Up to 20 Million Chickens Ate Tainted Pet Food, Still On Farms

Reuters is reporting that 20 million more chickens may have eaten contaminated pet food and may still be waiting to be slaughtered. Officials will decide if they can be released into the human food supply. This makes sense in light of the “hundreds” of chicken plants that may have been contaminated, according to the FDA.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said on Friday as many as 20 million chickens currently on U.S. farms in several states may have been fed contaminated feed.

A USDA official said the birds must be held until the government can complete a risk assessment to determine if they can be processed.

This news raises the questions: Just how much “salvage” pet food was produced that could contaminate so much of our food supply? Where did all this food come from? And where is the recalled food going?

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  1. Annie says:

    I always mixed the Nutro pouches in with the dry Nutro,after my pups got sick from recall nutro , I started to cook chicken from costco and mix in their food well I spent all night up with my pups because the got the runs bad .it’s the DAM CHICKEN. I just can’t get a break here trying to feed my pets. oh the chickens ate the bad feed , so now we have to worry about EGGS!!!!! GEZ US

  2. e wem says:

    The gov allows ’salvaged’ pet food to be recycled, fed to non-ruminants like pigs and chickens.

    Wasn’t the one factory sending 25,000 pounds a week to that one hog farm?

    Obviously the ’salvage’ loophole is a big scam. A pet food company can buy a mass of sub quality ingredients, increase their ‘pet food’ run and call 25,000 pounds a week ‘floor sweepings and spillage’. What a great way to bypass all food safety standards for farm animals that will be eaten by humans.

    This is not being addressed at all.

    Stop calling it pet food. Call it farm animal feed produced under the guise of the ‘oopsy’ rule. There should be a limit - in pounds, not percentages, that can be ’swept’ off the floor (like I believe that) and sold as feed. Say 25 pounds a week for one facility

    There should be a law enacted today that labels any meat sold in market as
    ‘THIS ANIMAL HAS BEEN FED PET FOOD DESCRIBED AS SALVAGE WHICH MAY CONTAIN: MEAT DECLARED UNFIT FOR HUMANS TO EAT, CAT AND DOG VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS INCLUDING menadione etc, the following dyes, such and such preservatives which are unfit for human consumption… These products may originate from the follow: CHINA, THAILAND, NORTH KOREA, KATMANDU, Jim-Bobs Mink Ranch, and the Zheng-Zheng Cat Fur Factory….

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  4. jerseygirl51 says:

    The FDA approved irradiating chickens 15 years ago — red meat 10 years ago; continues to sell us the BS that we are safe from Mad Cow disease in this country and has given their approval for cloned meat (including dairy products) this past December. If anyone still believes the FDA gives a squat about the safety of human, or pet, food, there’s a bridge over in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

    I firmly believe the only thing any of us can do is to buy our food from a reputable organic farm(er) and buy it as locally as possible. Not eating animals would also be a wise thing to do but realize it’s not easy to do that to our companion animals — especially cats.

  5. diane says:

    Okay soooo does anyone catch the conflict here? Feeding pet food, doesn’t matter if it is good or bad to chickens, pigs, cattle??.. Those pet foods have animal by-products in them. (due to potential bse/mad cow spread) didn’t the FDA say no animal by-products in feed?? I find this very disturbing, they could be feeding chicken to chicken, beef to beef with this rejected pet food.

    Also, I find it very interesting that these 20 million chickens have not DIED from the toxin/toxins in the pet food they ate… does anyone have any ideas on this? They are much smaller then most cats & dogs.. Why aren’t the chickens kickin’ off eating the contaminated pet food and what about the pigs… understand they are larger, but I just can’t help but wonder…

  6. pat says:

    diane, we don’t know that they aren’t dying… i think death is a pretty standard thing in factory farms, and these birds don’t have a very long lifespan. i imagine finding a few dead birds, or even more than a few, doesn’t cause anyone to even blink. tell you what though, if they release these birds for consumption, people who eat organ meatss like chicken livers are going to be at the greatest risk, because the livers and kidneys are the filter system. And I imagine a lot of these giblets will go right back into the pet food and the cycle continues.

    melamine. it’s not just for plastics anymore.

  7. bw says:

    Ok, I am totally freaked out now by this whole thread. I thought I was freaked out before, but it only gets worse, now with the glycerin etc.etc.
    I am verging on becoming a basket case.
    What in Heaven’s name can we give our pets, not to mention what we ourselves dare eat.
    I certainly won’t feed my cats chicken! They didn’t want my people beef. and they may be right. And my grain free EVO dry has chicken meal in it!! How do I know where they are going to get the chicken for the meal, or what those chickens ate.

    How can we ever be sure where the tainted chicken, and all the recalls are going, or where it will all wind up?? It is mind boggling, and nightmarish!

    It is appalling! I was just throwing out birdseed, and wondered if I was perhaps giving them something toxic. I think now I will let them go and get their own food now. (I know I shouldn’t feed in the spring, but love to see them.)
    I use Sweetscoop cat litter, made from wheat husks. Makes cleaning the litterbox less disgusting. It is expensive, and now I wonder where these wheat husks come from, and if I am spreading a toxic dust every time I scoop or they scratch!!

    ANd YES, the taxpayers should NOT be footing the bill for any of this, the petfood companies should be!!

  8. Deb says:

    And we wonder why so many people are dying of cancer and other related diseases? Every time I eat I stop and think of all the chemicals and other garbage that is in our food…and our pets are eating garbage in their pet food too… I think that we need to go back and let our good ole american farmers farm like they use to do. I quiver at some of scenes that plays in my head of the quality and cleanliness of places where our food comes from (here & overseas)

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  10. Mandy says:

    One of my favorite foods used to be chicken, and now I can hardly stand to look at it. So I can’t feed my cats pet food because more and more of it is listed as being bad. I shouldn’t feed them chicken right? I shouldn’t feed them pig products. I heard some fish products have been recalled. They don’t want to eat beef. What am I supposed to DO? I guess just feed them chicken and fish anyway and do my very best to try to buy the right products that don’t have ingredients from China. It makes me want to cry.

    I’m allergic to several different kinds of fruits and vegetables, but that seems to be the only things left that are safe to eat!

    Obviously we all have to eat SOMETHING if we don’t want to starve to death. What do we do? Move?

    And they say the United States is supposed to be the best place in the world to live. If that’s true, we’re all in BIG trouble…

  11. MEK says:

    Oh, how I wish I could give everyone here a hug. I hear all of you!! What DO we eat now? Well, this has been going on for some time; at least now we know. Buy organic, and not from the new-age organic places that clear-cut forests to take advantage of the latest food trend. Support the long-time Mom and Pop companies that are in it for the environment. And yes, buy local. My girlfriend down the road runs an organic farm, and I can drop in and watch her work the vegetables! Go to the Saturday Market. Stay up-to-date like you are currently doing, and stick together. We are in the worst of it but it has to get better one day! And use some of the energy to make phone calls and write letters, collect signatures and send-e-mails. You are all doing the right thing. You can start your own little back-porch garden, even in the city. Every little bit helps. Prayers and hugs to all.

  12. Bellas Mom says:

    I’m terribly worried about what will happen to the chickens, pigs, etc. that they decide aren’t fit for human consumption. Could these end up back in the pet food chain?!

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