FDA Pleads Ignorance, So Bloggers Find Lots of New Recalls For Them

Reporter: …Should we expect any additional voluntary recalls among pet food in the coming days and weeks?

FDA: We aren’t aware of any other potential recalls at this time involving either pet food produced from contaminated wheat gluten or from contaminated rice protein concentrate. As we say time and again, the investigation is open, we continue to follow the trail, but we don’t have anything else that we expect to emerge.

Emphasis ours.

This conference from Thursday afternoon was followed (and actually preceeded) by hours of frenzied recall activity at the Itchmo World HQ and at other pet blogs. It even continued into today.

We shudder to think how a handful of pet owners with typing skills were able to make the FDA look so foolish.

Here’s the full transcript from yesterday’s FDA conference that Pet Connection live blogged. Something tells me our readers are about to get snarky.

(Thanks Suzy)

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  1. ally says:

    Kiki Says: April 28th, 2007 at 6:02 am
    “We should call out the FDA and USDA and ask them what they plan on doing with the hogs. Does anyone have an e-mail or phone number to someone????:

    FDA Contact - from the “My Pet Counts! Postcard Blitz” Itchmo thread:

    Marcia K. Larkins, D.V.M
    FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine
    7519 Standish Place HFV-7
    Rockville, MD 20855

    From the FDA site here:

    Marcia’s #’s and email addy:
    Phone - 301-827-4535
    FAX - 301-827-3957
    E-mail - marcia.larkins@fda.hhs.gov

  2. E. Hamilton says:

    Thanks all for the good thoughts.
    I did not go into my particular pet stuff much because this was not just MY
    tragedy. This was for ALL the pets and the people caring for them and I had a real good idea how bad the suffering was, because I was living it daily.

    I could not get bogged down in discusions what I was doing on the medical issues, food issues and I was pretty hard about it some times and that is not going to change. To get the job done it has to get tough and hard sometimes and I am not out of ideas yet.

  3. Maureen says:


    This is a short press release that anyone can understand about how many bills were pending as of 1998 to give the FDA and USDA the money and the teeth to mandate recalls, etc. This was into the fourth year of a Republican-led house and senate that voters ended only in November 2006.

    Look at the kinds of legislation that these lawmakers tried to pass that, if they’d been successful, would make a difference to our pets and to us now.

    (This release is from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and can be found through Google along with lots of other measures that are needed now.)

  4. Donna says:

    FDA=Failure Demonstration in America. No to imports.Rebuild and restart American farmers.Corporate America,…………..are you listening ? You will see a loss of profit ! Lives and suffering for profit ? NO WAY ! American consumers,…………. “what is your choice?”.If you do NOT choose American made,this will continue to “occur”. Money, over life …………..not in my book. My sympathies lie with all that have suffered,fur babies and caregivers. This should have never happen in AMERICA !

  5. E. Hamilton says:

    I am a bit puzzled about something, do people think my name is Eve or Eva?
    Just asking how they got the idea and from where.

  6. Jerry says:


    Sorry, I’ve been out of the office. I did look and so far I’ve been unable to locate a valid number.

    This also makes me wonder what they’ve done with all the dogs and cats that had to be euthanized. You know they render them also. My bet is to stay off of all commercial food for at least a year. My opinion only but you gotta wonder. I’m fortunate that I’ve fed my dogs home made food for the last 2 years after losing 2 other dogs prematurely from rare diseases and commercial food was the suspect (back then I used Science Diet and sometimes Iams). I don’t force my opinions down everyone’s throat but I tell you the vet bills have dropped the last 2 years after I did this.

  7. Jerry says:

    Nevermind my previous post. Thanks Ally for the cotact info.

  8. pat says:

    E. Hamilton Says:
    April 28th, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    I am a bit puzzled about something, do people think my name is Eve or Eva?
    Just asking how they got the idea and from where.

    I’ve figured it out. Someone wrote best. snark. eva i presumed it was a name, sorry, sometimes i’m not too bright. this thing has got me very addled, which is bad. clear head is what’s needed here

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