Update On New Jersey Shelter Room For One More

Paulie Walnuts

Last week, we posted about Room For One More, an animal shelter in Sparta, New Jersey. They had to vacate their building and find homes for over 100 dogs and cats by June 30 because the city was taking over their building. Here is an update on their status and all of the animals at the shelter:

June 20th:

Great news!! We just signed our rental lease with a new facility and will be moving in June 30th. The animals are safe!

The place is beautiful and the landlord actually makes repairs on the building and is making sure that all the runs are safe for the dogs. This means we won’t have any more injured dogs due to promises of repairs that are not made. He is also doing fencing in the front area, so the dogs have a place to run around and place catch!

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Press release from Room For One More:

June 18th:

We would like to thank all of the people in the local community, the fellow rescue groups that have stepped up to help (Noah’s Ark, Pet Adoption League), all of the people that have donated to help the animals, Highlands Veterinary hospital, our volunteers and staff for all the help and support these past few weeks as we make ready to leave the Aparta location.

Also, to the volunteers of Camden County Animal Shelter who have been keeping the word going around, and offering so much support.

Our Transport drivers who drive the “death row dogs” that come to us for a second chance, the dogs that the township of Sparta doesn’t want us to help. The co-ordinators that help arrange the transports and who get the dogs on the Freedom Train.

All of the donations and support from up and down the east coast from those that care about what happens to this rescue and these animals.

And again especially the local community that have been showing their support and concern. These are your animals, your pets, both present and future.

(Thanks Mary)

3 Responses to “Update On New Jersey Shelter Room For One More”

  1. Kris says:

    I read the article about your demise in the Daily Record today. What you are doing to help the dogs in danger of being euthanized is wonderful, & I applaud you!!! I am so happy to read that you signed a new lease for property. Best of luck to you and all the beautiful creatures you rescue!!!!

  2. danielle says:

    kris…you should read dates more…heres a snippit of what was sent to me regarding this facility.

    Date: May 21, 2009 4:43 PM
    Subject: URGENT - NJ shelter closing, animals need somewhere to go!

    Hey there everyone. This information was sent to me from a friend. This shelter is closing, and they need to find places for all the animals to go, or they will be forced to euthanize them. I myself can’t do anything, but I was hoping some of you on here could possibly arrange a rescue mission for these animals. Some of the cats will be safe (on of my friend’s friends is arranging a convoy to go up and retrieve them) but many more animals still need somewhere to go. If anyone can help, contact the shelter at the e-mail or phone number below.

    A Hopatcong, NJ animal rescue center (Room for One More) will have to close next month and they have 23 dogs, 14 indoor cats and a feral colony of 12 cats. These animals will be euthanized unless homes are found for them by next month. Please send this on to everyone on your e-mail list.

    For information on adopting one of these animals please call Michelle Stymacks at 973-770-6700 or e-mail


  3. Mary says:

    When I saw the piece on the 11:00 news, I was confident that someone–a wonderful landlord–would come forward, but thought I would follow it anyway. So, while I am not surprised at the wonderful news, I am reassured. Ms. Stymacks just got smacked by karma.

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