Top Dog Cars For 2007, Ones To Look For In 2008

ElementLooking for a pet-friendly car? Want an automobile that is tailored to fit your furry friends and make them comfortable? (created by Dr. Marty Becker and Gina Spadafori, our friends from PetConnection) has rated the top cars for you and your four-legged companions for 2007 and has also added some cars to look for in 2008.

The best overall Top Dog Car for 2007 rated by is the Honda Element. It’s easy to clean and even has anti-noseprint windows.

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3 Responses to “Top Dog Cars For 2007, Ones To Look For In 2008”

  1. Vettech says:

    This is why I bought a Element. I bought my car to fit my dogs.
    I was in the process of signing the papers for a Chevy HHR ( I loved and still love the look) when my SO whispered, you know we never measured your dog. I got up right then and told the dealer I would be right back, we went home, measured my dog and the car was too short inside for my large dog. I called him up and told him the sale was off, he didn’t understand. I was sad, but started looking and drove by the HOnda dealership and saw this beautiful red Element parked by the road, stopped the car, looked inside and told the first person I saw that I wanted to buy THAT car, easiet sale I bet they ever had. I have been so happy with the car, only fault is that the seat material while VERY easy to clean is slippery and dogs seems to slide right off, as for the open back, I just bought a no skid rug that I lay down along with his bed and he has a comfy place to sleep while we do our road trips. He can stand up and no where near touch the ceiling. Best car for the price, also no problems at all with the engine since I have had it, so easy.

  2. G in INdiana says:

    I can fit my 2 GSMDs in my 2001 BMW 325xi just fine. I do NOT want them standing up so I picked a shorter car on purpose. It is low enough to the ground so they can almost step into it and it has a mesh screen I can use to make sure they don’t slobber all over me when we are driving around. They love it so much they won’t get into any of the other cars we own (Stratus and Dakota truck). You should see the looks we get when folks see us cruising around. The back is a felt like material that is easily vacuumed and they do not slip. I cover it with a nice blanket anyway, but I don’t have to.

  3. Holly says:

    The element might be a great vehicle but it has no towing power. I prefer my 4 runner. It has enough room behind the back seats to fit a large crate and two med/lge sized dogs. Or I put all three dogs together now. It’s got the fuzz for them and it’s no big deal if one of them barfs as it cleans up easily.

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