Three-Legged Dog Is Champion Hunting Dog


Tess, a five-year-old German wirehaired pointer is a national hunting champion. And she is a winner despite challenging odds — she lost her rear leg four years ago.

Her owner, Keith Kemmer, accidentally ran over the dog’s rear leg with his truck. He said was saddened over Tess’s pain and how she would no longer be a hunting dog.

Initially, Kemmer was debating if he should put Tess down, but fortunately, he changed his mind and decided to keep Tess and make her a house pet.

But Tess surpassed Kemmer’s expectations. She not only was a house pet, but she became the prize-winning hunting dog that Kemmer thought she would be before the accident.

Kemmer said, “When you let her out of the truck, she’s hunting from the second she jumps off that tailgate. Just like that. She never quits. The other dogs, by the end of the day, they’ll come up and lay by the truck. Not her.”

Two years ago, Tess received a perfect score in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association’s premier event. Only 100 out of 4,500 dogs qualify for the competition. Tess was one of 32 dogs to become a versatile champion.

Tess is known around the events for her strength, heart and determination.

Despite her loss of her rear leg, Tess doesn’t have too many problems running, swimming and jumping. The only things that give her a little difficulty are slippery glass and heavy snow.

“She can jump better than she let’s me think she can. At the end of the day I still pick her up to put her in the pickup. I guess she has me well-trained,” Kemmer said.

Source: Associated Press

3 Responses to “Three-Legged Dog Is Champion Hunting Dog”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    I am happy to know that Tess showed her owner that his inclination to put her down was so wrong. Upsetting that someone would run over their own dog with mearly the loss of a leg, and the dog still remained healthy, but then consider putting the dog down. He owes that dog a life full of fulfillment and joy. He is now doing the right thing by “allowing” (sarcastic)Tess to live, so she can prove what a real champ she is regardless of having 3 legs. GOOD GIRL TESS! And Thank you Mr. Kemmer for staying by Tess’s side.

  2. kaefamily says:

    He was going to put Tess down because she lost a leg and that she wouldn’t become a champion hunting dog. That said a lot about the owner!

  3. Patty says:

    I understand Mr. Kremmer’s great sorrow and the difficulty of his decision. Those who responded earlier may not be able to fully appreciate his situation and I think they have judged him harshly.

    Last night, my dog was trapped under the wheel of my truck. It was awful! My dog, Ginger, is a beautiful hunting dog and a beloved family pet. We are now faced with a decision: amputate her rear leg or put her to sleep (the amount of tissue damage, hip displacement and bone damage is significant, as is the pain, and it might be more humane to put her to sleep when we are merely guessing as to her prognosis).

    I am torn up inside trying to make this decision, especially knowing that Ginger loves to be outdoors, running the fields, looking for birds. I wonder if she will be able to enjoy life like that again! This story has gaven me great hope and inspiration. Thank you, Keith…and way to go Tess, but you’d better watch your back. Ginger will be running the fields soon! :)

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