Two Dogs Save Toddler From Drowning

Two dogs, a Rottweiler mix and a Staffordshire bull terrier, are being called heroes for saving a two-year-old boy from drowning in a dam.

The two dogs dragged the boy from the water when he wandered onto a neighbor’s yard.

The owner found the toddler lying by the dam covered in mud with the two dogs by his side.

A police officer said, “We are certain the dogs pulled him out of the dam. It is an amazing story.”

The boy is recovering from the incident, and the dogs are doing well after their heroic act.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

12 Responses to “Two Dogs Save Toddler From Drowning”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    What?! A Rottie and a bullie that didn’t mangle a poor kid? Imagine that! Now, will this story get as much media play as the “dog mauls kid” stories get? Hope both dogs get an award, they deserve it.

  2. catmom5 says:

    Those were my thoughts, too! Bless their hearts ~ and, yes, they certainly do deserve an award.

  3. Bridgett says:

    My thoughts, too! I hope these dogs get extra treats and lovin’s.

  4. KAEfamily says:

    The owner of those dogs must be beaming with prides!

  5. shibadiva says:

    Just goes to show how little we humans understand about animal psychology. It’s an amazing story because we humans don’t have a clue, with our superior forebrains.

  6. Nora and Rufus says:

    And this IS NORMAL behavior for dogs of these two breeds. Glad it was reported.

  7. Kevin says:

    Great Story! If it had been Michael Vick, the dogs would have let him drown.

  8. kathy says:

    In reality, they probably would have rescued Michael Vick too.

  9. Lynn says:

    I’ve always said that dogs are smarter than a lot of humans I know.

    I hope there’s a big party with lots of hugs and treats for these sweet souls.

  10. pit bull mommy x4 says:

    If it had been Michael Vick, they would probably have still saved his life. This IS Normal behavior for both breeds. They love people. We have breed both breeds to be human friendly, then idiots TEACH them to be agressive.

    Way to go boys, you are both wonderful ambassadors of your breeds. I know your parents are proud of you, as is every parent of one of your breed. Even my bullies are beeming with pride over your behavior.

  11. Robert Davis says:

    Wonderful story of the true nature of these breeds.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Davis

  12. furmom says:

    Like true heroes, I’d bet these two dogs are quite humble about their accomplishment. All in a days work, keeping humans out of trouble, very natural for these breeds.

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