UK Charity Looking For Overweight Cats And Dogs To Enter In Pet Fitness Contest

ChipThe PDSA, a UK veterinary charity, is sponsoring their 2007 Pet Fit Club contest.

Eight overweight pets will be put on a 100 day diet and fitness program. The pets will be monitored by the PDSA’s local animal hospital. The pet with the most weight loss will be crowned PDSA Pet Fit Club champion.

PDSA analyzed the weight of 4,000 dogs across the UK. North-east England had the highest percentage of overweight dogs: 28%. Scotland and Northern Ireland came in second with 26% of their dogs being overweight. The animal charity said that even the lowest obesity percentage was too high.

Experts says that overweight dogs are likely to die two years earlier and develop conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

From BBC News:

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury, said: “It’s not just dogs that are piling on the pounds.

“PDSA estimates that in the last 20 years there has been a doubling in the numbers of cats that are obese and even our small furry pets such as rabbits and hamsters aren’t exempt.”

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