Update to the Story of the Man Mowing Lawns for His Dog’s Hip Surgery

DavidA Michigan man needed $8,000 for his dog’s hip replacement surgery, so he was trying to mow lawns to raise funds for his beloved dog, David. Last week, his story was picked up by newspapers and Itchmo posted it also, and many readers, including many generous Itchmo readers, were touched by the story and donated money for David’s surgery.

By Wednesday of last week, the man had received over 500 phone calls and numerous emails of people wanting to donate and he already had $800 in donations and more was on the way. A man in Iraq donated $200 in honor of his own two dogs. Now, there is one more challenge for the man — last week, when he was mowing a lawn, some grass got stuck in the tractor mower and the mower ended up bucking him off. He now has some cracked bones and is in a lot of pain and needs to take it easy for a little bit. Amidst this challenge, he is still determined and people from all over are still reaching out to him and helping him and David, his best friend.

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3 Responses to “Update to the Story of the Man Mowing Lawns for His Dog’s Hip Surgery”

  1. catherine pierson says:

    just read a comment in the saginaw, michigan newspaper of a reader who called this man and said he and his wife are very nice people and that the man was in tears about his dog david. so, this reader from florida sent his story to oprah and fox news in the hope that he will eventually get enough donations for the surgery. this dog is really a service dog for him as well as a beloved companion.

  2. Mary says:

    Why doesn’t some decent vet(erinarian) offer this at cost to this guy???

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