Top 50 Cities For Dogs

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What city is your dog’s favorite? Men’s Health has compiled their ranking for the Top 50 cities for dogs. Here are their Top 5 cities for dogs:

1. Colorado Springs, CO: All that needs to be said is 250 days of sunshine a year which means an endless amount of outdoor activities for your furry friend. Their boarding and dog day care facilities earn top scores. Also, Colorado Springs levies the highest maximum fine for animal cruelty: $500,000.

2. Portland, OR: Portland is proud of the fact that they have the most dog parks per resident and the many pet retail stores in the area.

3. Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico has the second highest dog ownership rates and Albuquerque’s affection for dogs is shown throughout the city. Even the Mayor holds a Mayor’s Dog Ball which supports efforts to educate children about the humane treatment of animals.

4. Tucson, AZ: Not only is Tucson filled with sunshine, but Tucson has more veterinary practices accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association than in any other city in the Top 50.

5. Seattle, WA: There are almost a dozen dogs parks in the city and many more in the suburbs (including Marymoor Park which is a 40 acre off-leash dog area). Seattle vets report that Seattle has one of the lowest number of heartworm cases in dogs.

The complete list of the Top 50 cities for dogs after the jump.

Here is Men’s Health complete list of the Top 50 cities for dogs:

The Complete List

1. Colorado Springs, CO
2. Portland, OR
3. Albuquerque, NM
4. Tucson, AZ
5. Seattle, WA
6. Denver, CO
7. Austin, TX
8. San Francisco, CA
9. Tampa, FL
10. Sacramento, CA
11. Nashville, TN
12. San Diego, CA
13. Oklahoma City, OK
14. Charlotte, NC
15. Las Vegas, NV
16. Indianapolis, IN
17. Miami, FL
18. Tulsa, OK
19. Pittsburgh, PA
20. Omaha, NE
21. Wichita, KS
22. Oakland, CA
23. Phoenix, AZ
24. Dallas, TX
25. Fort Worth, TX
26. Minneapolis, MN
27. San Jose, CA
28. Kansas City, MO
29. Houston, TX
30. Atlanta, GA
31. Columbus, OH
32. Honolulu, HI
33. Fresno, CA
34. Louisville, KY
35. San Antonio, TX
36. Arlington, TX
37. New York, NY
38. Philadelphia, PA
39. Chicago, IL
40. Memphis, TN
41. Los Angeles, CA
42. Cleveland, OH
43. St. Louis, MO
44. Milwaukee, WI
45. Boston, MA
46. Baltimore, MD
47. El Paso, TX
48. Jacksonville, FL
49. Washington, DC
50. Detroit, MI

Tell us more about your favorite city for your dog.

11 Responses to “Top 50 Cities For Dogs”

  1. Katie says:

    Tucson, my present home is very dog friendly. Several restaurants have outdoor seating where you can share your table area with your dog. There are dog parks, not 40 acres though…. and our parks are not grass, they are sand and dust..

    Back East in Connecticut and the New York area, it was great for dogs. State land, wildlife management areas, water for swimming and parks with grass. Restaurants, hotels, etc. were not dog friendly. There were a number of dog camp vacations available - and those were great fun.

    Interesting to see Co. Springs and Denver listed. I have heard people from there complaining about lack of places to take their dogs for exercise…..


  2. Lynne says:

    Too bad the governor of New Mexico doesn’t extend that compassion to all animals.

  3. Lynne says:

    I notice none of the South is represented. No surprise there, especially with people like Michael Vick and his friends.

  4. Shaun in Tucson says:

    I’m surprised that Denver is on the list, as their BSL has resulted in many hundreds of “pit bull type” dogs being euthanized.

  5. Bridgett says:

    I live in Albuquerque. Just about every car has a dog in the back seat. I love it! We have several good dog parks. The city seems to bend over backwards for dogs. We are getting water put in at the dog park we go too. I need to find out when the dog ball is. Daisy and I want to attend.

  6. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    I agree with Shaun, no city that has BSL can truly be called “dog friendly”. It’s more like “friendly to MOST dogs”.

  7. Christina says:

    There are several southern cities on that list including my adopted hometown of Atlanta GA. Sure it’s the home of Michael Vick but please don’t stereotype an entire portion of the country, it makes you look intolerant.

  8. Lynne says:

    Christina, I live in South Carolina and am very intolerant of the ignorance I see all around me. Sure there are pockets of “nice” but overall I find the south to be backward.

  9. Weekly Digest: June 8, 2007 | Elaine Vigneault’s diary says:

    […] Top 50 Cities for Dogs […]

  10. JJ says:

    Regarding Bill Richardson…I would not vote for any politician that hunts or advocates hunting in any way. If the governor of a state is of that frame of mind, I will not visit that state. They won’t be getting my tourist dollars!

  11. Fen says:


    Now, let’s be nice. Do not fall into the trap in seeing “one” and you are done with the entire city.

    I see more people than I can count walking their dogs EVERYDAY, letting their cats out EVERYDAY and we are talking MULTIPLE pet owners.

    This list, I believe is a bit skewed. Our spot of 30 for “best” may be legit, but as far as the concentration, there are pets EVERYWHERE with prominent pet businesses to boot.

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