Two Katrina Dogs Go Back Home After Custody Ordeal

Master TankMaster Tank, a St. Bernard, and Nila, a shepard mix, both were survivors of Hurricane Katrina. When their family had to evacuate because their house was destroyed, Master Tank and Nila were left at a shelter. When the two were not immediately reclaimed by their family, they were put up for adoption at a nearby shelter and were adopted into two separate families.

Master Tank and Nila’s family eventually found out where both of their dogs went to and sued to have their dogs returned back to them. Both of the new dog owners were not ready to give up their newly adopted dogs without a fight and a trial would have been in July. On Tuesday, Master Tank’s new owner visited his home in Louisiana and met the family and decided to give back the dog, and she will still be able to visit Master Tank. Nila’s new owner also agreed to return her back to her home also.

7 Responses to “Two Katrina Dogs Go Back Home After Custody Ordeal”

  1. Amy says:

    Okay, having two kitties that were surrendered by their original owners, I have always said I would never give them back no matter what, but I am glad these people were able to reach a reasonable resolution. It’s not like the Katrina victims had a whole lot of choice when surrendering their pets (although I would’ve fought harder or packed them up and hit the road regardless - nobody’s taking my pets away!)

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a sad situation for all involved. So many people were forced to leave pets behind. On the other hand you have people who opened up their hearts and homes to a shelter animal, only to find themselves in a fight to keep those that they now consider part of the family. How sad and so many broken hearts and homes.

    It is nice to hear that they will be able to visit.

  3. ann says:

    I wonder what ever happened to the dog that was taken from the boy as he was boarding an evacuation bus, or the service animal that was adopted by a shelter worker, and when the man tried to get him back, the girl wouldn’t surrender him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Pets Rescued After Katrina And Placed In Shelters. Should Have Been Fostered Not Adopted Right Away. For Those Of You That Say You Wouldnt Or Couldnt Leave Your Pets. I Have 6dogs 2cats And 5birds And Would Never Want To Leave Them But From A Realistic View I Have 4children And Everybody Couldnt Fit In My Truck. Sometimes There Is No Choice As Much As We May Want There To Be. Alot Of Places Arent Pet Friendly. These Families Lost Everything They Shouldnt Have To Fight To Get The Pets They Love And Miss Back. In The Weeks Following Katrina Shelters All Over The Country Were Bringing Dogs Back And Putting Them Up For Adoption Even Tho Everyone Was Talking About How Wrong It Was That The Shelters Wouldnt Allow Pets. We Knew These People Had No Choice In How Thr Pets Ended Up In Shelters. There Are Alot That Will Never Know What Happen To Their Beloved Fur Babies Because They Got Separated And In The Name Of Good Were Adopted. Im Glad They Got Homes But Believe The People That The Rescuers

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rescued Them Should Have Thought A Bit More And Realized Alot Of People Would Want Their Pets Back. And Those That Have These Pets Thank You For Taking Them In But Think How You Would Feel If You Lost Them And Never Knew Where Or To Whom They Went To. I For One Would Have Never Fought To Keep A Pet That I Got Only Due To A Dire Situation. I Would Have Asked For Visitation From The Start Because I Would Have Viewed Myself As A Foster Mom And In My Heart Known They Werent Mine To Keep From Thr Family

  6. johnypaycut says:

    Im always amazed at the level of snob that permates america?
    we are the most spolied of countrys.
    adoptions are not often sucessful, many animals enetring shelters are
    put down. of the few that survive , they have a new life? i cannot however see fighting over providing a pet a home?if someones been forced to give up their companion due to mishap does that mean the animal chose to
    be left, or it cannot identify it’s relationship with it’s former caregivers.
    when a different person enters the pets life the past is not gone, this
    new person isn’t entilted to end a bond that perhaps existed for a large percentage of the animals life?
    i find it esspecially distresing that these people/pets , victims of Katrina
    are suffering additional misery , i am ashamed of these spoiled people
    that presume “america” revolves around their wants..

  7. johnypaycut says:

    I though i might add this.. as a Marine i fought and killed for this country?
    (vietnam , 1968) many of those who where their died. some are still m.i.a.
    (remains never recovered).
    i want to ask the bottom feeders among us? what sort of sacrifice have you made for others?
    have you lost your family? or your friends?

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