Tributes to Lost Pets

SamMemorials to our pets are springing up all over the Web. Over the last few weeks, we’ve read dozens and dozens of comments and letters from grieving and angry pet parents, and children. (Picture of Sam. May you rest in peace.)

Here’s a list of several tributes from the parents (after the jump).

Added 4/2 9:45pm Pacific: Flickr group of pets lost to the recall

Allie’s story from her family

Sam’s story:

Sam was born in Shanghai, China in mid-April, 1993. We met her, fell in love and adopted her in early May. Although we did not know it at the time, Sam was totally deaf which is common in pure-white cats and she had the loudest voice of any cat we had ever known. Actually, because of her voice, we called her Sammy Jay after the squawky blue jay in the Burgess classical children’s story but somehow that got shortened to Sam, which seemed right.

Learning how to deal with a deaf cat was a whole new learning curve for us. It took a lot more patience and understanding. Unless she was looking directly at you, every movement startled Sam, as she had no advance warning by sound. When she was a kitten and happened to fall asleep when we were in the same room with her and we left while she was still sleeping, when she woke up, she would cry out in a very loud voice until we went to show her that we were still there. Being deaf made Sam seem more vulnerable and dependent on us and made us love her even more.

Sam was not a cuddly cat, but she was a good cat and gave us all the love she had inside of her. She was feisty and always let you know what she liked and wanted or didn’t like, in that very loud voice. All she ever asked of us was to be fed at regular times (she always let us know if we were off schedule) and to be there when she wanted us around. Sam loved to play and up until she got sick, she was very active.

Sam got sick in mid March. Our veterinarian ran blood tests which showed that her kidneys were failing and she was scheduled to start treatment the next day. That night, while watching the late news, we first saw the report on the tainted cat food recall. Because the cat food we were using was named, we immediately checked the internet and discovered that the cat food we were feeding Sam contained the serial numbers of the tainted food. We were devastated. Needless to say, neither of us slept that night. The next morning, we took the food to our vet in the hope that knowing this might help in her treatment. For seven days, Sam went every day for treatment. Our vet was so good to her, he tried very aggressively to help her, even including surgery, but we were too late. Her kidneys had been too badly damaged. Sam died on March 27, 2007 a little after 6:00 p.m., in my husband’s arms.

Some of you may say – why get so upset, it was just a cat. But to us Sam was a member of our family, she depended on us to look after her and protect her. Like all the other cats and dogs affected, Sam was an innocent and did not deserve this fate. Because of her deafness, Sam was unable to even get comfort from the sound of our voices trying to sooth her. She will be remembered in our hearts.

Sam Wong April 1993 – March 27, 2007

We miss her deeply.

A man shares his thoughts on his cat’s death (YouTube)

The last days of a cat’s life (YouTube)

Last few days of my cat’s life. Sorry, audio capture did not work. You can see how I had to give her water. On the last day I put her outside so she could enjoy the day, and that’s when she started Cheyne-Stokes (that’s when they only take a breath a few times a minute - it looks like she was seizing, but she was actually gasping her last breaths). I took her back in the house and put her in my lap, where she stopped breathing at 11:30 am March 26th, 2007. She was 15.

A Poem from Joan:A Letter from your CatYou didn’t know what was to come - they were so careless with my food.
It’s a evil burden that will be carried by the guilty pet food companies.
Our power of love is stronger than any money they thought they could gain by not being truthful about the tainted food.

Cat Wings…

When I die, give me away to the children.
If you need to cry, cry for the paws that have not known love.
Give someone a hug, give them what you need to give me.
I want to leave you with something, something as magical as the rainbows that paint the sky.
Look for me in the friends I have known and loved.
Let me live on in your acts of kindness.
Love does not die… So when all that is left of me is love,
Give me away……
So I can earn my wings and fly in the night, along with the stars, and twinkle, twinkle, ever so bright.

Your Cat Angel…

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