Two-Legged Dog Found Abandoned In Woods

RooA hunter found Roo, a two-legged Chihuahua, abandoned in the woods of North Carolina earlier this week.

The two-year-old dog was malnourished, sick, limping around in the woods, and in need of some care and attention.

The hunter brought Roo to a veterinary hospital, and within 24 hours, this little dog started eating again and is recovering.

The staff at the animal hospital named the dog Roo because they thought he looked like a kangaroo. Roo even has his own desk at the animal hospital.

If you would like to help Roo and raise money to buy this two-legged dog a wheelchair, you can reach the Dineen Animal Hospital at (910) 799-3400.

Source: NBC6, WECT

12 Responses to “Two-Legged Dog Found Abandoned In Woods”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    What kind of monster would dump a 2 legged dog in the woods like that? Horrible. At least it has a happy ending.

  2. kaefamily says:

    the same monster who would dump a perfectly healthy
    child in the wood or on the train track.

  3. janet says:

    I hate sport killing (hunting) but this shows some hunters have a heart after all.

  4. Guthrie says:

    My little cat with birth defects I found in the woods on a camping trip in Connecticut. She couldn’t have wandered there by herself. Just because we’re hunters or outdoorsmen doesn’t mean we hate animals. Stop listening to PETA.

  5. Nancy G. says:

    I don’t hunt but having lived in the country for 35 years, I recognize that there are the ’slob hunters’ who are a disgrace, and others who are normal, decent people. It would help if the barriers of mistrust were lowered on both sides, I think. Not all animal people are living in some la-la land. Having seen sickly deer without enough food, I can see where a humane shot would be better for them than the slow death they would otherwise face. I may not like that choice, but that’s the reality around here.

  6. Lynn says:

    I adopted a little 3# Maltese young adult from the animal shelter…..who only walked on her right legs. My veterinarian informed me that “Fancy” was more than likely a cast-off from a puppy mill. The two very tiny appendages on the left side were the result of malnourishment of Fancy’s mom when she was at a few weeks’ gestation. Apparently at that time, if the mom isn’t fed well, the malnourishment shows up in the form of birth defects in the bones, among other places, in the pups. Fancy was missing the olecranon process in her left legs. [Look it up in a vet physiology text if you’re so inclined.]

    Fancy lived a full life - and I want you to know that while she stayed at 3# she got along just fine. Maybe not as fast as the others, but she made it to the finish line every time.

    It’s funny how compensations seem to make their way to animals with physical deficiences. While Fancy wasn’t going to win any races, she was the best watch dog I have ever had. This dog knew people and if she didn’t like the person coming in the door she ran straight for the pants leg and barked. [She was ALWAYS right.] She was relentless. All heart. She KNEW her job was to be “judge of character.”

    So don’t let a two legged dog ever stop you from adopting him or her.

  7. MaineMom says:

    In the ’60s and early ’70s my ex-husband and I hunted for food - deer, ducks and quail. I’m sure many people still do. (The flavor of venison liver is like no other, absolutely the best!) In those days it wasn’t sport - it was for survival. Not all hunters are “bad” people. Over the past 40+ years both my ex and my husband and I have rescued numerous abandoned cats and dogs and supported our local animal rescues. None of us hunt anymore but, if we did, we’d be looking for the “animals” who abandon helpless creatures.

  8. Lynn says:

    Re the last sentence in MaineMom’s posting:
    Now that’s a form of hunting I would heartily endorse and join up with, MaineMom.

  9. mittens says:

    i come from a family of so called ’sports hunters’ and gun owners. i was taught early on respect for guns, respect for animals and the ugly truth that everyone who eats meat but hates hunters doesnt want to face- something was killed so you could have a sandwhich. tyson is ok with it’s automated death factory but some guy in an orange vest shooting a duck for dinner isn’t? i should say killing what you eat yourself is more honorable then ignoring the fact that someone else far away did the dirty work for you.

    we had pets of every sort, cared for hurt and stray animals, and i was taught that cruelty toward living things is NEVER acceptable. never once did i see anyone in my family aim a gun at a pet, a dog, a cat or anything that was not a legitimate hunting target save for one incident in which a dog running wild who had killed half of our flock of caged geese and was starting in on our chickens was shot after months of trying to get the owner of the dog to obey the leash laws and trying to force animal control to do something to stop the carnage. no one relished killing that dog. it was hard to do but there were no other options left. farmers have the right to protect their livestock. anything including humans that makes killing a truly cruel senseless sport with no objective but inflicting pain and death deserves to be put down the same way as far as i am concerned.

    my gun collecting hunting uncle cried like a baby when he saw those poor geese with their necks ripped out- no one is telling me because he’s a hunter he’s not a caring compassionate person .

  10. DOGLOVER says:

    I feel so bad for the poor dog.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nora and Rufus says:

    Lynn, What a SWEET story about darling little Fancy. You are just a love!

  12. Klondike says:

    What a noble face that dog has! Hope he looks happier as time goes by.

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