Update On Consumers Testing For Toxins In Cat And Dog Food

TestingAll over the nation, pet owners are trying to find answers to their questions on if our pet food is safe. Instead of waiting for the FDA or hearing that their food is unsafe from a company recall, many owners have been taking the matter into their own hands and testing their own cat and dog food to see if there are any contaminants in the food.

UC Davis’s lab is reporting that they found melamine and cyanuric acid in 35% to 40% of pet food tested out of 650 samples. They generally work through vets, but they tested some pet food samples from owners of cats and dogs because of the high demand. That 35-40% percentage seems quite high for pet food testing positive for melamine or cyanuric acid. We wonder how many of those tested pet food samples are NOT on the recall list.

Many Itchmo readers are familiar with Don Earl and his cat, Chuckles, who died in December of sudden kidney failure. Determined to find some answers on Chuckles’s food, he found a private lab to conduct tests on his cat’s food at his own expense.

“If anything comes out of this, it’s going to be through the efforts of people like me doing the research and testing on their own,” Earl said.

“We’re over three months into this thing and private citizens are finding evidence that no one else is even bothering to look for. And that’s beyond unacceptable.”

FDA officials and other experts, however, don’t recommend the path taken by Earl, saying that consumers don’t have the means to determine whether a lab is reliable.

ExperTox, the lab that tested Earl’s cat food, found traces of acetaminophen in several pet food samples including Earl’s pet food sample. ExperTox said that about 70% of the pet food samples that are being tested are being requested by individual pet owners. A spokesperson for the lab said that there were 5 or 6 samples that tested positive for acetaminophen.

Earl then tested his cat’s food at an Oregon lab for common toxic chemicals, not including melamine, and the results came back negative. This has not deterred Earl from continuing to test for acetaminophen, melamine and other toxins in pet food.

“I’m looking for a third lab to see if they can duplicate the ExperTox results,” Earl said. “The FDA didn’t want to do testing…. After each recall, they’d say everything else was safe, until the next week when they came out with another recall. After a certain point, you stop believing them.”

That could be the crux of the issue: some pet owners’ unwillingness to trust the government to get to the bottom of the issue.

More on pet owners testing their pet food on their own to find answers after the jump.

From the LA Times (registration required):
The Texas lab, ExperTox, has been under fire by pet food companies and the FDA because Menu Foods said that they disputed the lab’s findings and said that FDA tests resulted in negative findings also. Although it seems like the FDA cannot confirm that they tested the same cat food that Earl tested.

Zawisza [FDA spokesperson] could not confirm that the agency tested Pet Pride food, but she said it had obtained at least five samples of food that consumers believed had been tainted with the pain reliever, and that each tested negative.

In addition, the California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab at UC Davis tested a different sample of the same product that Earl submitted to ExperTox and also did not find acetaminophen, Poppenga [a professor of veterinary diagnostic toxicology at UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine] said.

“There’s no evidence of a widespread problem,” Poppenga said. “A lot of people are getting worked up about something that may not be real.”

Amidst all of the conflicting results, lack of communication and action from the FDA and pet food companies, the questions and the concern for pet’s safety still remain in the forefront of pet owners’ minds.

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  1. Captn'Carl says:

    “If you want it done right-do it yourself.”

    Unfortunately, based on their track record and past experience, the Government is not to be trusted, and neither are the so called and self-proclaimed Corporate “Experts” whose findings obviously fall short of reality time after time.

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the “Twilight Zone” where nothing is what it appears to be?

    We’re doing it now, and what’s worse, the population in General seems to be so totally self-absorbed and in denial of this fact that it is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

    The only individuals that are resistant and trying to point out these subtle changes are ignored and frustrated at every turn by those they are attempting to expose as well as those who just refuse to accept the reality and gravity of what is occurring.

    Is it any wonder that “Officials” at the FDA don’t recommend the path taken by Don Earl? Once again “Spinning” the truth and attempting to absolve themselves of the gross incompetence they represent. One of the best methods of shifting the focus from where it belongs is to ostracize the individual that questions their inept findings and attempt to use their so called “Authority” to overrule any further doubts.

    The class action suit and the support of defendourpets.org are steps in the right direction; however, it will take a lot more than that to unsnarl the tangled web of subterfuge, expose the underlying and camouflaged truth and cause positive change.

    Most of us are here because we’ve lost pets (family members) to the cold harsh reality of corporate greed. It is unfortunate indeed, that now the government agency responsible for investigating and bringing these kinds of things to light and justice is apparently complicit in this scheme.

    Add to that the concurrent agreement with the defective findings of the FDA by an agency such as the ASPCA, as well as the direct rebuttal by both of those agencies to anyone disputing the falsehoods they are both claiming as true and you can see how this strategy works.

    “If you want it done right-do it yourself”. I rest my case!

  2. dog collar addict says:

    i’m so glad that i don’t have to worry about this whole mess! i feed my dog a BARF diet & make all the food myself!

  3. pat says:

    i agree with cap’n carl, this all stinks to high heaven of a coverup. 35-40% of pet food samples contaminated with melamine and-or cyanuric acid suggests that a lot of poisoned food was simply never recalled, and i consider both fda and uc davis as being complicit in allowing the pet food industry to continue killing our pets with impunity. and to make matters worse, fda seems content to let global agribusiness kill us as well. until a *truly* independent entity can confirm or deny expertox’ findings, i will never believe what fda, or any of their cronies, tells us.

  4. Donna says:

    If the FDA or the goverment said it as “truth”,I would not accept it.After Katerina,and the current invasion of America by illegals,…………………..their “truths, rate a ZERO with me. This pet food situation,should have been declared a national emergency,ALWAYS ONE STEP AWAY FROM ENTERING HUMAN FOOD CHAIN. The LACK of action and the lies shows me “they are the enemy”. No action,is a CLEAR message . I will not play follow the “leader”,when the leaders are liars and do not give a damn for the endless death and suffering they caused millions of pet parents and the most innocent creatures in the worlds our “fur kids”. Sorry,the goverment has lost my respect and I do not accept their findings.Dollars for lives,…………………..not in my book.

  5. furmom says:

    I completely understand why people want to test food, I have a pretty overwhelming urge to test my two pets recalled foods too (and a few other random packages I have around). But I personally won’t throw good money after bad, and even if I submitted fifteen different foods that tested negative, that apparently had no toxins, it would mean absolutely nothing reassuring to me. Because then I would just be thinking, well this batch was okay, but what about the one coming up. After the deception the manufacturers have demonstrated so far, and including the “silent recalls”, we still have no way of being sure no matter how many we test. Because the thrill is gone baby, the trust just aint there. Trusting your pets’ food manufacturer ranks up there with trusting your vet. Either you do, or you move on. My pets are on raw and people food and that’s the way they are staying until I am sure commercial food is safe.

  6. Steve M. says:

    “FDA officials and other experts” continue to disparage the findings of Expertox and still no explanation from these so called experts as to why Expertox is unreliable. I would like to know, wouldn’t you? Maybe we stupid little consumers could then make a more informed choice. Oh, just trust them, they are afterall from the government. BIG experts you know!

    I will reitterate what I posted the other night. My two cats go from healthy, vibrant animals enjoying their lives to one being dead from acute renal failure and the other being near death from renal failure and anemia within ten days of opening a new bag of Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. I then have my deceased cats organs removed and tested and get back results that indicate his death could be due to toxic poisoning. I then have Expertox test the food and they find acetaminophen ( Note: my sample I believe is one of the few incidence that acetaminophen was the ONLY contaminent found in the sample - this differentiates my results somewhat from others whose samples also tested positive for cyanuric acid).

    If we believe the FDA and the “experts” that my ascertation is not valid, then I must say that I have experienced one of the greatest cases of coincidence and bad luck rolled into one that could be had. First- my two healthy cats become deathly ill with symptoms indicative of acetaminophen poisoning just around the time they COINCIDENTLY start eating from a new bag of cat food. I then have a histopathology on my deceased cats organs and COINCIDENTLY his organs show signs of possible toxic poisoning( or was it my BAD LUCK in having an “unreliable” pathologist test his organs?). Then through my BAD LUCK I pick an “unreliable” lab that COICIDENTLY finds acetaminophen in my submitted pet food sample. I then learn from the on-line world that there are other people experiencing the same BAD LUCK as me. WOW, OF ALL THE CRAZY THINGS. This all just happens to me COINCIDENTLY on the heels of the largest pet food recall in history. SIMPLY AMAZING BAD LUCK!

    I rest my case. If it wasn’t acetaminophen then what was it FDA? You have two pounds of food I submitted to you. What was it Hill’s? You have seven pounds of food I submitted to you. Oh, beg my pardon, I forgot that the “experts” have already ruled that it was just a case of COINCIDENCE and my stinking BAD LUCK!

    Thanks for covering the story Abbey. Best to all who frequent here.

  7. Pukanuba says:

    “There’s no evidence of a widespread problem,” Poppenga said. “A lot of people are getting worked up about something that may not be real.”

    May not be real? Come on, you guys. Then I guess animals who continue to get sick on their “safe” commercial food will also be said not to be real? Geez, all these pet parents out there have a very vivid imagination I guess.

    Now someone please tell me that UC Davis is not only in bed with the FDA but seems to me I heard something about a half mil donation from Hills……hmmmmm……you don’t think that might help to skew test results, do you? Naw, these people are as honest as the FDA, PFI, USDA & our government.

    So now anyone out there with a pet hears this & they figure they can buy any old thing off the shelf & it’s fine. I wonder if we’ll hear about it when more pets die. I still say there is a lot of toxic food on the shelves (not only pet food but probably ours too) & they are lying to us STILL. We will never know what killed/sickened all these pets, never, because they know & they are so deep in their lies, they don’t even know what’s truth & what isn’t.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever feel comfortable going back to all commercial. I’d really like my dog to be healthy & live a full life which means home cooked, not garbage.

  8. Sharon says:

    For the FDA and UC Davis not to publically disclose the results of all lab tests is criminal. The people who run these organizations need to be held liable. I think we ought to make sure they go to jail no matter what it takes or how long it takes to do it. It’s pretty bad when all you can think of on the 4th of July is that you are ashamed to be an American.

  9. Pukanuba says:

    Steve M:

    I’m so sorry about your cats…..I’ve been following your story & Don’s.

    If you are a victim of bad luck, you can join thousands of others who must also have bad luck when they opened a bag/can of pet food & either sickened or killed their little buddy. Any of us who have been following all this recall BS since the very beginning will be more apt to believe another pet owner or what we consider a neutral lab (ExperTox) over these jokers that have been lying to us since day one. I think it’s a sad state of affairs when these departments of our own government, who are paid with our tax dollars to protect us, can’t even be trusted to tell us the truth. Whatever big business tells them to say, they say it……puppets with big business pulling the strings.

    How is your other cat?

  10. Pukanuba says:

    I finally got registered with the LA Times & read the rest of the article. Did anyone happen to notice this:

    “Zawisza said she didn’t know why investigators declined to take Earl’s sample. The agency, she said, has picked up samples from consumers throughout the pet food crisis, which began with the March 16 recall of 60 million containers of dog and cat food manufactured by Menu Foods Income Fund of Canada.”

    I laughed out loud when I read this. Has anyone ever heard one single person report that the FDA sent somebody to pick up a pet food sample to test for them? I’ve been reading a ton of animal websites since March & I have never heard anyone report this. I believe most people were told they weren’t interested in getting a sample & for those who just went ahead & sent a sample, they never heard back from them.

    Makes me angry that this article makes the FDA look like this wonderful agency that was there to back up all these pet owners (which would actually be doing the job they are there to do, IMHO) in distress when their animals got sick or died. We all know how truthful that is.

  11. Mrs. P. says:

    The FDA refused to hear my complaint. I have a cat in renal failure who got sick a few days after eating 1 small can of a food not recalled. It was Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medley that came free in a bag of litter. Before everybody out there pounds me to death, that was back in the days when I thought a dollar a can meant quality food. Since March I have known better. The local FDA guy kept talking about antifreeze and lilies. LadyCat is a house cat. I am not stupid enough to keep toxins like that in the house. The vet sent her urine to Cornell and it came back positive for melamine. The FDA did not acknowledge that. I had recycled the can so I don’t know the lot number of the food. Purina denies any responsibility. If her urine is positive for melamine it must be from someone else’s food. Like Steve M., I guess LadyCat and I have terrible bad luck and Cornell is not an acceptable lab. My other cats (and LadyCat) were on Wellness which tested negative. My vet sent out samples from both bags I had. LadyCat ate that can; LadyCat is the only sick cat. What a coincidence!

  12. MarySmith says:

    RE: Mrs. P.: July 1st, 2007 at 10:33 am

    Yes, what better way to *dispose* of product *not on the recall list* than to put it into pet litter as a *free Sample*? They know that by the time a pet gets sick, there will be no evidence to prove that it was *THEIR* product that made the pet sick! They were not counting on poisoning from just *one can* to do that much damage!

    Thumbs down to the *BIG PEE* company!!

  13. Steve says:

    If anything the chances are this will get worse as Brands and Corporations scramble to reduce costs even further to make up for lost revenues. Or in some cases save their businesses from complete collapse. Never mind it was their own gross malfeasance that created this situation to begin with.

    Then there are those who are going to say, “move forward and don’t look back”. (Business as usual)

    People now see the Pet Food Industry for what they really are and have become, a bunch of lying, dishonest, thieving, globalist hoodlums who have no respect or regard for the 120 Million American pet parents in this country, they are out only for themselves.

  14. mittens says:

    again back at the original problem- the fda has no power LEGALLY to really do anything anyway and if they did they have basically told us through their denials and lack of action that they still wouldn’t do anything to mar their relationship with the big business teet they’ve been suckling since the 1950s.

    they take care of their own and our, the people that our governement is sworn to protect, best most healthful interests are clearly not in the best interests of the financial/career futures of the fda’s employees nor of the politicians who dip their biscuits in the same gravy train of corporate interests( the first lines of the Constitution indicating first that we are in change, not monsanto or menu foods, and second that OUR government’s first responsibilities to us are to ” establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility. provide for the common defence, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE…” a poisoned food system isn’t exactly promoting anyone’s welfare save the enflated profit margins of chinese and american companies.)

  15. HighNote says:

    So Expertox finds tainted pet food and the other labs don’t? I know they have different ways of testing but I would not think that chemicals find their way in pet food unless it was put into the pet food. I don’t understand this at all. They check three cans and say we are save. Why can’t chemicals be in some of the food but not all of the food? The chemicals could be stronger in one can then another too and cause one pets illness, while another pet may not get ill. The size of a pet has a lot to do with it too and whether it be a cat or a dog. Cats seems to get ill faster. My collie ate tainted Alpo but showed no signs of it in his system but his lungs were full of fluids.
    I also do not understand if they check this pet food and find it to be tainted then why there is not a law that it has to be made public knowledge! I never hear the name of any product. It is so hush hush!
    I have yet had any answers to whether the chicken, cattle, pork that was put in our food supply could possibly effect our pets? Why? I want that answer and all of the pet owners need that answer! The FDA says it will not effect our health and I do not believe this for a second, but what about our pets? How will it affect them? Even if we buy the most expensive pet food made with quality people products, will it be made with those tainted cattle, chickens and pork? Will this effect them?
    Then to protect our pets we only buy organic, or grain fed only meats, what about the vitamins that we have to give to them too? The bone and the calicium they need or the other vitamins. They could be tainted too. It is all too much!
    My poor baby past away a couple of days ago and I will not be getting another dog for some time to come. I do not want to worry whether I am killing my pet. I have had pets around me all of my life and will miss my little furry friends every day. I still have my cat but she is getting very old. When her time comes and I hope it is a really long time ahead.. I will not be getting any more pets till I am totally sure that nothing in our food supply will harm them. I cannot handle the pain from losing them.

  16. MarySmith says:

    China slams U.S. over seafood ban . . . China says that a total ban on seafood is *unacceptable*.

    Yeah right, China. Then your food produces better get all the *poison* out of their products in a fast hurry ’cause we USA consummers are not going to be buying you junk anymore!!

  17. Mrs. P. says:

    MarySmith, Big thumbs down on that “business as usual” company. We all know corporate profits matter more tahn life itself.

    This is an interesting article aabout the mindset of Big Business.

    “China’s legislature passed a sweeping new labor law Friday that strengthens protections for workers across its booming economy, rejecting pleas from foreign investors who argued that the measure would reduce China’s appeal as a low-wage, business-friendly investment destination.”

    Can you imagine? Protecting human rights is considered “unfriendly” to international corporations. Many Chinese companies were using child labor and slave labor in manufacturing. I love this quote: “It softens some provisions that foreign companies said would hurt China’s competitiveness, but retained others that U.S.-based multinational companies had lobbied vigorously to exclude.” US companies say the new law places a heavy burden on them. I hate these guys more every day.

  18. Steve says:

    If the politicians are paying any attention to their miserable poll numbers and the blogs, they will see that America is clamoring for them to stand up to this industry and force them to comply with the laws.

    Better make it quick. Time is of the essence.

  19. Sandi K says:

    dog collar addict says:

    July 1st, 2007 at 6:26 am
    i’m so glad that i don’t have to worry about this whole mess! i feed my dog a BARF diet & make all the food myself

    Dog Collar, I hope you are right and that your dog doesnt get ill, but if you are feeding any hogs, chicken, fish that have ingested melamine tainted feed, I hope your pet doesnt get ill also. If you go with FDA’s dilution theory, he will be OK.

  20. MarySmith says:

    OOPS! Sorry for all the typos in my post.

  21. Velvet's Dad says:

    Cornell is one of THE leading vet schools in the country. Shame on the FDA. And inserting a sample can of food into a bag of litter? That’s like putting a sample of instant cereal into a package of toilet paper rolls. Certainly says and would say something about the “food.”

  22. mittens says:

    i want the damn truth-if testing revealed problems with unrecalled food i demand to know what foods. it should be our right to know. but it isn’t. the fda doesn’t HAVE to tell the consumer. there’s no law forcing them to even recall the poisoned products.

    that pretty much tells you WHO has the power if the ‘independent’ labs and the fda refuse to name the foods. why? what are they scared of? they tested and found ‘x, y and z’ and can prove through the test data that they found what they found…

    you can’t solve the problem without actually addressing its root cause-

    there is no legally binding mechnanisms to force companies into compliance with whatever loosey goosey regulations are in place. the fda is a farce shill of big business and needs to be ripped out like a bad weed and rebuilt as a branch of law enforcement with those fools in congress ponying up some stingent food protection laws.

  23. Rose says:

    It still makes me angry that the FDA allowed the food producers to send in samples for food testing, what food company is going to send it the stuff they know is toxic?

    No off the grocery shelf testing was done that I can see.

  24. MarySmith says:

    What really needs to happen is that the leaders of both government and Big Business needs to be given a big pay cut and the *underlings* need a BIG pay raise. Same amount of money, just spread more evenly around. But, alas, I’m dreaming I know. The poor have ALWAYS had to pay the saleries of the RICH! It should be the reverse. But then, that would give real power to the masses, something that the ilite rich will not tolerate!

  25. furmom says:

    Oh, I must have missed the “all clear” news flash that the pet food was never/is no longer contaminated. So all these pets died or got sick of what, COSMIC DAMN RAYS??????

  26. Pukanuba says:


    A UFO landed on the roof of MF, little aliens flew through the roof & sprinkled melamine/cyanuric acid dust all over the ingredients. Then they flew off to the next big plant & repeated the procedure. Now we all know how that garbage got into the food……..maybe the FDA will pick this up & run with it.

  27. thomas says:

    Poppenga says there is no evidence of a widespread problem . The aspca has said there is no evidence of a widespread problem. (in an email they sent out) . So what are they eluding to a small batch of feed? What?

    The next thing dictator Bush and is followers, who are seriously erroding our constitutional rights, will do is to pass a law making it illegal for people to have their own pet foods tested. God forbid we should learn the truth about what is killing and making our pets ill. We need to get FARM ACT 2007 STOPPED we could at least have some controls at a local level for safe food. We can stop local farmers from growing human and animal feed from GMO seeds. Maybe the companys that came up with GMO’s & GE”s would go bankrupt.

  28. Black Lab Owner says:

    I urge every one who visits animal websites to post the following:

    To all pet owners who had food tested at UC Davis and received a positive result for melamine and/or cyanuric acid. Please release the results WITH THE NAME OF THE PET FOOD TESTED for posting on Don Earl’s site, Itchmo or other widely visited large sites dedicated to pet food recall/poisoning news.

    If in fact 35% to 40% of those products were not on the recall list, the only way to find out the names of those products is for the owners themselves to post the findings. This is not legally protected information. Please, this is a life and death public service.

    How else will we know?

  29. Donna C says:

    RE: confidentiality of analyses or release of information

    Please understand that ExperTox is maintaining their confidentiality agreements with their customers. I am very glad they are and I am one of their clients who received an analysis of acetaminophen and cyanuric acid.

    ExperTox will not release the names of products they have tested. However, if the client who paid for the test wants to release that information, that is acceptable. It is totally up to the person who paid for the analysis.

  30. Donna C says:

    Also, I hope that everyone understands that when you have a laboratory analyze a product, that analysis is only relevant to the package (can or bag) you submitted. Toxins can show up in one package and not another from the same production line.

    To be 100% safe you would have to test each can or bag of pet product before feeding.

  31. Mrs. P. says:

    Donna C:
    Do you mean that results are not consistent within a lot number or just on that particular line?

  32. Donna C says:

    Mrs. P - I guess anything is possible. When you look at canned product it could be concentrated in one side of the can and not the other. In bagged product it could be in one handful and not another. It could be in one bag and not the next. And so on. . .

    A lot would depend on how well the ingredients are mixed in the product during the production and then how the product is packaged.

  33. Dee says:

    I have read many posts from people whose pets have become ill while eating a non-recalled food. Most of the comments I have seen thus far have spoken of gastric-related issues of a non-life-threatening nature.

    I would be very interested in hearing the details of your experiences. This will greatly assist with some research I am currently gathering. You can write to me at pfr07ps (at) gmail.com Please include the brand, can/dry, dog/cat, symptoms, are you still feeding, changed products, still experiencing symptoms, did you visit a vet and any other info you think would be helpful. Thanks!!!

  34. Ruth says:

    I would be more inclined to believe Independent labs rather than a college lab like UC Davis that is funded by a pet food company. What does ExperTox have to gain by lying or skewing the lab results? I’m sure by now that ExperTox is thinking “What did we get ourselves into?” All these pet food companies trying to discredit their reputation.

    People still want answers of why did our pets died or get sick after eating UNRECALLED food…

    To Dee: Why and what research are you doing?

  35. spocko says:

    I’m glad to see so many of you here aren’t fooled but of course the PFI, the FDA and UC Davis see that you have no power, they have their experts lined up and are not going to take any lip from you consumers.

    I’m trying to maintain my Vulcan cool. But frankly this has really got me seeing red.

    FDA officials and other experts, however, don’t recommend the path taken by Earl, saying that consumers don’t have the means to determine whether a lab is reliable.

    Okay, so they just called ExperTox unreliable. Well it was a subtle slur, so I guess it is okay. It’s the stupid CONSUMERS who can’t tell if a lab is reliable. How do consumers tell when a lab is reliable? The look at their certification. Who is the group that says a lab is good? The FDA. The lab has the FDA seal of approval. Is the FDA saying that customers shouldn’t trust their seal, that they don’t deserve it? Maybe the FDA should just revoke their seal of approval seeing as it is misleading to consumers and all. Or maybe that should be done by some other group. But wait, there IS no other group! [FYI I’ve been working for the last week trying to find a group of experts who can verify the testing of ExperTox and challenge the FDA and now UC Davis. Sadly I haven’t found the group that is willing to look at testing methods and say WHAT was the “problem” with ExperTox testing]

    So it’s come down to a pissing match between the FDA and their experts. Who do you think is going to win that one? I’ve been around the block and I can tell you NOT ALL EXPERTS are CREATED EQUAL. You know those court cases where they bring in the experts and someone cross examines them? Who gets to cross examine Poppenga? Who is going to point out the lack of sample to sample and testing methodology to testing methodology comparison? NOBODY. Because now the experts have spoken.

    In addition, the California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab at UC Davis tested a different sample of the same product that Earl submitted to ExperTox and also did not find acetaminophen, Poppenga said. [WHO SUPPLIED THAT SAMPLE? WAS IT THE SAME LOT? Did they find C-acid? Anything else that might have lead to sickness?]

    “There’s no evidence of a widespread problem,” Poppenga said. “A lot of people are getting worked up about something that may not be real.”

    [Thanks Dr. Bob, I’ll tell that to the dogs puking their guts out. Better yet, I’ll send you the puke and you can analyze the reality of it. Maybe they dogs just like to puke for the heck of it.]

    I’m sure that the pet food industry PR people are very pleased with themselves. They beat down a bunch of silly consumers who are “off the charts” and are making a bunch of crazy claims.

    They have done a good job of lining up the experts that will destroy your credibility. The people and groups that SHOULD have been fighting for you and your pets, have not.

    I’ve been working behind the scenes trying to help fight these people but it’s hard. I spoke to Ann Martin’s about it and I’m reading her book “The Food Pet’s Die For” (which I HIGHLY recommend) and this is nothing new. Going after the consumers and the testing labs are almost SOP for them. And prepping the media with experts to discount the story are also part of the game. When a multi-billion dollar industry wants to avoid a recall and another panic, they find it is cheaper to go after the messenger than do the right thing.

  36. Katie says:

    35% - 40% that is pretty high percentages!

  37. Ann H says:

    I am hoping that ExperTox will do *something* - like have another lab test the same samples. They *could* get Consumer labs to do it. Yes, it might cost them, but how much is getting smeared costing them?

    You’d think they had a stake in finding an independant lab to help document and verify the process and issuing some press releases on their own.

    Or, would the FDA be throwing some testing projects their way if they just hush and go away on this acetaminophen & cyanuric acid testing issue?

  38. Maureen says:

    “I am hoping that ExperTox will do *something* - like have another lab test the same samples…”
    Ann H says:
    July 1st, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    I thought that ExperTox was remarkably open in their comments, going as far as saying that the FDA didn’t even call them until the day before the agency issued their “no acetaminophen” press release. That’s pretty brave!

    I’d hate to see us jump on ExperTox — they were really hung out there to dry by the FDA. The samples belong to whichever client submitted them. As Don Earl has mentioned (www.petfoodrecallfacts.com), he is having certain samples retested. Perhaps others are also. But that’s not ExperTox’s call. I’m just heartened that so many people here and at petconnection.com are so articulate about what the FDA and others are trying to sweep under the rug.

  39. Katie says:

    There was an article in the AP yesterday about the secrecy of the FDA and how top FDA officials calendars omitted meetings for years. This was in re: drug safety. I wonder if anyone has looked at the calendars of the food safety group to see who they have met with…..



  40. Ann H says:

    Maureen, I’m not jumping on ExperTox.

    IMO, Scientific Validation is what is needed. Business is business -regardless of the emotional issues.

    Most companies would be seeking that now to protect the goodwill of their company.

    No matter what any pet owner does, the issue is one of discrediting of ExperTox. Lack of validation is what they are using to do that.

    They don’t have to wait to be interviewed by the media, they have the capability of doing following through tests and doing their own press releases.

    If they could ask the owners of the samples for permission for the FDA to test, then they are just as capable of asking for permission for another lab to test them for validations and issue rebuttal press releases on their own.

  41. Katie M says:

    I just lost my Shih Tzu girl last week. We discovered her high BUN levels (kidney failure) in March. I had her unrecalled food (Hills Science canned) tested, and the lab results were positive for cyanuric acid. She seemed to be doing better, her attitude and appetite were improving. We did sub-cue fluids and sought to feed home prepared meals that were easy on her kidneys, but I lost her last week.
    I’ll never again purchase anything from the big pet food companies. I’m also learning to be a very selective consumer with everything and asking a lot of questions.
    It’s ironic that with a quick recall, my trust may have in time been restored. But when there is failure to recall a product that may possibly be tainted, my trust will never be restored. And those of us who lost pets will never forget.

  42. HighNote says:

    I thought there was a law that the FDA had to disclose their findings of any tainted products to the public as soon as possible? I thought I read this! It could have been on their sight that I read about it. I wil have to look again.
    A lab that is getting paid for a testing a product is not going to lie about it. They found acetaminophen and cyanuric acid in the pet food! I remember reading their blog that they would stand by their findings!
    Maybe they test a product differently. I am not a chemist but I would think that if you test for foreign ingredients that are not suppose to be part of the orginal ingredients then the product would be tainted. They found this acetaminophen and cyanuric acid and I am sure of it.
    If the other lab did not find anything and are not lieing about their findings then this only proves that it is not in all of the pet food. This also may prove when they do the mixing of pet food that the vitamins, etc. could be too strong in certain batches and not strong enough in others. So some pets could be getting a over dose of vitamins and others not getting enough. Some pets could be getting a strong ammount of acetaminophen and cyanuric acid while another pet may get none at all from the same type of food.
    I would think these idiots would know that. It is only common sense!

  43. Trudy Jackson says:

    There’s no evidence of a widespread problem? This is so out of line. Can she read- thousands of pets dead? Or does it even matter to some people? I would have my pet food tested if i had the money. they should test it for us. The cats didn’t all of a sudden die because of nothing. All over the world, cats and dogs dying- It’s not a widespread problem. Maybe not to you, but it is to Me and mine.
    The FDA is lying so much, i can’t believe this is happening here.
    We have Rights! How dare they all try to cover this up. If We have no rights, we’re all in the wrong country. Have any of the politicians ever read the constitution?? The bill of rights?
    I feel like We are being deceived in a most horrible way. This can’t continue.

  44. HighNote says:

    Trudy I wonder about our rights any more! It seems me that our rights are being taken from us more and more. After all our nation was built upon from the bible practices and many religious figures and things were put in our nations capitol, etc. and after all these years they find that they should be removed! When I was a child we had to say the pledge of allegance in school and a morning prayer.. guess that tells you how old I am. But these were common practice. Not that I liked doing it as a kid, and maybe the people that did not believe in such things should not have to do it, but I thought the majority ruled in this country and it doesn’t any more.. Money and greed does.
    I am all for everyones rights. That is what this country was all about. But I feel we are taking God out of our society and when you take out these beliefs of good then what is left? ONLY CORRUPTION, SELF LOVE, AND GREED. It does not seem to be a government for the people any more to me because the people do not have a word or the power to control anything. We cannot even get the truth about pet food or our food because greed as taken over.

  45. beth says:

    where can i see the test that don has done on other pet foods? now I have one cat that is begining to act funny. she is thowing up and thens goes to the litter box . please help.
    i have tried all of the suppose to be safe foods. i didn’t know hills dry had problems. that was what my six has ate for their kibble since they were born.

  46. Ruth says:

    “Poppenga [a professor of veterinary diagnostic toxicology at UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine] said.
    “There’s no evidence of a widespread problem,” Poppenga said. “A lot of people are getting worked up about something that may not be real.”

    What a pompous answer. So, why are pets still dying? Why did my pet die after eating unrecalled dog food? Oh,,,,I forgot, its something that may not be real.

    And we are supposed to trust the pet food companies and the FDA. When will I know what really killed my pet??

  47. Ruth says:

    Beth:here’s the link to Don’s website. just go to lab tests.


    I hope your pet gets better. Have you taken her to a vet yet?

  48. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, if the majority counted , I guess We’d have a different Pres. wouldn’t we?
    Poppenga- I wonder does she have a web site or Email address? Because it is a pompous answer. Someone thinks We’re all idiots! We don’t know any better. eat our cake and go away.
    Well, guess what? we’re not going anywhere.
    Yeah, maybe it’s not real and We’re all imagining all this. After all, We have no rights, no laws for people like us. we don’t need to know the truth.
    I wish I could trust someone, anyone in charge anymore, but i never will again.

  49. Trudy Jackson says:

    Where did E. Hamilton go, does anyone know?

  50. AnnaS says:

    Make your own pet food. Get books, learn what to add and not add. Thru trial and error you will get it adjusted to your pets tolerances. Consult a Vet and go for it. It is so worth it not to have to wonder if you are feeding your loved pets killer food.

    Secondly I seriously wonder if any of this (all of us here) is really making much of a difference except to comfort each other. In the beginning I called the FDA, the food companies, emailed Senators. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Does any feel like it is being taken seriously? Maybe we should march on Washington……and our State capitols……and the FDA……and the food MANUFACTURING plants. What do you all think?

  51. Pukanuba says:

    Trudy…..E is still posting in the forums under Join Alice’s Army.

    AnnaS……The only way we will ever make a difference is to stop buying the big PF companies’ garbage, er I mean food & try to talk to others to get them to buy something decent other than the big names. We can also stop buying their other products as they make a lot more than pet food. They will only acknowledge us when it starts to affect their profits. Otherwise, they could care less about us or our dead/sick pets.

  52. Steve says:

    spocko at 3:21 pm

    When the human spirit stands up to the cold, faceless, dehumanizing, destructive machinery of the state, there is a release of emotional energy whose force transcends material calculation.

    They can call in all the experts they want. And stumble and stammer and switch their story all they want it won’t make one damn difference.

    It’s they who are being judged not us.

  53. Steve says:

    See what these bastards are worried about is this thing becoming a major political movement. Thats why they want to divide everyone fighting a common cause for safe food in this country before it becomes a tidal wave of bad news for them.

  54. Donna C says:

    AnnaS -
    I understand how you feel. Sometimes I wonder if it really makes a difference.

    However, we are the only ones that are capable of making a difference for our pets in this situation. Some journalists say certain issues do not pass their “sniff tests.” The FDA states “consumers don’t have the means to determine whether a lab is reliable.” A UC Davis professor thinks we’re worked up over something possibly not real.

    Whether we use this forum or start one of our own, we are the key to solving and resolving these issues. We can no longer rely on those who think we are not capable of making wise, educated decisions.

  55. Captn' Carl says:

    Why all this fuss about this “Poppenga”? It is obvious that this character is a crank or a “plant” here to sow the seeds of discord among us and to promote infighting and division; and if he plays it right and enough of you take the bait, dissolution of our united front and purpose.

    I don’t care if he is the president of a pharmacological brain trust from Neptune. He can claim to be anyone he desires. Male, Female, Professional, Doctor, Lawyer,
    Indian Chief.

    We are taking his word sight unseen that he is who he claims to be.

    That, in and of itself is not a bright move and has been the downfall of more than one internet user.

    His statements are counter productive, subversive and are beginning to create the effect he and his master’s desire. Getting everyone at each other’s throats.

    C’mon folks. We’re smarter than that now aren’t we?

    Another “snowman” trying to snow us all with pompous official statements that contradict our very basis here.

    Stick together and root this vermin out. When no one responds to his posts or acknowledges his presence he will sink back into the primordial ooze from whence he came.

    We have a lot of like minded and intelligent concerned individuals that post here. It has been said that “one bad apple spoils the barrel”, if we allow this “Poppenga” to propagate the seeds of discord he is trying to sow here, he will indeed spoil this for everyone and win a tremendous victory for his masters.

    Ignore him and any other rabble that may infiltrate here. Recognize them for what they are. Don’t fall for their tricks and sneaky strategies designed to split this concerned and determined group apart.

    Stand together unshakable and unwavering in our convictions and we will triumph.

  56. Steve says:

    “There’s no evidence of a widespread problem,” Poppenga said. “A lot of people are getting worked up about something that may not be real.”

    Oh it’s real Doogie. You better believe it’s real. THE REAL DEAL.

    Glad your not my Vet that I’ll tell you right to your face anytime.

  57. Purina Puke says:

    Sorry people I am here. I know a lot of people have been wondering where everyone went. Well lately life has gotten in the way. Bad life! *Shakes finger at it.*

    I still feel all this is overwhelming, but we WILL prevail. If nothing else but by not buying the rotten food. Does anyone know how much Menu Foods or Purina products have gone down lately?

  58. JJ in IL says:

    AnnaS 7-1 10:29pm post asked if we are making a difference?
    On front page of chgo sunday tribune: Tainted seafood risks China’s stake in U.S. chicagotribune.com from MSNBC.com Tainted Chinese goods could lead to trade war “No country has an unblemished record on food and consumer product safety. But the evidence suggests China’s manufacturers are more careless, callous or unethical than other trading partners,” the paper said in the June 22 editorial.

    Anti-China sentiment is also finding its way into a television ad that debuted on Wednesday, sponsored by a union-funded group called WakeUpWalMart.com that has been a vocal opponent of the retailer.

    The ad points out that money spent at Wal-Mart enriches China, home to many Wal-Mart suppliers, and then it takes the rhetoris one giant step further.

    “China ships weapons to the terrorists in Afghanistan,” the ad says. Weapons the terrorists use to attach our troops. So before you shop at Wal-Mart, think about that. This July 4th, be a patriot.”

    The 120 million pet owners are making a difference. I went for dog treats and found some made in america, anything made elsewhere I just put it back. We can all continue to do that. Unless it is born, raised, does not leave this country and return, manufactured and assembled right here just say NO THANKS! and buy something that is 100% from the U.S.

  59. Don Earl says:

    I’ve added another acetaminophen and cyanuric acid positive lab report to the site, for another unrecalled dry dog food submitted by Donna. I’ve also added Chuckles vet’s blood and urine tests, and the pathology results for Steve’s cat Lynx.

    But, hey, I guess we just don’t know how to pick the right lab when our pets are sick or dead with symptoms consistent with acetaminophen poisoning, and the only lab screening for the substance just happens to find it in our pet food. What could we be thinking?

    The most interesting thing is that after the FDA announced they had tested pet food samples without finding acetaminophen, they contacted ExperTox in an effort to snag the samples in question. ExperTox then contacted those of us with acetaminophen positive samples for permission to release those samples to the FDA. Cart before the horse?

    Three of us refused, but gave ExperTox permission to allow the FDA to test the samples on site, with ExperTox watching. Do you know what happened? The FDA refused to test the samples under conditions which would make it impossible to lie about the results.

    For weeks my inbox has been flooded with accounts of companion animals sick, dead or dying from acetaminophen poisoning like symptoms after eating unrecalled pet food. Is the problem widespread or isn’t it?

    Everything is okay though, Dr. Poppycock said so.

    What’s that noise I hear? Is it the sound of docs flying South for the Winter?

  60. Carol says:

    “Don Earl says:

    July 2nd, 2007 at 5:03 am
    Three of us refused, but gave ExperTox permission to allow the FDA to test the samples on site, with ExperTox watching. Do you know what happened? The FDA refused to test the samples under conditions which would make it impossible to lie about the results.”

    I think this speaks volumes—-what is the FDA afraid of—what excuse are they giving if they had wanted the food—only they want it if they can do the testing “in secret”—hmmmmm, do they think we’re dumb??? They think we’re all over-reacting so why don’t they do all this in the open to prove us wrong??? I think I know the answer………don’t you too???

  61. nthstarr1 says:

    I just read the updates at Don Earl’s website ( and my sympathies for all)… I was particularly taken with Donna’s dogs troubles with Innova. I recently got a bag of Evo for my cats and all the 3 cats did was vomit almost every single time they ate the food. They have been having trouble (vomiting) lately with different dry cat foods ( and it is definitely food -related as if they vomit or not or how much varies from bag-to-bag/ different brands) but the Evo was by far the worst incidence of mass vomiting we have had so far. Oh and don’t forget that Evo is ‘grain-free’…

  62. Dee says:

    nthstarr 1

    Please contact me direct regarding your experience with the Evo. Thanks.
    pfr07ps (at) gmail.com

  63. Black Lab Owner says:

    Re: Confidentiality and Testing

    As I asked in my original post: Please urge any consumer who submitted pet food to private labs and received results positive for melamine and/or cyanuric acid to post the results.


    And with regard to poison levels depending upon lot, run, etc. This is a standard industry defense which has been posited since the start of the recall. Undoubtedly this would occur within manufacturing or home brew. Given that the lab referenced in the article states 35% to 40% of samples tested positive, unless you are suggesting a coordination among pet owners to submit from one lot, there must be a lot of products with poison in them.

  64. Pukanuba says:


    First of all, many thanks to you for all your work in getting foods tested & keeping us aware of what’s going on. We certainly are well aware that the FDA is useless in this respect. Sad that you have to take it upon yourself to do their job & not get paid the huge salaries that these FDA jokers make, thanks to tax payers like us.

    I just read the latest & it totally blew me out of the water. I AM SHOCKED. It’s one of the few that I felt was safe & was on my very short list of ok foods. I am also extremely surprised at their crappy attitude. I honestly felt these were people who cared about our pets providing only the best for them. Boy, was I ever wrong. Sort of sounds like they have the same mind-set as the rest of these greedy, pompous asses.

    I am going to bring that info to a small, holistic pet store owner who swears by that product. I think she should know. This is truly scary.

  65. Donna says:

    We hope everyone will be patient to await all results related to these findings. Please understand the information you referenced was written to be concise. The executive we spoke with at the pet food company did spend over 30 minutes with us by phone on two separate occasions. He listened to all of our concerns and comments. And he sought answers to some of the questions we raised which he addressed in the second call. However, we still have not heard the results of their analysis.

    We believe that we are still in a discovery phase with our findings and we hope they will honor their commitment to providing quality food. We are simply trying to find answers and hope they will work with us to do so.

  66. Maureen says:

    Don Earl says:
    July 2nd, 2007 at 5:03 am

    “I’ve added another acetaminophen and cyanuric acid positive lab report to the site, for another unrecalled dry dog food submitted by Donna.”

    Don’s site is a godsend (www.petfoodrecallfacts.com). I just read Donna’s information about her Innova kibble dog food testing positive for acetaminophen (trace) and cyanuric acid. That coupled with nthstar1’s post above with similar problems IS shocking. While trying to wean my cat off of commercial food, I’ve been supplementing his feeding with Innova/Evo. No problems — yet — but this is a wake up call.

    Donna’s information contains a new one for me: VITAMIN MINERAL PREMIX. Also, her experience with Natura is contrary to what the company is saying now about their testing and consumer-friendly approach.

    So we have to be wary of contaminated/adulterated wheat gluten, rice protein powder, corn gluten, and substituted wheat flour. I didn’t realize the manufacturers use a premix for their vitamins and minerals. Natura told Donna that the beige and black chunks in her dog’s kibble were vitamin-mineral premix that hadn’t been ground up properly. So was this contaminated premix or a vitamin/mineral overdose?

    Here’s a March 2007 article about a recent lawsuit against Royal Canin for vitamin overdosed pet food. NOTE THAT THEY BLAME THE COMPANY WHO SUPPLIED THE VITAMIN PREMIX. THE ARTICLE STATES THAT THIS IS NOT RELATED TO THE MENU FOODS RECALL.

    Lawsuit says pet food was tainted; Food had harmful levels of vitamin D3, claims lawsuit against Royal Canin
    Guelph Mercury (Ontario)
    Laura Thompson

    “A class-action lawsuit, claiming that excessive amounts of vitamin D in certain cat and dog food caused serious illness or death in some pets, has been launched against a pet food manufacturer with local connections.
    The story says that the suit, filed last week in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, alleges Royal Canin Canada was negligent in testing pet food to make sure it was safe before marketing and selling it.
    Royal Canin is based in Toronto but is building its new headquarters and health nutrition plant in Puslinch Township. The facility is slated to open in 2008.

    The claim seeks $60 million in damages for consumers who purchased Royal Canin dog or cat food since Aug. 1, 2004. The claim is not related to the most recent pet food recall by Streetsville-based Menu Foods.
    The Royal Canin products were recalled in March 2006 exclusively through veterinary clinics, which prescribed the food products.

    Royal Canin said in a release it voluntarily withdrew seven canned products as a precaution because the food contained elevated levels of vitamin D3, which causes loss of appetite, lethargy, excessive drinking and urination in pets.

    A supplier of the vitamin-mineral premix was responsible for the error, the release said.

    Royal Canin officials declined to comment yesterday.”


  67. petslave says:

    wow this is really scary about the Innova products–everyone is considering this company’s dry foods one of few safe types to feed.

    nthstarr1–any chance of getting your Evo tested?

    I just started feeding one of my cats dry Evo about 9 days ago, used to feed it all the time until recall, when I switched to canned. He immediately started drinking a lot more water. I took him to the vet a week ago & all blood numbers look OK, so have just been assuming the increased water intake was just the switch from canned to dry for him.

  68. Pukanuba says:


    Thanks for the additional info. I’m just sick over this news because that was one of the few companies I felt was responsible enough to put only the best ingredients in the food plus all the testing they supposedly are doing.

    I had a terrible thought. One possibility is a vitamin OD similar to what happened before with RC but the second possibility is frightening. I have read over & over that most vitamins & minerals are now made in China. WHAT IF THEY ADDED ACET/CA TO THOSE VITAMINS & MINERALS????????? EVERY pet food company adds vitamins & minerals to their food……so if China has contaminated vitamins, all foods could very well be loaded with harmful ingredients. Same goes for our vitamins & other supplements.

    All I can say is THANK YOU to our jackass friends at the FDA. PF companies had better sit up & take notice……START TESTING THOSE FRIGGIN VITAMINS FROM CHINA!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, not only will more pets die but people will start dropping.

  69. Maureen says:

    Haven’t many people mentioned over the past months that they found black hard chunks in their pets’ food, both in kibble and canned food?

    Perhaps this vitamin-mineral premix is similar to the “amino acid” product that the FDA is talking about. That was being sent for animal feed, I believe.

    Donna’s story and her conversation with Natura about the chunks being the vitamin-mineral premix makes it more understandable that the same pet food can vary so widely when tested.

    This just keeps getting worse. There is no safe commercial pet food. My cat had better make the switch faster to all home cooked. He’s been on Innova/Evo kibble to supplement his diet.

  70. Linda says:

    Does anyone know if honest kitchen products are o.k? I haven’t been on this site for some time and now am reading about Natura, I’ve been feeding half ca nat. kibble and half home cooked, but wanted to try honest kitchen dehydrated.

  71. Ruth says:

    So what’s going on?? Is this the second wave of finding more crap in the “SAFE” food??

    And the pet food companies and FDA keeps saying the pet food is SAFE to eat. What a bunch of idiots.
    Its no wonder the FDA doesn’t want consumers to test the food. Then they turn and try to discredit the labs that test it.

  72. Captn' Carl says:

    Just to show that there can indeed be an upside to all of these problems and warnings: While at the local Dominick’s Food store yesterday, I was unable to find an ingredient for home made dry dog food. Specifically “Brewer’s Yeast”. I asked the on duty Pharmacist if they had any in stock, and he walked with me to the vitamin and health food aisle and looked.

    I remarked that all I was able to find on the shelves was a product called “Rice Red Yeast”, he told me; you don’t want that, that comes from China!

    Hat’s off to an astute Pharmacist who realizes the gravity of this situation.

    He ordered the “Brewers Yeast” for me and I’ll pick it up in about an hour.

    Sometimes the message really does get through and surprisingly enough to those who are in a position to do something about it in a positive way!

    Thanks to Carl at Dominick’s - You are one of the good guys with the white hats! Two thumbs up.

  73. Pukanuba says:


    I had some samples of Honest Kitchen…..I mixed up a batch, gave it to my dog & as fast as it went down, it came right back up. Now I’m certainly not saying that there is anything wrong with it but it didn’t agree with my dog. Try to get samples first. It isn’t cheap.

    I don’t know where to turn these days. I’m afraid now of all animal food out there & I’m also concerned about giving my dog her vitamins every day. What IF they come from China…..are they contaminated?

    Then we don’t know how safe our meat supply is…..sorry but I don’t believe the FDA & their BS dilution factor……so I’m feeding my dog our food which may also not be all that safe. Not only do we have to eat but so do our animals. This truly sucks…..

  74. Pukanuba says:

    Maureen posted this earlier but a paragraph just jumped out at me. Did anyone else notice the symptoms that go along with an OD of Vitamin D?

    “Royal Canin said in a release it voluntarily withdrew seven canned products as a precaution because the food contained elevated levels of vitamin D3, which causes loss of appetite, lethargy, excessive drinking and urination in pets.

    A supplier of the vitamin-mineral premix was responsible for the error, the release said.”

    O M G !

  75. Cathy says:

    I just received a letter from Nutro about my claim.

    “We have concluded our detailed review of your claim for reimbursement of your expenses. From our evaluation of the veterinarian’s diagnosis, we found no indication that the cause of illness and subsequent death is related to our product. As such, we cannot in good conscience concede any responsiblity for your pet’s condition.”

    Well, how do ya like that! Funny thing is, they have never contacted my vet and I only sent them a cover letter explaining what happened and copies of vet bills - no diagnosis information. Where they got the diagnosis is beyond me. Seems to me that the whole ‘good conscience’ thing is their problem.

  76. Carol says:

    “Cathy says:

    July 2nd, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    Well, how do ya like that! Funny thing is, they have never contacted my vet and I only sent them a cover letter explaining what happened and copies of vet bills - no diagnosis information. Where they got the diagnosis is beyond me. Seems to me that the whole ‘good conscience’ thing is their problem.”

    Cathy, If I was you I would get a note from the vet staing they did not contact him/her and then provide that and a copy of the letter from the company and send it to the press–your local newspaper, or your local tv stations—I’m a firm believer in making waves when things are unfair, immoral, etc. Do no let this rest. It’s not about the reimbursement as you know, it’s about accountability and the fact that your PET COUNTED!! Good Luck.

  77. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    WHAT THE FUDGE? I am slowly weaning three dogs to Innova Evo….from Canidae–should just stay where I am at until this mess clears up. Anyone have any more info? Is everyone freaking out for nothing? Yikes…I miss Itchmo for a couple of days and yikes, again.


  78. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Pukanuba–what are you feeding now? Geezzzz..here I though the Innova was an excellent food. My dogs LOVE the taste–it is between the EVO and TimberWolf. Now this crap———-I am frustrated and a bit upset here.

  79. doggiedolittle says:

    Many dog foods that you all are complaining about are still on the store shelves. I feed my cats innova and there’s no problems.

    If this person had the Innova tested as she said she did, and really found what she said she found in the food, she would be rich. Because that should be a lawsuit in the works. How do we know this is true? How do we know that this person doesn’t work for some other pet food company trying to put a scare into keeping you from buying a good quality food. You can’t believe every single thing you read on the INTERNET or you will loose your minds…

    My cats coats have never felt so soft and there poops are nice… Get real people…

  80. Pukanuba says:

    doggiedolittle: I think if you go to Don’s website, chances are the lab report is over there. I don’t believe everything I read on the internet but I certainly believe what Don & all the others have to say on his website. I think there is a genuine problem & we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. If you haven’t had any problems with your animals, I think you are very lucky. But watch out on that next bag or can.

    Barb: I’m feeding a very small amount of Canidae chicken & rice dry & the rest is home cooked. I think I might go to all home cooked but I don’t know what to do about vitamins. Somebody mentioned baby vitamins but if China is making the majority of vitamins, I wouldn’t think our vitamins would be any safer than our pets. They already found contaminated amino acid which makes me wonder how many of our vitamins are imported from China & how do we find out which ones they are?

    I can’t remember exactly what it was I read but one of the vitamins (C maybe?) is made exclusively in China. Their low prices have forced a lot of American manufacturers out of business. Great, just great.

  81. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    I am still feeding my dogs Canidae, but they really hate the food. I tried them on the Evo and they love it. I also add home cooked to the dry–very leery of the vitamins. I will NOT give my dogs any vitamins..shoot..I don’t even take them. Sounds like you’re doing everything you can for your animals. This whole thing is very upsetting.

  82. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    I am still feeding my dogs Canidae, but they really hate the food. I tried them on the Evo and they love it. I also add home cooked to the dry–very leery of the vitamins. I will NOT give my dogs any vitamins..shoot..I don’t even take them. Sounds like you’re doing everything you can for your animals.

  83. doggiedolittle says:

    Dogs don’t need all those vitamins in the food. That is all a gimic, dog’s need mostly meat but they don’t need all those extra vitamins you see in dog food…

    Give them chicken breast, ground turkey, ground beef, salmon in rotation. Then give them some green beans or cauliflour, carrots in rotation. Then add an egg now and then. Throw in some flax seed meal. Oh,, don’t forget the carbs. They can have a potatoe or sweet potatoe… too, and that’s all they need.

  84. Trudy Jackson says:

    On MSNBC, I think it is. -Veggie Booty being recalled? some kind of snack food?

  85. nthstarr1 says:


    Unfortunately I do not have any of the Evo I fed…. I know, stupid but it is a long story… Fyi, I do recall wondering if my cats were drinking a bit more than usual but not an extreme obvious excess like constant hanging over the waterbowl. Of course, I can rationalize that my cats would have consumed more water anyhow due to the vomiting/ fluid loss or maybe it was just the change in food as you mentioned.

    Good luck with your cats, hopefully they will all be ok and in good health.

  86. Cathy says:

    Carol, I’m not done yet. All dogs (and cats) are worth it.

  87. Leslie k says:

    If the vitamin premix and/or vitamins have a problem then there is no safe commercial petfood. It doesn’t matter if its wet,dry or raw.They all add vitamins. All 5 of mine love the Cal natural. The cats have had no problems,the dogs are still vomitting, eating grass & having the runs occasionally. Now I wonder if its when they get some chunks of unmixed vitamins. Had a bag of Pur 1 sens system dry adult dog tested & it had excess vit e in it & loose in the bag. Guess I’ll be cooking even more. Anybody have good cat treat recipes ? I’ve tried several & 1 cat won’t touch them.

  88. Cathy says:

    Are we (the people posting here) the only ones who have had pets with vomiting and diarrhea and medical problems? My dog is dead. Through strange circumstances, I’m fostering a stray. She’s been heaving after she eats. I’ve tried several different foods. She was probably better off on the street eating trash.

  89. thomas says:

    I am sick over hering about ca na I have been feeeding it and inn treats and have 2 dogs drinking in excess and on of those 2 has very strong smelling urine. I am going to home cooked. Enough is enough!!!!

    Trudy you are right about veggie booty , it is posted on the FDA web site. They say the company is Roberts Gourmet Foods but they decline to say where the product is manufactured , or who the contractor is. Lets see if we can figure it out. What is the FDA trying to hide and who are they protecting this time? It certainly is not the public, the consumer. They must still be protecting big businesses!!!

  90. thomas says:

    I think my spelling as in the above post is getting worse , maybe from worrying about my pets. First sentence last post word should be hereing not hering also tried to abbreviate foods.

  91. JJ in IL says:

    Donna I’m very thankful I read the link with your test results on it. Today I returned the bag of Karma that I just bought last wed. as it is made by the same co. that makes Innova. My dog has been eating an unusual amount of grass to make herself throw-up whatever is not agreeing with her. As a start I have removed the Karma from her diet and will try the Evangers canned only and see if she stops this huge amount of grass eating. Just so thankful that she is not being contaminated any further from this food that they stand behind and gurantee 100% per their website? And the answer to you that they had not tested it cause the batches they do test do not test positive for melamine so they feel no need to test for anything else. Well I for one sincerely look forward to their answers to you as I too felt this was a safe pet food but now cannot take any chances. I just can not thank you enough.

  92. Pukanuba says:

    I also noticed my dog has been eating grass lately…..something she has never done before. So no more multi-vitamins & have backed off the small amount of dry food to see if that helps. Just a little concerned that vitamins or vitamin pre-mix that pet food manufacturers use may contain something they shouldn’t…..or maybe too much of one vitamin like what happened a few yrs back with RC. All the same symptoms as what’s going on this time.

    If everyone is getting their vitamins from China, I fear for all our animals & all of us. We could all be in deep doo-doo!!!!!!!!

    I think the PF companies are probably the ones that led all of us to believe that we could never provide the proper nutrition for our babies…..that they know so much better than we do. Well, they proved that to be BS……I’m a little afraid of those multi-vitamins right now so I’ll just continue home cooking, no vitamins.

    I give her protein, carbs & veggies plus a little flax oil in the morn & a fish oil gel tab in the evening & ground egg shell. Her coat shines like you wouldn’t believe (people always ask what I feed her) & her energy knows no bounds….she’s young but if something was missing from her diet, it would either show in her coat or her energy……at least that’s what I think.

    As long as she’s doing as well as she is now, I guess I can forget the vitamins. I’ll be curious to hear what the people at Natura say…..if they will be honest & go public with the info.

  93. Donna says:

    JJ in IL - please share the details of your experience with your dog eating more grass while on a specific dog food. We are collecting stories to help with research we are doing; trying to find common threads in what is making pets sick on non-recalled foods. Send any info you think will be helpful to pfr07ps (at) gmail.com


  94. Steve M. says:


    Thank you for posting your story on Don’s site. I was under the impression,
    as many were, that Natura was different. I have been feeding my cat that survived
    the Hill’s poisoning, Innova and California Natural (both Natura products).
    I thought she was doing good on them, but regardless my wife returned the remaining
    product I had this morning and made sure to inform the store owner about your experience.
    It is very dissapointing because it is hard to get my cat to eat anything other
    than dry food.

    Your reference to the representative commenting to you three weeks after you submitted
    the sample and claiming to have no knowledge of any issues with their food and finding
    that the food sample was sitting on the persons desk you mailed it to made me laugh,
    only because I haved regularly commented that I thought the samples I sent to Hill’s
    and the FDA were probably sitting under someones office desk (The 7 pounds I sent
    to Hill’s either probably made it to the dumpster by now, or more likely was
    processed back into the food production line). You know I never heard one word from
    Hill’s since I submitted that sample to them on May 31st. Guess like Natura
    they just except that the FDA says there is no problem and go on with business as
    usual. They IMO have revealed themselves as no better than Hill’s or any of
    the other big manufacturers and I am sorry I gave them my business.

    And BTW to poster doggiedolittle: Ignorance is bliss baby! Just shut down the computer
    and don’t bother to read anymore. Afterall I’m sure that all the people
    posting lab results and sharing their stories are just a bunch of cranks with time,
    money,and energy to waste to discredit pet food manufacturers. Wow it’s just
    so much fun you know.

  95. Donna says:

    Steve M,
    I just wish the reporters would pick up the storyline of response issues with pet food companies. Your experience with Hill’s would be enlightening reading.

  96. Linda says:

    I am officially through with commercial pet food. I am now searching for vitamins. A company in VT has been very helpful, they will send samples, I may send it out for testing though before I give it to the dog!

  97. Don Earl says:

    I spoke with the folks at ExperTox today. They’ve been busy since the LA Times piece ran and several more acetaminophen positive samples have turned up as a result.

    But, hey, what do we know? I guess being one of the few labs in the country with unknown toxin scan capabilities, we just picked the wrong one.

    Which leaves the question: Why is everyone else testing for a single substance which is known to be virtually nontoxic?

  98. E. Hamilton says:

    Don, I guess it is easy enough to start with the answer you want and make the tests that will give that answer, while carefully avoiding anything that might tell the TRUTH, as long as you have NO ethics and these lying bastids certainly are not overburdened with the ethics.

    I tell the story about the FDA sneaking around to get samples AFTER they had announced the BIG LIE to everyone I can.

    Go Don GO!

  99. Don Earl says:

    Yes, well… for all the China bashing lately, their solution for dealing with FDA corruption is the best I’ve seen. If Sundloft’s head decorated a pole in front of FDA headquarters, I believe it would serve as a wonderfully strong motivation to the morally flexible to keep it honest.

  100. E. Hamilton says:

    Don, you sweet talker you! Have you been peeping my dreams?
    I have a little list of heads I would enjoy seeing on a stick!

    China bashing is not the answer and I truly thought that the reducing of the factory to rubble before the (useless) FDA arrived was a GREAT response.
    The fast execution , also a nice touch.

    I am spending a fortune in printer ink with all the copies of the news I get asked for, people WANT the truth and they know they aint gonna get it from the fed.

    Keep hammering Don!

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