Two Dog Parks Shut Down in Chicago Area

Dogs runningTwo planned dog parks in the Chicagoland area (in Elk Grove) have been shut down even before they were opened. A dog park at Morton Park was supposed to have opened last weekend, but because of a FEMA regulation that prohibits fences and animal feces in a floodway, the dog park was closed down. (What about the geese that hang out there and their feces? Should we chase away the geese too?) Apparently, this regulation wasn’t taken into account when they first constructed the fence to make the dog park. A second dog park at Powell Park closed down because the park board said there wasn’t enough interest in the dog park, even though there were over 100 dogs registered to use the park. Dog owners are extremely frustrated and two even protested the shut down of the dog park. One man said: “I think the whole thing is very suspicious. I’ve never seen the federal government move so fast before. FEMA has nothing to do with the dog park at Powell Park. So far all the park commission has been able to do is disappoint a lot of people and waste a lot of money.”

4 Responses to “Two Dog Parks Shut Down in Chicago Area”

  1. e wem says:

    “FEMA regulation that prohibits fences and animal feces in a floodway”

    FEMA sure knows how to protect people

    Any flood in a populated area always hits the human sewers which are below grade bringing up human feces that are a zillion times more dangerous to humans. If an area is so unpopulated it does not have sewer systems it does not need a dog park either

    FEMA, brave courageous and true

  2. Katie says:

    Interesting how FEMA can get so involved in a dog park and the people in the Southeast can’t get proper housing. And, I would have thought contaminated spillway would have fallen under EPA.


  3. New Zealand City Defends a Dog Park says:

    […] is the park that allows dogs to run off leash despite the increasing demand for dog parks. In fact, a Chicago suburb recently nixed plans for two dog parks in its community. I’m pleased to see that the city of Hamilton recognizes the value of dogs […]

  4. mr voter says:

    cause the daly mob of thiefs and thugs have to get their cut of the money before anything happens…

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