Update To The PETA Fashion Police Protest Story

PETA DogHigh heeled boots. Skimpy cop costumes. Tall, leggy blondes. No, I’m not talking about the local strip club. I’m referring to PETA’s Fashion Police Protest that occurred at the Westlake Center yesterday afternoon. Although it seemed more of an attraction for people to gawk, stare, and cat call at the two scantily clad women handing out “tickets” to people that were wearing fur, leather or wool. One man called out his number to the women and another one said it was a treat to see the women dressed like that — I bet. The protesters said that was a great way to raise awareness (I think it sparked another kind of awareness — that people are attracted to women wearing pleather outfits). The protest was brought on by a report that hair from domestic dogs was being used in fur coats being sold at Nordstrom. Later, further tests revealed (even tests done by PETA) that there was no hair from domestic dogs used in the coats (but they still protested anyway). Kudos to the PETA Fashion Police for trying to make people more conscious of pleather.

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