Update On Menu Foods Mediation

Menu foods

Menu Foods released this statement on their website on February 29, 2008:

Yesterday, the parties in the Multi-District Litigation informed the U.S. District Court as follows:

“The parties are pleased to report that since February 14, 2008, the date of the last status conference, they have made substantial progress in resolving the outstanding matters that existed as of that date. The parties are hopeful that a comprehensive, cross-border settlement can be achieved and, as a result, request an additional two week period in which to work toward such a resolution. The parties respectfully request leave to submit a further status report to the Court in two weeks.”

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11 Responses to “Update On Menu Foods Mediation”

  1. Sharon says:

    cross-border settlement? maybe it’s time to renegotiate Nafta, not just with Mexico but with Canada as well.

  2. 5CatMom says:

    Hope the settlement involves huge fines and jail time for the villains.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    Just more time for them to make up more lies and dodge the real issue.

  4. anon says:

    More time for the class action lawyers to sell out the pets and pet owners, big bucks in billable hours while they let Menu destroy evidence and argue whether a coupon for a free bag of the food that killed your pet or just a money off coupon is good enough.

    If the class action lawyers ever had any intention to do more than bilk the suffering Menu would not be getting away destroying evidence and the PFI would not be getting away with the cover up.
    Any attorney who actually meant to do right by their pet parent clients could not afford to let things like that slide.

  5. Don Earl says:

    RE: “Any attorney who actually meant to do right by their pet parent clients could not afford to let things like that slide.”

    Yeah, there isn’t anything about this that looks to me like sanity played a role in the way it has been handled since day one.

    Hmm… if attorneys sell out their clients in a class action, could the class members file a class action for legal malpractice against the attorneys?

  6. Denise says:

    Hi Sharon I agree totally and with every one else here too. They don’t understand the pain they have caused and don’t care. some one I know from Delphi forums well her dog became very ill the other night. She was really sick(don’t want to be too graphic). she spent alot of money at the emergency clinic she did not have. the vet is sending (purina) dog food to a private lab. they think it was the food. Its a menu food I think and Junk. I can’t even imagine still feeding this food. we have the power to put them out of business and send a message. I am even cautious of my pups eating the Eagle Pack Hollistic it makes me very nervous and this is a small company. take care everyone. Anon you are right on target.

  7. anon says:

    The lawyers for Exxon are still sucking down money while the people and area that Exxon nuked are still suffering, twenty years that little tango between a greedy corporation and greedy lawyers has been going on, it is not going to be any different for the pet food recall.

    The class action lawyers are selling out the pets and the pet parents, have you seen any media action, court action, investigation, any action whatsoever, except for blatant and rather unseemly old boy action, behind closed doors?

    Funny, the PFI was scared of itchmo and thought enough to warn it’s members to monitor this place, the PFI did not give a single moments thought to the investigation’s of the class action lawyers, because they knew all along the class action lawyers would not be doing anything that might disturb the status quo.

  8. Jack says:

    Dead center on target. We need to derail the new legal specialty already being taught now at over 50 law schools before the young brown shirts derail us, dogs, pets, and all domisticated animals. Contrary to the wall to wall propaganda no one with an IQ higher than their age is dumb enough to believe the new legal animal cirriculum designed and written by HSUS which is sworn to eradicate meat, work, and companion animals within the generation already on the ground, contains one atom of good for owners or animals. The sound we hear is that of our founding fathers spinning like tops in their graves over our having become such a nation of spineless worms. Our ancestors pledged their honor, fortunes, shed their blood, and gave their lives to leave to leave our nation free from past tyranny. When our turn came to stand up and be counted–we sat down and shut up as our US Constitution and Bill of Rights was turned into toilet paper. Shades of pre Magna carta England, NAIS needs tons of state and federal “enforcers” to ensure we’re criminalized for producing our own meat to feed our families. Wonder what hungry among us will first have their family’s holdings and all assets confiscated and be evolve into shortly being executed for possessing yesterday’s “king’s rabbit”? Less than 50 years ago hiding under bedsheets the KKK ran rampant spreading prejudice and inciting terror across America. Today analogous behavior takes the form of states not just protecting but facilitates and enables any nutcase individual whacko or group of animal terrorists, who, whether from envy, malice, for gain, or driven by propaganda–seeks to permanently destroy the reputation, personal/business life, family, and all future credibility of any person who — so much as owns a 2 inch goldfish swimming in a jar. Any and all states employing staff assigned to work in any capacity related to animal welfare when such staff has any record of past affiliation withor in any way promotes the agendas of HSUS, PETA, or similar organizations that have stated goals of eradicating private ownership of animals are employing biased individuals inappropriate to be paid to hold such jobs. Work, meat, and companion animals man has always and will always need. The sole need we have of PETA, HSUS is to be shut of them. Their incitement of states to ignore constitutional protections guaranteeing us the right to privacy in our homes, the right to know our accusors, the right to face our accusors in court, the right to have freedom from invasion of our homes and property withhout prior attested to court ordered warrant constitutes tyranny–not the rule of law under a democratic republic. Neither our US Constitution nor our Bill of Rights says all citizens with the exception of animal owners have legal rights. When our animals can be seized through KKK type contemporary equivalents to “lynchings of our public” through warantless seizures and on unproven allegations next to be taken from us by faceless accusors devoid of court issued warrants aided by facilitating entities will be our spouses, children, property–and finally our lives. We’re long overdue for all animal owners across the country to rise up as a united force demanding legal redress putting absolute end to such unamerican, unconstitutional outright tyranny befoe it goes a whit further. And incidentally? My dogs haven’t eaten any commercial product (not since our broken, useless USDA & FDA with with their voluntary not mandatory recalls of even fatal products issued only long after edibles have passed expiry shelf date) nor will they ever again.

  9. Don Earl says:

    I’m starting to think class actions should automatically be trial by jury.

    These kind of actions should be filed after careful due diligence, not just because some ambulance chaser saw something on the evening news. If the action has merit, these guys making the big bucks should be willing to take it all the way. No mediation, no arbitration, no early dismissals and no clandestine deal cutting behind closed doors.

    Put it out in the open, in the light of day, and let we the people decide what is just and what is not. Shoot! That was one of the most basic principals of our country’s founders; that judges alone can’t be trusted with adminstering justice. It’s the duty, responsibility and priveledge of the people, in the form of a jury, to decide right and wrong. This business of making deals behind closed doors amounts to nothing more than cutting the people out of the loop when it comes to their Constitutional right to hold the dispensation of justice in their own hands.

  10. anon says:

    How come the pets who suffered and died and the people who hemorrhaged tears and money are not having any say in the matter?
    Not so much as a mention in that happy crappy media release.

    And not a single media source is asking for the story from the pet parents side.

    Here is a thought.

    Just how much of the might of the fed, the PFI , the media and the big money old boy network is focused right here, trying to make this “small matter” go away?


  11. Don Earl says:

    RE: “Why?”

    When in doubt, follow the money.

    A tiny handfull of mega media giants control 80% of everything you read, see and hear in this country. In some markets, you can open the newspaper, turn on the radio to listen to the news, open your favorite magazine, turn on the local TV channel, flip to cable AND NEVER GET PAST THE VIEWS OF A SINGLE COMPANY.

    How much money do you suppose that company gets each and every year in ad revenue from Safeway, Kroger, Walmart, Mars, Proctor and Gamble, etc.? The companies connected to the pet food industry in some form or another account for on the order of a quarter trillion dollars a year in combined revenue.

    What if 250,000 pets were killed in a food poisoning epidemic? What if a jury decided the true replacement value of a pet should be determined based on what pet owners have actually paid to clone an identical pet, or what people have offered in reward money for the return of a pet?

    Let’s pick a round number of $50K times a quarter million pets. It comes to $12.5 billion. To get a feel for how much money that is, it’s enough to pay every member of Congress $50 million each. It’s enough to make any FDA inspector rich beyond his wildest dreams of avarice. It’s enough to buy a small city’s worth of judges and class action attorneys, and the city to put them in. It is a LOT of money.

    But, what if you only had to pay each pet owner $500? It would come to $125 million. That too is a lot of money and doesn’t take into account many pet owners spent 10 times that much trying to save their pet’s lives.

    What if you could pay each law firm, representing the plaintiff’s with the best cases, $100K each, and settle with everyone else for $12 million or so? That cuts the $125 mil in half. Spread over a cross section of very big companies, it is little more than pocket change. It would cost them more than that just to make the food safe, and is a wonderful bargain for everyone except the pet owners.

    Of course that kind of set up guarantees it will happen again, but hey, once you have a system for dealing with this sort of thing, it’s just business as usual.

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