RECALL: Treat Maker to Recall Their Food and Ol’Roy Dog Treats

UPDATE: Story confirmed by AP. Recall announced.

FDA recall list containing 21 products is here. Thanks modthinglet.
Brands are: Ol’Roy (Wal-Mart), Nurture, Pet Life, Lassie, Companion’s Best, Stater Brothers, Champion Breed, Perfect Pals

ORIGINAL POST: A reader reports that CNN just announced that FDA has identified another company that also received the tainted wheat gluten. FDA refused (once again) to identify the company, but CNN said that their products are made by Sunshine Mills. Site not working? Try this cached version.

They own brands such as: Sunshine Pet Treats, Sportsman’s Pride, and World Pet Foods. They sell “throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, plus over thirty other countries worldwide.”

Sunshine Pet Treats:







Thanks for the tip homermlw!

UPDATE 2: A reader, Teri, emailed Sunshine Foods asking if they are associated with Menu Foods in any way. Sunshine’s response yesterday? “None of our products are involved in the recall.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they were avoiding the question.

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  1. Steve says:

    When does a criminal investigation start?

    Racketeering, perhaps bribery, obstruction of justice in furtherance of illegal and questionable business activities.

    Isn’t it obvious?

  2. Steve says:

    In view of the current pet food recall and criticism of the FDA for failing to act expeditiously, this news comes as a shocker — particularly disturbing and relevant to the recall, is the last paragraph.
    WASHINGTON, D.C. —Shrugging off congressional objections, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will immediately move to close more than half of its laboratories across the country, according to documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The closures will be completed during the next few months, before the new Congress can act to block the shutdowns through the appropriations bill for the next fiscal year …
    FDA specialists have argued that eliminating laboratories will slow agency response time to outbreaks or attacks, as samples may have to be transported long distances. In addition, closing laboratories located near ports or large food distribution centers may reduce the agency’s ability to uncover contamination or other hazards before the effects ripple deeply through the country’s food chain.

  3. Pet Connection Blog » Pet food recall: CNN reports Sunshine Mills joining recall says:

    […] (and a few minutes later, the AP - thanks, itchmo!) is reporting that Alabama’s Sunshine Mills, Inc., which makes a wide variety of pet […]

  4. Steve says:

    All Menu Foods pet food with ChemNutra wheat gluten voluntarily recalled

    TORONTO, April 5 /PRNewswire/ - In response to a news release - issued
    by ChemNutra Inc. during the evening of April 3, 2007 - Menu Foods today
    voluntarily expanded its pet food recall for selected “cuts and gravy” pet
    food products, manufactured back to November 8, 2006.
    ChemNutra Inc., a former supplier of wheat gluten to Menu Foods,
    announced a recall of all wheat gluten it imported from Xuzhou Anying
    Biologic Technology Development Co. in Wangdien, China. As a result, Menu
    Foods today announced an expansion of its recall to include all products
    manufactured with wheat gluten purchased from ChemNutra Inc. which Menu
    Foods’ records show was first used on November 8, 2006 and last used on
    March 6, 2007.
    As a result of actions previously taken by Menu Foods, the vast
    majority of the products affected by this expansion are already off
    retailers’ shelves. No new brands have been added. A total of 20 varieties
    have been added to the recall list and the additional varieties are listed
    below. All Menu Foods products not made with the recalled wheat gluten are
    safe to consume.
    A complete and updated list of recalled products is available at the
    Menu Foods website at
    Cat Food

    Brand Look For Variety Can or Size UPC
    This Date Description Pouch
    on The Bottom
    of Can or Back
    of Pouch
    Nov/20/09 Adult Sliced Can 3oz 37257-37359
    Formula 3oz

    Nutro Max Cat Gourmet Classics
    Nov/21/08 Pouch Kitten Pouch 3oz 79105-36263
    Nov/21/08 Pouch Senior Pouch 3oz 79105-36265

    Pet Pride
    Nov/21/09 Flaked Tuna 3oz Can 3oz 11110-80472
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Chicken/
    Heart/Liver 3oz Can 3oz 11110-86261
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Turkey/
    Gravy 3oz Can 3oz 11110-86257
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Beef/
    Gravy 3oz Can 3oz 11110-86264

    Nov/21/09 Flaked Chicken/
    Tuna 3oz Can 3oz 37257-01287
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Beef/
    Gravy 3oz Can 3oz 37257-01243
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Chicken/
    Heart/Liver 3oz Can 3oz 37257-01285
    Nov/20/09 Sliced Salmon/
    Chicken 3oz Can 3oz 37257-01286

    Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Can
    Jun/19/08 Sliced Beef/
    Gravy 3oz Can 3oz 52742-44120
    Jun/19/08 Sliced Chicken/
    Grvy 3oz Can 3oz 52742-44110
    Jun/19/08 Sliced Oceanfish/
    Sauce 3oz Can 3oz 52742-44010
    Jun/19/08 Sliced Senior
    Chicken/Gravy 3oz Can 3oz 52742-46000

    Dog Food

    Grreat Choice
    Nov/14/09 London Grill Cuts
    13.2oz Can 13.2oz 37257-37002

    Pet Pride
    Nov/28/08 Pouch Chicken
    5.3oz Pouch 5.3oz 11110-84172
    Dec/01/08 Pouch With Stew
    5.3oz Pouch 5.3oz 11110-88124

    Springfield Prize
    Nov/14/09 Chicken Cuts/
    Gravy 13.2oz Can 13.2oz 41380-13901

    Stater Brothers
    Nov/14/09 Chicken Cuts/
    Gravy 13.2oz Can 13.2oz 74175-12240

  5. Steve says:


  6. Sue J says:

    At first I was confused since I got used to hearing only hearing about recalls on Friday, and today is Thursday. Then I remembered, tomorrow is Good Friday and the stock market is closed.
    I’ll wager a bet that there will be more recalls and press releases throughout the rest of the today and tonight.
    Sue J

  7. pam says:

    A wee bit more detail

    Sunshine, of Red Bay, Ala., sells pet foods and treats under its own brands as well as private labels sold by grocery, mass merchant and dollar stores, according to its Web site. The recall included some of the products made for sale under five private labels, including Ol’Roy biscuits, sold by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and Stater Bros. large biscuits, sold by Stater Bros. Markets. It also covered a portion of Sunshine’s own Nurture, Lassie and Pet Life dog biscuit brands.

  8. Paula says:

    I’m looking at a bag of Sunshine Pet Treats Puffs n’ Purrs as pictured above. Wheat gluten is not listed as an ingredient. Although wheat flour is listed, it has been my understanding that the “suspected problem” is limited to wheat gluten. [Not that I think they really know.]

  9. Mary says:

    Wheat gluten is NOT listed on the WalMart Ol’ Roy Peanut Butter Biscuits either. As Paula said, there is wheat flour listed, but not the offending wheat gluten. Are there rules as to the percentage of an ingredient that is in the product before it is required to list it on the bag?

  10. modthinglet says:

    The Sunshine Mills website is not updated (sometimes also down) . For the list of foods, bar codes, etc., USE THE PRESS RELEASE POSTED AT THE FDA

    You can find it here:

    Sunshine Mill Biscuit brands: Nurture Chicken & Rice, Nurture Lamb & Rice, Pet Life Large, Pet Life Extra Large, Pet Life Large Variety, Pet Life Large Peanut Butter, Lassie Lamb and Rice, and Pet Life People Pleasers Dog Treats

    Private label: Companion’s Best Multi Flavor Biscuit, Stater Brothers Large Biscuit, Ol’Roy Peanut Butter Biscuit, Ol’Roy 4 Flavor Large Biscuit, Ol’Roy Puppy Biscuit, Champion Breed Peanut Butter Biscuit, Champion Breed Large Biscuit, Perfect Pals Large Biscuit, Stater Brothers Large Biscuit

  11. Garyn says:

    It says in the press release that it has 1% or less of wheat gluten so mabey they don’t have to list that. I don’t know.

    “The recalled dog biscuits contain one percent or less by weight of wheat gluten.”

    Could they really be so heartless as to wait until the stock market closes without regard to the animals eating these products up until the time of the recall. And how could they have not known they had this wheat gluten weeks ago. I am so beyond disgusted. This is really criminal.

  12. lillulu says:

    So, just HOW does the average American keep the FDA from closing labs??? They can’t keep up now~are we selling out this country OR WHAT?????

  13. Barbara says:

    Yes my friend got an answer also yesterday one day before the recall of Sunshine products. What a difference a day makes do these people at Sunshine even know what is going on in their own company?
    email below.

    Forwarded Message:
    Subj: RE: RECALL
    Date: 4/4/2007 9:46:45 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    None of our products are involved in the recall.

    Sunshine Mills

    Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007 10:36 PM
    Subject: RECALL



  14. JM Leong says:

    There is an inaccuracy in the recall list. The Ol’ Roy 4 Flavor Large Biscuits with UPC Code 81131-46959 is actually labeled on the bag (or is it a box) as “Multi Flavor” Large Biscuits.

    I found this out because I called my Dad, who doesn’t have Internet access to tell him about the treat recalls. I asked him what treats he was feeding his dogsand among them he said the Ol’ Roy “Multi Flavor” large biscuits. So I said, “OK, well that product doesn’t appear to be listed but you might want to stop feeding them anyway.” I mentioned that there was another brand recalling “Multi Flavor” biscuits but the Ol’Roys were just the peanut butter, puppy and 4-flavor ones. And he said, “Well, wait a minute it does look like they list about four flavors on here.” I decided to read the UPC Code to him and sure enough, it was a match. Needless to say he was very upset and telling him that so far no one has reported deaths from Ol’Roy biscuits did little to ease his mind.

    So Ol’ Roy 4 Flavor = Ol’ Roy Multi Flavor.

  15. Heidi Gustafson says:

    We have been feeding our mini schnauzer Ol’ Roy multi flavored dog biscuits for years. She loves them. But no more! She has probably gone through many many bags in her 7 years. The present 5 lb bag of biscuts is 6 8113 89402 9. She hasn’t had any since the recall of the first foods. I have been giving her home cooking and she is gradually getting used to it. Hopefully no harm has occured. We will be taking a urine sample in to our vet.

  16. Trish says:

    RE: “lillulu Says: So, just HOW does the average American keep the FDA from closing labs??? They can’t keep up now~are we selling out this country OR WHAT?????”

    Someone who is very knowledgeable about this issue (perhaps Steve?) can go to and start a legitimate petition about this issue which can be sent to the appropriate officials once a certain number of signature have been obtained. It should not be hard to obtain signatures!

    Once the petition is on the site, Steve could notify this board and provide the direct link to that petition. Everyone could then notify all of their friends and family to sign it; friends and family could notify others, people on here who belong to animal clubs, chat rooms, etc. can notify those people and ask them to send to family and friends. Before you know it, the number of signatures required could be obtained.

    Anything at this point could help. For those of you who don’t know, our Nation has gotten itself into quite a mess with China! They are importing their rural citizens into the cities to work in factories because the U.S. wants inexpensive goods. It’s become a vicious cycle …. and look what’s happened because of it! It’s bad enough that our pets are at risk until they determine ALL foods that have been contaminated ~ but imagine what it might have been had it been something causing the same harm to humans … your infant … your kids or Mom or grandfather? We need to stop purchasing anything that’s been made in China! If we stop buying it, and purchase only ‘made in USA’ products, we’ll make an impact. But 20 or 30 people isn’t going to do …. we need millions to stop buying ‘made in China’ products. However, next time you’re at the store … any store … try finding things marked ‘made in USA.” It’s very disappointing. =(

  17. Iluvmypets says:

    I had been feeding my cat Publix brand cat food, since there were no recall I thought it was safe until I looked at the beef cuts n gravy, its has wheat gluten..My cat has been very sick almost to the point of dying since a couple of months ago…We have incurred large vet bills, to try and save him…He is barely hanging on..and nutritionally or not he is eating people food…and seems to be during a tad better…I am soooo outraged…and I had been feeding ol roy treats to my dogs and had just finish the last of the bag, then seen that recall on tv a couple of hours later….now I have to be concerned about my other 4 legged buddies…this has to stop, my other concern is are we going to hear about this in human food next?????

  18. 3pits says:

    What I do not understand is why people are attacking Menu foods?? They are the first one to identify that there was a problem. And I see people are trying to sue them. What about the companies that left their product on the shelf for 7 to 10 days longer than menu. People be aware that bad news sells and the media is out there for a buck and that is it. The big news is pets dieing but our president can kill thousands of our soldiers for no reason and it never makes the news. What a world we live in. The fact is menu bought wheat gluten and it was tainted. As did numerous other pet food companies. The wheat gluten supplier is the one to point the finger at. There is no way on Gods green earth that companies can test for everything. And why would a company test for melamine?? That is used for ??????? who knows what. There are millions of chemicals out there. Each and every company has to do the right thing. The Chinese do not care about their people why should they care about our pets!!!! This is a slap in the face and then when asked they try to lie!! All products from china should be banned if they do not make this right!! That country had something like 300,000,000 food related illnesses last year. THEY FLAT DO NOT CARE!!

  19. ALTABELLO says:

    Is there any indication that if you feed your dog Ol Roy treats out of bags that are not on the list, that those are safe?

    Has anyone heard anything bad about “milkbone” treats? I’m trying to figure out what treats to give to our dog for now…

  20. rhiannonwales says:

    The reason people are angry at Menu foods is because they knew in January or so that there was a problem and instead of recalling the food and then testing it they decided to feed it in a TTD (Test To Destruction) trial to see what would happen.Only after 16 animals died did they take action.That was almost 2 months later. They put the lives of American pets at risk by waiting.

  21. debbie says:

    TTD ??? They feed for many reasons. And really do not think they feed to kill. That is so ignorant to say. They test for a ton of reasons.

    And here are some of them read and you will be educated from a point of view that does not make the news media money.

    Palatability is the word used to describe how well an animal likes the flavor, aroma and texture of a food. While taste and smell are very important to a cat, the shape and texture are equally as important. When approaching a food, the first thing a cat does is sniff it. If it passes the sniff test, they’ll give it a try. Shape and texture determine whether or not the cat will continue to eat the food. The way it breaks apart in the mouth, the size, and moisture content are all considerations. Studies show that cats continually prefer a new or fresh shape or flavor of food. Moisture, fat content, meat additives, proteins and acidity are also things that will determine palatability. Pet food companies consider all of these things when formulating pet food.


    Cats are notoriously picky and their eating preferences are greatly individual. Some cats will starve before eating a food that they find offensive. It can be useful to bring in an assortment of flavors and textures to a cat’s diet. Some things that can sway a cat’s perception of flavor include aroma, taste, consistency and temperature. Cats possess taste buds on their tongues that react favorably to substances classified as salty, tart or acidic. Cats do not appear to be attracted to sweet tasting substances.


    Cats have a far more sensitive olfactory apparatus (sense of smell) than do humans. The apparent aroma from food is especially necessary for your pet to start eating. If the aroma is notably delicious, that alone is enough to get her to eat a particular food.


    Cats are incapable of chewing efficiently. Therefore, they must reduce the size of food by slicing or cutting it into smaller pieces, which can then be more easily swallowed. Moist food can be eaten quickly, while comparatively, dry calorie-dense food is usually consumed more slowly.

    These are just a few reasons why they test products. As for January your dates are wrong and way off. As for making your own food. That would be fine if you have a masters in food science. How much mineral and vitamin would you put in % wise? Your pets in order to stay healthy need a very exact diet. My 2 cents…………

  22. Teri says:

    I have submitted the PupCorn to the lab for testing. I advised Sunshine Mills that I would be sending them the bill for the testing of the product.

    Mitzi @ Sunshine Foods emailed me back stating that PupCorn was not involved. My response was: as of yesterday,…neither was the rest of your junk. I asked the lab to run it as a STAT CASE so I should have the results today.

  23. JM Leong says:

    Clarification on the Ol’ Roy UPC codes for “Multi Flavor” biscuits. The UPC Code I cited is for the 10-pound bag (listed on the recall list as “4 Flavor” biscuits), and the UPC Code Heidi Gustofson cited was from her 5-pound bag (not on the recall list, but I sure as hell wouldn’t feed ‘em).

    Just in case there was any confusion.

    Altabello: For Ol’Roy treats NOT on the recall list, it’s up to you. Personally, I’d throw all my Ol’Roy treats out, but the company and the FDA tell us if they are not on the list they are safe. As for Milkbones, I looked those up for my Dad and it seems those are not affected according to the FDA and the Milkbones website. I will tell you what I told my Dad and what I’ve told other people asking me what food and treats they should feed now: I can’t recommend or fully endorse ANY product at this point because this recall now has an established history of constantly expanding. Certainly I do not want to point a person in a direction or endorse a product which later turns out to be unsafe. We all now as individual pet owners are pretty much left to our devices and must make these decisions based on own educated guesses.

  24. 5CatMom says:

    To 3Pits,

    Testing raw materials is a complicated process for sure.

    However, the fact that Menu is in the pet food business, the fact that the gluten came from China, the fact that GM wheat exists, and the fact that aminopterin has been previously identified as a contaminant should give them A CLUE.

    They may not have found the melamine, but they should have found the aminopterin which, in turn, may point to melamine. Also, there is a link between melamine, aminopterin and wheat gluten–It’s the GMO thing again. See link at end of post, a “must read” for everyone.

    Companies such as Menu need QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURES which ensure that their manufactured products are safe.

    This is negligence, pure and simple.

    Link to GM Wheat article:

    Menu should routinely test for substances that have been identified as toxins in pet foods. Aminopterin has been previously identified, and so they should test for it.

  25. Bubba says:

    Ban food products from China. Just think of all the human food that comes from there probably being poisoned… Corporate greed is what we have here! They only care about the dollar they worship.

  26. Rocky says:

    The problem is that you can’t tell where stuff is made. Just today I bought a box of those yummy Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes. Nowhere on the box can I find where they are made. I plan to call them on Monday.

    Stuff used to say “Made in USA”, but now much of it says “distributed by”, so you can’t tell where it’s really made.

    That’s what all those lobbyists in Washington have done for us.

    We must demand from our elected officials that food products be labeled to include COUNTRY OR ORIGIN.

  27. The Pet Food Coalition says:

    Dear Pet Food Companies,

    We are working to identify those companies that we can support with our pet food dollars.

    One that has not been involved in a recall, or received notice from FDA.

    Whose foods contain high quality ingredients; have no fillers, no unnecessary additives, no banned ingredients, no toxic ingredients.

    A company that has robust quality assurance procedures, and ensures that all procedures are followed.

    A company whose food ingredients are grown, or originate in the USA.

    A company that makes it’s own food, in it’s own manufacturing plant, with it’s own employees.

    A company that is interested in the long term health of our pets, and not just the bottom line of it’s P&L statement.

    If you are such a company, please post a comment so that we’ll know your name.

    Many thanks.

    The Pet Food Coalition

  28. Mark says:

    I live in NW Arkansas - home of Wal-Mart - & am very disturbed by what happened to me this morning. Our 3 dogs eat Ol Roy dry dog food & love the biscuits - they have been raised on it as have many dogs in this area.
    One of the main Wal-mart stores yanked all the recallled food & treats off the shelves immeadiately & have notices all over the store regarding it.
    Today I went to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to get a box to treats to suffice (wwent w/ Milkbone but thats the last of the store bought treats they get in a while..) and there in the store were the Ol Roy Peanut Butter treats & 4 Flavors still on the shelf !!!!! I spoke to the manager & asked why they were there & was told…..”they aren’t on the recall list” - I told him they were & was told “IT MUST BE A DIFFERENT UPC BATCH” !!
    Hmmm I almost believe this. Don’t think so.
    Do we now have to resort to checking all the codes for products on the shelf to make sure they are safe & the store is complying ??
    Also, is anybody else concerned about the dry dog food ??? And do I have a reason to be concerned as they all get fed the Ol Roy dry dog food ??
    I feel that dry dog food is going to next on the list…….
    Thank you for letting me tell my story & sharing my views & questions.

  29. Virginia says:

    I noticed tonight that Wheat Gluten is listed on Ol Roy Beef Sticks but I don’t see them on the recall list anywhere. I have no intention of feeding them to my dogs now that I found that listed and I’m going to try to return the balance of what’s in the container. They only had a few of them and that was stretched over a few weeks time so hopefully they have not been hurt. They are showing no signs currently. This is ridiculous. I heard that the FDA has actually ASKED for a DECREASE in budget and they are closing several centers. They are checking less and less of food consumed by humans so I don’t see any help for our pets coming soon.

  30. Kris says:

    Regarding post from “The Pet Food Coalition” Here is the company you are looking for: Anyone who orders a free sample, will be set up at the wholsale price without having to go on autoship. Just give me a day to call the company to have you set up and i will email you. I will take no retail profits at this time from people looking for a safe food. Once you are set at wholesale you will stay there as long as you order from this weblink, that is my pledge. Kris

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