Tiny Cat Beats All Odds

TitchTitch may be tiny, but that definitely does not stop this little Burmese cat.

When he was born, his owners were not sure if the kitten would make it. He was pushed out by the rest of his litter and was extremely cold when he came out.

But now this one-month-old kitten is the size of a thumb and is growing. Although he is still bullied by his four brothers and sisters. Titch’s owner said that his siblings think he is a mouse and try a go at him.

She said, “I have never seen one this small before. To be honest, I didn’t give him a chance. He will fit in the palm of my hand now, but before he was barely the size of my thumb.”

She added that even though Titch is small, he is definitely tough and he holds a lot of character in his small frame. She said he is bold and will nip at one’s thumb if allowed.

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12 Responses to “Tiny Cat Beats All Odds”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Poor little babe! He is so teeny but seems to have a strong will. Not to be negative but….I think he should be more sheltered from his siblings. Be fed separately or something like that. Bottle fed?

  2. kaefamily says:

    He will continue to beat the odds with his strong will WITH the love and care of his owner.

  3. Kaffe says:

    such a heart warming story

  4. Donna says:

    Always remember,………..good things arrive as small packages. Eye of the tiger tough,eye of the tiger. I am praying for this tiny, mighty soul.

  5. Lynn says:

    If this little darling doesn’t grab your heartstrings, what will?

  6. Jodie says:

    What a teeny weeny!! We’re pulling for you sweetie pie!! Please don’t let his siblings hurt him….

  7. Nora and Toonces says:

    My tiny Toonces, is now about 16yrs old. She was sooo itty bitty when I found her all alone in the woods almost starved to death and yowling her little head off, her eyes still blue (about 4 weeks old). She was obviously the runt of her unknown litter and she has always remained incredibly petite and dainty, even as a senior spayed female. Now with huge moon green eyes. She is a joy and always has been. Tiny Titch will bring much joy and amazement to whomever loves him for life!

  8. toni says:

    Don’t give up on this little one. My Foots was 23 lbs at his largest. He was only a half-pounder at 1 month. He grew into the most handsome Maine Coon ever. He lived happily for 20 years + 3months.

  9. Nancy Bueno says:

    Some female cats can conceive over a several day period. Before I knew that it happened to my Siamese. My “Little Bit” was born a premie along with the rest of his full-term littermates. Bit was smaller than the rest of the litter, was missing fur in a couple of spots and I soon realized he was deaf. He never grew any larger than a 4 month old kitten. Nothing would stop this brave boy but his premature lungs were never healthy and he had several instances of pneumonia over his life. He was the favorite at the vets and a hit anywhere we went. I was lucky to share his life for 9 years. Good luck to you. You have a special baby.

  10. HB says:

    last paragraph:

    “She added that even though Tough is small, he is definitely tough…”

    Should it not be:

    “She added that even though Titch is small, he is definitely tough…”

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Thanks HB for the correction!

  11. cptflint says:

    If I were that cat I would an my brother made fun me for being small, I’d make fun of him for being cross eyed. XD

  12. Trisha and Toonces says:

    Hi Nina and Toonces!! I thought that was funny that our cats have the same name. I found my teeny tiny sable Burmese stray a few months ago, and she is the sweetest kitty. We just adore her. Unfortunatley, she tested positive for feline leukemia, and since I have 2 other cats, I have to keep them separated. She will live out her life here with us, and so far she is very healthy. She was a high-risk spay but she made it through with flying colors! Her real name is actually Petunia but I often call her Toonces. Take care!! -Trish

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