Three-Year-Old Dog Plays Mother To A Kitten

Dog and kitten

Tahoe is one lucky kitten. He has a loving and nurturing mom — Lillie, a 3-year-old long-haired dachshund.

This kitten became part of the Collins family when Eunice Collins heard a cat meow coming from her car. She opened the hood of her Chevy Tahoe and found a kitten. He was named Tahoe after her car. Collins took Tahoe into her own home and introduced him to her other pets.

Four days later, Collins woke up to see Tahoe nursing on Lillie. The pair cuddle and nap together. Throughout the day, Tahoe rolls over and feeds from Lillie, purring and pawing at her belly.

From Victoria Advocate:

“That’s not going to happen very often,” said Dr. John Beck, a local veterinarian. Beck said “the kitten got lucky, basically” that he found a dog with such forgiving maternal instincts.

“She’s a good dog,” Beck, the veterinarian said. “Having Tahoe around induced a false pregnancy, a nursing response. It made the hormones needed to produce milk. Now, I’m sure the cat obviously had it in her mind the dog was her mother.”

Meanwhile, Lillie seems happy to be a mother again.

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    what a sweet story!

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