Update On Zeus The Dog

ZeusLast week, we reported on a story that involved Zeus the dog. He was accused of attacking a Verizon employee inside his owner’s home. After the attack, a judge sentenced Zeus to death.

Now, Zeus may get a second chance. A Sarasota County judge has postponing the killing of Zeus after Zeus’s owner told the court that Completely Canine, a Tennessee dog training facility, is willing to train Zeus to serve in the military or police enforcement. The judge has decided to keep Zeus alive until a July 6 hearing on the matter.

Zeus has remained at Sarasota County Animal Services since the incident.

Source: heraldtribune.com

5 Responses to “Update On Zeus The Dog”

  1. kaefamily says:

    Was the owner in the house at the time of the incident? If s/he was then why would not s/he hold the dog back at the sight of the Verizon employee? We always take a hold of our dog whenever a stranger approaches the house’s entrance door. I will never understand why some people expect their dogs AND children to like everyone and vice versa.

  2. JJ 2 says:

    I really hope things work out favorably for Zeus. He doesn’t deserve to die. He was only protecting his house…that instinct could be channeled positively in a career as a police dog.

  3. SMITH111 says:

    I agree with you JJ 2. He was only protecting as instinct. I also hope that this dog will have a chance to live and be trained to serve as a police dog.

  4. Peggy says:

    Zeus should not be put down. The owner offered to put the dog in another room and the worker said no that he liked dogs and to leave him out he petted the dog and something happened to that made Zeus feel threatened. I know the worker was bit more then one time but he did not need stitches. If that dog was mean and bought up mean the worker would of been alot worse and need medical attention. Zeus never hurt anyone before should be given a second chance to stay with his owner. As it stands right now if he lives he will be sent away to be trained a police dog. I think that is wrong. I know from now on if I have a worker come to my house I will put my dogs in another room no matter what they say. This could happen to anyone.

  5. rebecca says:

    What is the latest on Zeus? I have looked for 2 hours. It is now the 20th of July.

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