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Pasado's Safe HavenPasado’s Safe Haven, located in Sultan, WA, is a non profit organization that provides a sanctuary for all types of animals that are in need. No animals are turned away and the haven provides a safe and loving place for them. Pasado’s Safe Haven offers public tours only three times a year, so they can focus on the animals and their needs. There is an upcoming tour on Saturday, April 14 at 1:30pm (the other two dates for 2007 is July 21 and October 13). Visitors will be able to meet some of the animals that have been rescued; see the Spay Station, the only mobile pet sterilization rig in the Northwest; and see the impact that Pasado’s Safe Haven has had on all of the animals’ lives. A reservation form is required to tour the sanctuary.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Pasado’s Safe Haven is to be commended for the animals they protect and serve, particularly for their role in the rescue of Katrina animals. Moreover, Pasada’s investigation and push for prosecution of those who shot and killed many helpless Katrina pets was nothing less than heroic. Pasado did the job, on far less funding, that the ASPCA and HSUS were expected to do, but failed.

    So, why then, does Pasado–defenders and protectors of all creatures great and small–have not one word, not one alert, not one warning on their website’s homepage of the national crisis currently killing our pets? I speak of the Menu Foods pet food recall.

    Psst…hey, Pasado. In case you haven’t heard, there IS a crisis at hand and pets are dying–many more expected ESPECIALLY if the groups whose job it is to protect them don’t get their butts in gear and start spreading the alert. There are thousands of pet owners who STILL don’t know about this, or if they do, they have no idea of the scope of the crisis (thanks to AP’s dismal reporting).

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