Tiger Attack Victim Admits To Taunting Tiger At SF Zoo

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  1. kaefamily says:

    The zoo’s responsibility is to ascertain that its animal enclosures meet the safest standard. Even then, no measures are 100% moron-proof.

  2. kaefamily says:

    Darn, can’t edit my original comment.
    Just want to add that it is sad that to avoid public outcries and litigations an animal was senselessly killed before the investigation was thoroughly completed. It goes to show that it is still easier and cheaper to blame/kill defenseless animals than to throw a book at moronic humans.

  3. straybaby says:

    taunting and drunk. anyone *shocked*?

  4. stefani says:

    In my book, the boys who did this are 85% responsible, and the zoo 15% responsible.

    I say that because —

    No matter how high you build a fence, if drunk jerks want to climb it and taunt a tiger, it won’t be high enough to save them.

    However, it does shock me that the zoo didn’t have strong tranquilizer guns on hand. For the amount of time it apparently took from the first call to police until the tiger was shot, she could have been knocked out with a tranquilizer gun. In that event, she would still be alive, and the drunk kids would not be any MORE mauled/dead than the already are. Maybe less so.

    Did I hear correctly that the zoo’s fence met legal requirements, but did not meet “best practice” standards? If it was compliant with the minimum laws, then I do not see how the zoo can be held legally responsible for her escape.

    But I do find it shocking that they didn’t have tranquilizer guns on hand.

    All the same, like I said, and like “kaefamily” said, you can’t totally moron-proof a zoo. They could have plopped themselves down into her cage, no matter how high the wall. I think zoos have a right to assume that their visitors aren’t suicidal, and all children are supervised by parents. But some children are drunk 19 year olds.

    They aren’t victims. The only victim is that beautiful tiger. However, to say that they aren’t victims is not the same thing as saying the zoo shouldn’t learn a big lesson from this, because they should. They should make sure they are better prepared for such things. I’m not absolving those boys. If I jump in a lion cage, my fate is my own problem. This was almost like that.

    Can you say: “Darwin award?” But it’s very sad that Tatiana is dead, and very unnecessary.


  5. Kaffe says:

    Can’t improve on what has been said here. No zoo can implement 100% moron-proof facilities. Too right. There was a “poll” made on my local news here in Oregon: ‘Who’s to blame? Zoo or boys?” 15% thought it was the zoo; a whopping 85% blamed the taunters. Speaks volumes. It saddens me that a magestic predator was killed due to taunters… but I am also sad for the parents of the boy that died. No matter what your child has done, his death must still hurt like hell.

  6. furmom says:

    My general take on the height of the fence (third-hand from news reports) was that the architect’s plan was within the standard, but it wasn’t built according to that plan, and ended up twelve feet instead of sixteen high (or something like that). A decent German Shepherd can climb a six foot high fence, so sixteen would be barely adequate, twelve ridiculous. Some zoos add overhang and electric wiring, but I’m thinking a pissed off tiger would just get an extra boost of adrenaline from electricity, and jump just about anything. Tranquilizers are a little too slow when you’ve got people everywhere, prevention is the only option. As for the half-wits who taunted the tiger, I say throw them in the tiger pen to let the rest of the tigers do justice.

  7. Denise says:

    TheZoo should counter sue.
    The idiot boys should pay for the cost of the Tiger.
    In the end maybe folks at Zoos will think twice before they act like idiots. They may not care about life, but maybe money will get their attention. Now that I think of it, all misbehavior at a zoo should be punished.

  8. PetRescue says:

    What is it about the word “wild” that these guy’s didn’t understand.. No matter what type of an enclosure they had this beautiful Tiger in she was still a wild animal and had inborn instinct’s and when she was taunted she reacted to those instinct’s just like a human would.. What a shame they she was killed for the benefit of three idiot’s..

  9. mittens says:

    they got exactly what they deserved and i said so at the time because it seemed apparent to anyone with an inkling about big cat behaviour that they taunted the animal- little bastards. and they were drunk too and had a history with the police.

    i grieve for the cat. she had every right to defend herself from such worthless. ignorant cowards.

  10. Cheryl says:

    When I first heard about this story I knew that this wild animal had been provoked enough for it to want to attack. I mean think about it, a woman is able to pull a car of af her child if need be. I have no sympathy for these ignornant men, and do not hold the zoo responsible at all.
    I am amazed that there was no tranquilizer gun avaliable on the premises or by the police considering the location of the tiger.
    Animals unlike ourselves kill to survive, where we have a tendancy to kill for sport. These guys should be held responsible for their actions, in which ever way necessary in order to learn that we are all responsible for our actions. This is a true example of being outsmarted by an animal. If these men realized how smart animals really are, this would have never happened. I guess it took a death to show it. How sad!!


  11. Sylvia says:

    Because some drunk/high assholes decided to “taunt” a magnificent animal one of the assholes is dead - who cares - the far greater loss is the death of the tiger - she is irreplaceable - drunk assholes are a dime a dozen.

  12. Nancy says:

    When I first heard of the attack I knew for certain that the boys had to be abusing the tigers. Why? Because I visit that zoo - there are very few that I would visit because of poor facilities.

    The San Francisco Zoo is beautiful and the exotic cats are nicely housed. Only an extreme case of abuse could cause the tiger to escape their “island.”

    If you had ever been to the zoo, especially this time of year, you could see how that something could happen without officials knowing immediately. The exhibits meander through beautiful grounds, giving the animals a certain degree of privacy. Few people visit in winter and the boys probably had many opportunities to taunt animals with no witnesses.

    Don’t get me wrong, the zoo is not perfect - I didn’t like the housing for the bears - but they are improving the facilities as rapidly as they can. After all, it is not a profit organization and getting donations is difficult in this economy.

    I’m glad to see that no one blames the tiger … you cannot blame a wild animal that is defending itself, you can only blame the antagonists. And please don’t blame the zoo. A tiger under that extreme stress would be difficult to tranquilize. I was very upset that she was killed.

    I too agree the boys should be held responsible for their abuse of the animals.

  13. Donna says:

    Perhaps drunk and illegal enters into this picture.Most americans have a “awe” for zoos. I have never heard of any one being drunk and stupid enough to anger a tiger. Foreign cultures treat animals quite badly with no back up laws. Any one know the “legal” status of these men ? We know the status of the tiger ,imported and shot to death from taunting. More info needed. I would like futher investigations on this situation with answers.

  14. Diane says:

    I have a normal-sized housecat who chooses to spend most nights sleeping on top of a six-foot-tall bookcase. Why is everyone so surprised the tiger was able to scale that wall? Still, I thought all along she was probably being provoked. Darwin awards, indeed.

    And don’t fool yourself. Plenty of native-born Americans are morons, too.

  15. straybaby says:


    one of my cats jumps up and clings to the door to look out the peep hole. straight up from the ground :)

    i’m not surprised the tiger got out, but we need to keep in mind, tigers don’t normally feel the need to escape their enclosures and attack. just pisses me off that common sense around wild AND domestic animals goes out the window for some. 2 deaths due to drunken stupidity. what a waste. i also have a real hard time about how the 2 survivors treated the dead young mans family after the incident.

  16. Sharon says:

    no tranquiler guns available? what kind of dump is this zoo anyway? and drunk, high and illegal assholes in a BMW are admitted? apparently money is the only motivator for this facility.

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