UK Dog Breeder Arrested For Selling Unlicensed Animal Medicine

A dog breeder living in the UK has been posing as a veterinarian for the past three years.

Leonard French conducted over $300,000 worth of business while he pretended to be an expert in animal care and veterinary medicine.

French sold products not licensed in Britain. He even vaccinated a dog.

His cover was blown after separate investigations by the BBC and the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

When authorities went to his farmhouse, they found a huge supply of veterinary medicine and related invoices.

This 69-year-old dog breeder bought products from abroad, knowing that they were not licensed here.

He admitted a charge of “holding himself out to be a vet” from March 2003 to August 2006. He also admitted to six charges of illegally supplying veterinary products, four charges of attempting to import them, three counts of possessing medicinal products without authority, two counts of possessing criminal property, and one count of administering veterinary medicinal products.

One man who defended French said that he had some knowledge and background of animals. He also added that French’s own dogs had never suffered from any health issues.

French has been sentenced to jail for 12 months.

Source: Lincolnshire Echo

2 Responses to “UK Dog Breeder Arrested For Selling Unlicensed Animal Medicine”

  1. Dannielle says:

    “He even vaccinated a dog.”

    OH MY GOD!! …haha. Unless it was a rabies vaccination, I don’t see why that had to be stated. Many people vaccinate their animals at home.

  2. DW says:

    I guess the rules in Europe are more restrictive. While most states in the US want the rabies vaccine to be given only by a vet, I think there may be a few that will allow the owner to do it. (Anyone know if there are any states left that allow an owner to give the rabies shot?)

    If I were in the UK would I have been breaking the law for giving twice daily insulin shots to my pet? Do I need a vet to do that?

    Please, this is a non-story. What did this guy do ….get wormers, maybe even heartworm preventative shipped in and then pass on the savings? Livestock owners here can get hold of just about every wormer and many antibiotics over the counter …the same chemicals we pet owners are expected to get by Rx from our vet …meaning a we pay a minimum of $100 for something a horse owner buys in a tube for under $10. It’s all about the pharma companies making money off of pet owners. Good for them, but bad for us in that some legislative members bought into the idea at our expense.

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