Trouble, Helmsley’s Dog, Receiving Death Threats

TroubleTrouble became one of America’s most famous dogs when Leona Helmsley, Trouble’s owner, left the dog $12 million after she passed away. This little Maltese may seem to have it all, but now there are reports that she is getting death threats.

Helmsley’s longtime friend John Codey is in charge of caring for Trouble and her trust fund. Codey said that Trouble has received about 20 to 30 death threats.

He said the threats have stated, “I’m gonna kill the dog” or ”I’m gonna kidnap the dog. I need the $12 million.”

Codey said that Trouble has a rotating security team to make sure she is safe at all times. She even uses an alias when traveling on board her private plane.

“We’ve had problems keeping her identity confidential and we had to change her name even to take her on the aircraft. We called her “Bauble” instead of Trouble,” detailed Codey.

He added, “Trouble is very much alive and well taken care of. I can tell you that she’s in this country and she’s in a nice warm climate.”

Source: CBS News, WCBSTV

6 Responses to “Trouble, Helmsley’s Dog, Receiving Death Threats”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    What pathetic excuses for human beings to make ignorant and murderous threats. They deserve to be shot on sight. They are a threat to society, given a chance.

  2. kaefamily says:

    Lots of money but no peace. Poor little rich doggie.

  3. Stefani says:

    The best thing that could happen to this doggie:

    Someone from maltese rescue gets ahold of him secretly, and on the maltese underground railroad, he is renamed and given a whole new identity and fake history, and adopted out to some maltese lover who has NO IDEA who he really is.


  4. Lis says:

    Bear in mind that Trouble has no idea she’s getting death threats, and is apparently well cared for. There’s no apparent need to kidnap the poor dog, away from the people she already knows and trusts.

  5. Stefani says:

    Just scared for her, that’s all.

  6. Francis Cuajotor says:

    Mrs. Hemsley must have loved her dog so much. Dogs are man’s best friend and they deserved to be loved truly in return. My dog “Princess” is so dear to me that in seems I could not go elsewhere without her by my side. People who threatened to “dognap” Trouble should think otherwise. They don’t have to envy Trouble or to salivate on her inheritance.

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