Two Chinese Companies Involved In Pet Food Recalls Face Prosecution

Two Chinese companies that added melamine to protein products will face criminal prosecution. This adding of melamine led to massive pet food recalls and has been linked to thousands of pet deaths.

Li Changjiang, director of China’s State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said China is pursuing criminal proceedings against Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. and Binzhou Futian Biotechnology Co., the two companies that added the melamine.

Last month, the two companies were shut down by the Chinese government because they “unlawfully added melamine in some of their protein products exported to the United States”.

Xuzhou Anying had exported a total of 1,033 tons of wheat protein to the United States since it was founded in June 2006. Binzhou Futian had shipped 336 tons of rice protein and 24 tons of corn protein to the United States, Switzerland and South Africa before the trade was shut down.

Unknown numbers of factory senior managers have been detained for investigation.

Source: Bloomberg, Forbes

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13 Responses to “Two Chinese Companies Involved In Pet Food Recalls Face Prosecution”

  1. Donna says:

    The damage has been done.Too many have died and suffered.Why are we buying from a communist country ? This was done for money.I can not accept pain and suffering for profit.No china imports in my home, ever again.I lost two,………..nothing will bring them back.They trusted me,and I trusted a pet food company.I only cook for my “fur family ” now. Pet food companies and chinese imports……………………..are a part of the past. Never,will they have my “trust” again.

  2. Pukanuba says:

    I think we should send the CEOs of every PF company who poisoned an animal (which pretty much covers most of them), the clowns of the FDA, the jerks at the PFI, the importers who imported & distributed the crap & put them all on trial with these other criminals. Now that would be a trial I’d love to see.

    Not that it will ever happen but I can dream, can’t I?????????

  3. HighNote says:

    So two companies in China will no longer be making bad products but what about all the other ones. I am sure there are many!! WE can’t trust any of them!
    And what about the American company that gave it all out to the pet manufacturers? They should be brought up for criminal charges too since they did not test their product and the the companies that made the food should be brought up on charges too for not testing the products. They are all guilty! Plus the companies that sold the products to the farmers that gave it to the cattle, chickens, pigs, and fish should be brought up on charges for not testing it! They all are guilty!! They should have tested the products that went into our food chain a long time ago and never did. The FDA should be brought up on charges for not telling people soon enough about all the tainted food and they are still doing the same thing.
    Anytime there is an animal or a person that has got ill over eating any product the FDA should get it to the media right away and not wait for the test. They should send out a warning that they are testing the product and not to eat it till the tests are completed. They should not wait till the tests are done because this takes way too long and animals and people could die in the waiting period. This has to be changed!!!

  4. menusux says:

    I’d like to see the US move forward with their case against all involved here for violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

    Miller of CN said he believed someone was going to be charged and do jail time for this–would like to see him be correct for once.

    Would also like to see charges brought against WalMart for their failure to issue a formal FDA recall of the melamine-tainted Bestro/Pingyang chicken jerky products. There are enough news stories available to the public in which W-M admits that their testing discovered mealmine–sure looks like a public admission to me.

  5. E. Hamilton says:

    And if you are going to do it, do it quick, Lynn thinks we should shut up about the poisoned pets and move on since nothing can be done about it.
    And I guess she is running itchmo now because she says itchmo is gonna split into sections , get us poisoned pet folks out of her way.
    I made a comment on the top Vick thread that she did not like.

    I am a naughty , naughty girl. LOL

  6. Pukanuba says:

    E…….I went back & read that thread……LOL. Yup, sounds like Lynn is now in charge of all the blogs & wants it all split up in tidy little packages. Too much!

    I am also a naughty, naughty girl…..but I’m an old naughty girl so I’m good at it…….tee hee.

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Pukanuba says:
    August 27th, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Hon, many years ago my old grandma, call her granny and you got smacked with a broom, told me no woman is ever more than 16 in her heart and no wrinkle or gray hair can change that.
    Truer words were never spoken and I think I am older now than when she told me.

    We aint getting older, we are getting better at painting the face and hiking the puppies into a push up bra!

  8. purringfur says:

    What REALLY killed the pets?

    What about the AMINOPTERIN (rat poison) findings?

    The NY Food and Agricultural Lab in Albany, NY found the rat poison, which was verified by the University of Guelph (Canada). The NY lab was designated by Homeland Security to be part of the Food Emergency Response Network to safeguard our human and animal food supplies from chemical and biological attacks. This state-of-the-art lab’s scientists certainly knew exactly what they found, and I will always stand behind their findings.

    Aminopterin is used only in research settings at the present time.

    What about the ACETAMINOPHEN findings?

    Remember, the FDA said it was melamine from China that killed the pets. See Don Earl’s site (petfoodrecallfacts dot com) to see that NO MELAMINE was found in his cat’s food, but ACETAMINOPHEN WAS! That negates the “melamine from China” story. So, what’s being covered up?


    Were the GM wheat fields burned and the top soil removed? Have all of the GM wheat seeds been destroyed? The crops? How many regular wheat crops were contaminated?

    “Russian Researchers Present New Data on Negative Influence of GMO on Human Health,” REGNUM, April 16, 2007

    from article: “…GM-soy used during the tests on rats caused serious mutilations of their internal organs (liver, kidneys, testicles) and in histological and cellular construction.”

    Just found this headline: “Monsanto, BASF Form $1.5 Billion Genetic Seeds Venture (Ethanol As Driver)”

    Isn’t BASF where a lot of pet food companies get their vitamin pre-mixes for pet food?

    Do we all need GM test kits?




    And I keep asking that question!

  9. Pukanuba says:

    E……..right on……..aren’t grannies great?

    I may be up there (in yrs) but I haven’t grown up……..not sure I want to do that anytime soon. Still enjoy frolicking with the dog & being a kid again.

    And you are SO right…….we aren’t getting older…….WE ARE GETTING BETTER……..

    I can only hope to see these people punished in my lifetime for what they did to innocent little fur babies & those that love them. For this to go unpunished is a crime.

    purringfur: I can only hope that someday we’ll have an answer as to what killed/sickened thousands of our pets. However, I fear this will be something that will be covered up for years……sort of like Roswell, Area 51 or the Kennedy assassination……our gov’t has had a lot of practice in keeping important information from us.

  10. E. Hamilton says:

    You have_ got_ to go read petconnection, the Katrina thread, I swear my panties safety was in danger.
    I have not laughed so hard in weeks!

  11. mindy says:

    I think some of the food mess-ups could be terror related. It atleast should be checked on………………

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    Purringfur, Thank You, thank you for the links. This is some of the best I have read. and the scarest.
    Just what in the world is going on?
    I’m so glad you posted that.

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Where is Kellogs made? And Special K, the cereal, that has the red berries in it also has wheat glutton in the berries. Would You eat it? thanks.

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