Two Dogs Share Motherly Duties

Madyson and Liliana

Madyson, a four-year-old Irish setter, gave birth to 15 puppies, but she isn’t caring for all of the little puppies by herself. She’s getting a helping hand from Liliana, a six-year-old English setter.

When Madyson gave birth, owner Julie Murray didn’t have a chance to wash all the newborns because Liliana stepped in to assist. She also started to produce milk to help with the hungry puppies.

Murray said, “She started cleaning them and looking after them and soon after began producing milk even though she wasn’t pregnant - I was amazed. Normally the natural mum is really protective over her pups but the pair share feeding times.”

A spokesperson from the South of England Irish Setter Club said, “It’s certainly quite unusual for an Irish Setter mother to let another breed of dog help out like this. I’m sure it helps deal with 15 puppies, which is quite an impressive litter.”

Source: Daily Mail

8 Responses to “Two Dogs Share Motherly Duties”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    These two lovely (Irish and English) girls are taking care of business and what a team! Beautiful Doggies!!!!!

  2. furmom says:

    If I had 15 babies, I would be grateful for the help too!

    I wonder, will the pups of one mom resond better to English commands, and of the other to Irish? Will some puppies develop white and grey spots?

  3. ohfreak says:

    Will this help to reduce the probability that some of the pups will be alcoholics?

  4. Hepzibah Forte says:

    This probably sounds crazy. In human terms, my daughter was unable to breast feed her baby. My other daughter and myself began producing milk, although we didn’t feed the baby. Obviously humans are more protective of their young than Irish Setters. LOL

  5. Kristi says:

    Why wouldn’t you and your other daughter feed the baby? She could have benefitted from the colostrum and nutrients instead of being fed the fake stuff. I know that if I was unable to produce milk, I would be getting milk from a breast milk bank or would be grateful for the offer of a wet nurse for my baby’s health. Formula is JUNK!

  6. LBJ says:

    This is such a natural thing for the female canine. In the wild, the alpha bitch will whelp the litter, and the other females go into a false pregnancy to produce milk to help feed the litter.

  7. tj says:

    in a pack of dogs femails helped eachother

  8. misanthropope says:

    would an English woman and Irish human mother cooperate like this? clear demonstration of the moral superiority of canines.

    and a lovely picture.

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