correctly. the ASPCA will t/n/r for free afaik.

    if the parking lot owners are not responsible for the signs, they may want to put one up with the penalty for animal cruelty here.

  4. Tanya says:

    It’s hard to know how to best serve the feral community out there. If you feed them, do you make them more reliant on you? Is it better for them? I like TNR programs, but does that also cause feral colonies in areas where the cats would be more dispersed?

    and does anyone know any good *reputable* sites about how best to do TNR projects?

  5. catmom5 says:

    Check on Alley Cat Allies. They are one of the frontrunners dealing with ferals. Why can’t these cats be trapped, vetted, neutered/spayed and relocated? Clearly someone cares! I hope that the aspca and tnr folks can find a way to keep these cats safe. A pox on the poisoner!!!!!!

  6. RoonieRoo says:

    I really struggle with feeding the two ferals in my neighborhood but I still feed them. I got a trap and was all ready to trap them but when I called our various rescue groups, ASPCA, our local TNR all I got was “Sure we want you to trap them and then own them. We refuse to help you because we are so overburdened but nice of you to take that cost and responsibility on”. I have 5 cats, all rescues, and I’m not endangering my furbabies or endangering the harmony of my home at this point. So I continue to feed them and not trap because I apparently have no one to go to. It was pretty infuriating to always do as much as I can for the rescue groups, adopt from them for all my furbabies and even have fostered a few when they were desperate. But when I needed them to help me bring in some ferals all I got was the brushoff.

    So what do you do? Feed them? Not feed them? TNR is apparently only an option if you want to shell out the bucks at the expense of your own family.

  7. Dee says:

    RonnieRoo, I think it’s admirable that you want to help those cats. Just keep in mind….in most states, if you feed stray/feral animals, the law looks at you at their legal owner. That’s important, because if they then bite someone, you will be financially responsible for the required quarantine (not cheap) and/or euthanasia for rabies testing. You can also be fined pretty heavily for not keeping rabies vaccines current, even if no bite ever occurs. That’s because there are so many people who claim that “Jack” is “just a stray”….even though he has been living on their property where he has gotten daily meals and belly rubs for over 3 years. “But he’s just a stray, you understand”…so they’re not “responsible” for the animal otherwise. (They legally are, but are just trying to get out of it.)

    You might want to check your local laws to see what might or might not apply to your situation.

    Plus, keeping them around might present a threat to the health of your own pets in many ways. Talk to your veterinarian. He/she will have loads of advice (pro and con) for you to ponder.

  8. Donna says:

    If the food has brought mice. Well fed cats will stop the rodent population.Cats are doing a service for mankind. Cameras installed will catch the sign posters. Leave the cats in peace.They, like us just want to survive and live their life in peace.

  9. Dee says:

    And in doing so, those cats will pick up parasites from the mice that can then be transmitted to humans….especially children.

    Discourage groups of feral cats (by not putting food out), and trap/vaccinate/deworm/sterilize/and relocate those that can be.

    All animals need to learn to go to where the food is, not be taught that it will be brought to them with no effort on their part. That’s what keeps nature’s intended food chain in proper balance. Interfering with one section of it throws all the rest of it out of kilter.

  10. Elderta says:

  11. Don Earl says:

    I always love the comments that putting out food for feral cats attract the natural prey of cats. Yeah, right. My pet cats are indoor only, but I like having a few ferals around to catch mice.

    I would tend to question the practice of feeding ferals on someone else’s property though. Not everyone likes cats. I feed ferals, but it’s on my property and no inconvenience to anyone else.

    On Dee’s comment about cats biting someone?! That’s quite obviously the comment of someone that doesn’t have a fuzzy clue about feral cats. Ferals are so incredibly shy that it often takes months to get within 20 feet of one.

    RonnieRoo’s comments basically describe the struggle with trying to help ferals. There aren’t any good anwsers and no quick fixes. For every one you try to help, a hundred halfwits abandon a pet that hasn’t been fixed to turn wild. TNR programs are great in theory, but good luck trying to catch them or getting much help if you do.

    The compromise I came up with where I used to live, when I was feeding several feral females, was to catch the kittens and take them to a no kill shelter for adoption. The moms would bring the babies up to the food dish when they got to be about six weeks old, and they were usually so hungry, I could reach through the door and pick them up while they were concentrating on eating.

    There are a lot of good sites online with information about ferals, but no easy solutions. It’s estimated that in the US the feral cat population roughly equals the pet cat population. It’s another one of those areas where I think public information programs offered by local shelters would do more to help than anything else.

  12. Dee says:

    Don, I’ve dealt with feral cats for over 25 years, and can think of at least twice that many cases of such bites. Feral cats gets sick and injured. When that happens, invariably some unknowledgeable person in the general public will try to help them without seeking assistance from someone who knows how to handle such situations. Unless the cat is near death, YES THEY DO get bitten and otherwise injured.

    Property owners are well within their rights to not want feral cats on their property, and it is illegal (not to mention morally unethical) to put food out for them on property that does not belong to the person doing the feeding.

  13. Rhonda says:

    Dee, don’t even try to argue your point with Don Earl. Don’t you know? He knows everything better than the rest of us. If he says something, he must be right. He must be a very well traveled man of the world to know so very, very much about everything. It really gets quite tiresome.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Back to topic. I hope that the ASPCA keeps a close eye on the situation. I would love to see everyone boycott this parking lot and hit the owner where it will hurt him the most — his wallet!

  15. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Rhonda, we’re confused.

    Do you want everyone to boycott that parking garage:

    Because someone (maybe a customer, maybe just a passerby) put up signs threatening to poison the cats?

    Because there are stray or feral cats living in the garage?

    Because you don’t like parking garages?

    Because you don’t like Don Earl?

    Or what?

  16. Dee says:

    LOL @ Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie! Thanks for the chuckle. :-)

  17. Don Earl says:

    RE: “I’ve dealt with feral cats for over 25 years”

    By putting up signs in parking lots, perhaps?

  18. Donna says:

    Well…..35 years of working with rescue groups and ferals.I still say the cats have a right to live in peace. As far as biting people…………….you would need to be athletic super stars to catch a feral. 35 years never a bite………….could it be levels of safe guards to handlers or perhaps knowledge.I find more parasite infected humans than strays. Most humans are infected with false sense of “superior species ” Most dangerous lot of animals I have ever dealth with . Animal care is my profession. Cats have a right to life, they did not chose this life. A ‘’superior human” negelected to spay or neuter their pet.When she became pregnant or he sprayed………..standard human solution, dump the pet. Animals are not the problem , people are. I will continue to aid ferals ,they are societies unwanted and most abused and misunderstood. My work is to aid life not harm it. Allie cat allies ………….free education of the value of cats and their plight. All property owners are glad when we come to feed and care enough to aid these cats.Many ask , “how they can help”? Our lot in life is to help the less fortunate…………….includes feral cats.Or what ever needs a meal. I even fed “superior humans” that were hungry.

  19. straybaby says:


    did you contact the ASPCA or an SPCA? here (NYC), i’m pretty sure the ASPCA is free for ferals, check their site. also free for low income families. those that can pay (the rest of the city :) ) pay $25. My LL maintains the few ferals we have, i make sure they are s/n via the ASPCA van. ASPCA is not a national shelter though and aren’t connected with other SPCA’s. they do have sister cities for promoting no-kill, so if you are in one of those cities, there may be an option.

    my 2 oldest cats are from a litter back when i first moved in :) believe me, that’s not something i could do every season! we haven’t had any kittens for about 6 yrs now. once the females are fixed, males tend to go elsewhere. and new ones that do show up, don’t always stick around. we have the same crew for sometime now. must be the pasta my LL serves up with their kibble, lol!~

  20. Dee says:

    No, Don…..I have donated my services to vaccinate, deworm (once is better than never on both of those), spay, and neuter hundreds (probably well over a thousand) ferals at my cost of actual drugs and supplies, in addition to treating the treatable sick and injured ones before releasing them.

    And I say again… one is doing any favors to these cats by feeding them without ALSO doing the above. If you do, you are only adding to the problem by helping to increase the population, which makes it all the more difficult for those of us who are trying to DECREASE it.

  21. Erik says:

    I just put a sign in my garden saying “no peeing here”. Oddly the cats still do, the dogs have stopped but then, they never did. Thier pee has maimed many a defenseless plant.

    If anyone here is a true animalaterian they would take the time to teach these poor, homeless cats to read ! That way we can treat them like people and make them obey the laws we superior people have to obey.

    Got a problem with that, easy now, they can start their own support groups. As an aside they could picket Ol Joe’s Parking Garage. Then the world will be as it would.

  22. cynthia says:

    Jeff, was always a dog lover lost 3 dogs in 2o years children grew up ad moved away feral cats in my area have totally elimated rat population ps (I live in a fairly affluent community) they are not destructive and provide some degree of pleasure to us aging yuppies, as it goes live and let live! remember hitler? it’s a form of genocide to destroy any species!

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