Two Dog Owners Try To Save Their Dogs

Dog saved from a ditchA Colorado woman is in critical condition after trying to save her dog from a ditch. The woman and a friend were riding horses with her dog and she then realized her dog was nowhere to be found. She found her dog struggling in an irrigation ditch. While trying to save him, she also got swept up in the water. The dog was taken to the veterinary hospital and he is fine except for a few scratches on his front paws.

In a separate unrelated story, a man drowned in a river while trying to save his dog. The man’s black lab had gone in the river to chase ducks, and the man followed his dog but struggled and went under. A diver found the man about 30 minutes after. The dog was able to swim safely to shore.

5 Responses to “Two Dog Owners Try To Save Their Dogs”

  1. Carol says:

    These two very sad stories just goes to show how we feel about our 4 legged loved ones! And that’s why we’re here……….

  2. Donna says:

    The bond between humans and animals is a soul connection. Each would give their life for each other. Boycott china ! Killers of the innocent.All for profit ? Stop them now.

  3. KAEfamily says:

    Humans and dogs have been companions of each other since caveman’s days :-)

  4. Nora Marasco says:

    I would give my life for my beloved Aussie, Rufus. I would follow him anywhere to save him. I have lived a full and wonderful life and he is the pinnacle of it all.

  5. lily from new zealnd says:

    awwwww that is so cute my dog would hopefully save me but im not so sure
    its so sad how the man actually DROWNED trying to save his wittle lab

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