USDA Says Pork Safe To Eat, But Not Tested For Cyanuric Acid.

USDA announced that pigs that ate melamine-tainted food has been cleared for human consumption. About 56,000 pigs have been affected in several states. However, no tests have been carried out on the affects of cyanuric acid in pork as well as possible affects of interaction with melamine in the body.

The government is still testing fish for affects of melamine-tainted feed. Two firms received the affected feed in the US.

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  1. martin says:

    I wish I wouldn’t have ran across this. I think I’m going to be sick.
    Don’t go here unless you have a strong stomach. I found out I DON’T. This is just wrong.
    Dog eating is considered perfectly acceptable behavior in China, but can usually only be afforded by the wealthy.

  2. JJ says:

    Sorry Martin I apologize for mixing you up. EVERONE Filbert is one stating cost too much money to test food for toxins. Apparently not a pet lover nor pet owner. Could he be from a country where they do not hold pets in the high regard we do in the U.S. Sure sounds like it. Maybe he’s a plant on here to see how much aggravation he can stir up and how many people he can get riled up. Dont let him get to you. Use your pocket book and wallet to get to them who did this in the first place. Do not buy any more chemical loaded, rendered food period–

  3. martin says:


    Glad you didnt think it was me who posted that. My reason for the above post was that you said other counties dont hold pets in high regard as we do in the U.S.
    I really didnt know it was so true as what I found. I’m still sick about what I found and doubt I will be able to eat tonight.

  4. Helen says:

    Martin: They eat cats too. And I saw a film about “cat processing” once I would give ANYTHING not to have seen. I still have an occasional nightmare it was so awful. I will not be following your link on this one. It was many years ago I saw the cat film and I have never been able to get it out of my head.

  5. Sandi K says:

    You got that right JJ!

    In regard to the FDA conference today, I wish we could get Sen Durbin to call Acheson in again and really ask some serious questions that we all have. They arent answering anyones questions, just kind of side-stepping. I want to know why FDA isnt worried about these hogs, chickens and fish who have eaten melamine/melamine compounds, being fed to pets……pets dont just eat packaged pet food, they are fed chicken, pork and fish also……

  6. Kim says:

    Did I miss something? I thought it had already been concluded with past research that melamine was not harmful unless consumed in large doses. Current research led me to believe that it was the prescence of melamine and cyanuric acid that caused kidney problems. So who decided “hey let’s just test for melamine”. After college, I tried to get a government job. However, I could not get one. I concluded at the time that I must not be stupid enough since I did graduate number one. Maybe I was right

  7. martin says:


    I had no idea. I wish I would have seen the first picture. That is all I saw. I couldnt look anymore.

    My thought is: WHY would these companies purchase CRAP from a country that doesnt give a Rat’s A** about pets in the first place? They dont consider them as pets. I am just too grossed out, angry and best I shut up about this right now.

  8. Kiki says:

    Did anyone here actually think that the FDA was going to recall the mela-pork, mela-fish, or mela-chicken????? That was a public display of concern and absolutely nothing more.

  9. Kiki says:

    yep, our pets will be back to being at high risk since they eat the rendered chicken, hogs, and fish…

  10. martin says:

    City of Industry, CA (May 15, 2007) — In light of recent announcements that other pet food companies have recalled some of their products, Nutro wishes to reassure its customers that Nutro’s dry dog and cat foods are safe to feed their pets and that:
    Just received this from Nutro.

    None of Nutro’s dry pet foods are involved in the latest dry pet food recall announcements involving contaminated rice protein from China.
    None of Nutro’s dry dog or cat foods have been involved in any of the melamine related recalls.
    Nutro has never purchased rice protein from Cereal Byproducts, the supplier named in connection with the most recent recall.
    An independent testing laboratory has tested the rice protein used in Nutro’s dry pet foods and no melamine was detected.

    How about the Cynauric Acid Nutro?????????????

  11. martin says:

    Recalls of wet products:
    Nutro Max Last Updated: May 2, 2007
    Nutro Natural Choice Last Updated: May 2, 2007
    Nutro Ultra Last Updated: May 2, 2007
    Nutro Last Updated: May 2, 2007

    Guess all they have is Dry products now. Oh, I feel real safe now.

  12. Deanna says:

    Hi folks!

    I noticed a bit of negativity regarding a fella named “filbert”…………well, I notice that the “System’s Administrator” for the Itchmo Forum is named filbert.

    Don’t know if it’s the same person….but…….

    Anyways, I certainly agree that proper inspection protocols have to take place. If they are this lax in their thinking, and speaking openly about their sense of being over-whelmed due to lack of funds and man-power……my God!!! That’s like an invitation for the Terrorists!……All those lives lost in Iraq, plus 2 billion a week to boot…….and the U.S. is still a sitting Duck!

  13. Dave says:

    I don’t believethe kidneys will end up in sausage, everyone has learned thier lesson. They will be condemned for human consumption and end up in pet food along with all the other diversions from landfill.

  14. ally says:

    Deanna Says:
    May 15th, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    OK then maybe I’m NOT losing my mind. I could’ve sworn when I made my comment way at the beginning of this thread, that filbert’s post originally said the author was “Itchmo”. Just seconds later it changed to “filbert”. I thought I was seeing things…….

    ITCHMO ADMIN: That wasn’t us. :) May have been the admin from our hosting provider.

  15. Steve says:

    Saw this on another board

    “And FYI, The great Whole Foods Market answered my letter about all their organics coming from China, with the usual quality control, organic certification babble. They claim that the US can not meet their clients demand for organics.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what Kim said. When the melamine is reacting with cynauric acid to form crystals that are killers, why wouldn’t they test for the C. acid as well?

    filbert, glad that there are still people out there who are willing to take a bullet for the rest of us. Please, we are just silly gooses, pay no attention. The pork re-entering the market will likely be on sale, and someone has got to be the guinea pig on this one. Let us know in a few years. And thanks for your service to your country on this food safety issue.

  17. Deanna says:



    I just thought I’d share something I had observed……I don’t know too many filberts!!!!

    For anyone that’s interested….on CNN tonite Anderson Cooper’s supposed to be doing a report on the problem with the “bees”. I seen mention of it on here or P.C. (can’t remember….I AM losing my mind!!!) …that there was a problem with poisoned bees or something like that (it was a while back)

    Anyways….Anderson is supposed to be addressing that issue….I’m still waiting haven’t seen anything yet……..lotsa’ talk about Jerry Falwell though……**sighs heavily!**……

  18. TC says:

    Oops, that anonymous post was moi. I forgot to enter my name and email.

  19. TC says:

    Ever since I heard that Einstein quote to the effect of “once bees disappear, humans have less than 4 years left”, I don’t want to hear anything about bees, as it is not something I want to contemplate. I am just hoping that quote isn’t real; though when I read the articles discussing the bee issue, and saw the complexities of how bees have a hand in everything? It made way too much sense to me. And not a thing I can do about it.

  20. Helen says:

    Steve: AUUUUUGHHHH! We are losing family farms by the DAY, and it takes YEARS to get certified organic. It is supporting more American farms to get certification just to buy local stuff that says “grown without chemical additives or pesticides” I HATE WF. Their mission is to kill the local co-op with their global might. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. China indeed.

  21. Helen says:

    Deanna: There are a couple of threads in the forum about the bees and colony collapse disorder. Interestingly, organic bee farmers are not being affected by this.

  22. Helen says:

    PS, I was not slamming anyone who shops at WF. Sometimes it’s the safest place available. Sigh.

  23. Deanna says:

    Thanks Helen!!

    I think I’ll try and hunt for it on the Forum then as Anderson hasn’t said anything yet!

    I just remember seeing something about it a while back, but can’t remember the details!

    Is it the Itchmo forum that it’s on? I’d really like to check it out!

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!


  24. Steve says:

    AUUUUUGHHHH! Alright.

    I’ve learned more about “food” since March 16th then I ever care to know.

    No wonder Corporations and Employers are becoming more and more hesitant to provide Health Insurance anymore. If at all.

  25. Uni says:

    Some random person: Oh my gosh! I just realized I ate ham last night for dinner! You don’t think that counts as a suicide attempt do you?

    Well, depending on where you got the ham and what might be in it…

  26. e wem says:

    Steve, Krogers told me the same thing. that they cannot supply the demand with American raised food. This is hogwash in the greatest food exporter called America.

  27. Sandy says:

    Related Content
    Costco dog food recall information:

    FDA Pet Food Information

    I didn’t know where else to put this …in case nobody knew Kirkland has been recalled

  28. e wem says:

    I already stopped buying pork and chicken because I no longer believe the FDA. I watched the FDA lie one too many times. Why should I assume the meat is not already in the store? Why should I believe the FDA when it says it is safe?

    It is not expensive to test these animals. That is what GOVERNMENT money is for. There was a beef rancher who built his own test lab to test each cow for mad cow so he could qualify to export to Japan, where every single cow is tested.Cattlemen’s associations sued and our government made this man back down.

    Funny how the Japanese can afford to test cows

    A brain biopsy for mad cow would cost $50 per cow. The FDA and the cattlement said that we consumers would not accept that expense. A cow produces 500-700 lbs minimum of meat. The FDA and Cattlement say we will not pay to know a piece of beef does not have mad cow - 10 lousy cents a lb. Add a few more cents to hold the side of beef until the test clears.

    The real reason beef is not tested for mad cow is because some cows WILL fail. Canada has been supplying calves for years

    BTW, if it really was true that America cannot feed itself anymore then we need a Congressional investigation. The government needs to PAY Farmers to grow food for us. We no longer need to pay farmers Not to grow food.

    We also need a new government because the current one sucks big time

    They said they buy gluten from China because it is 20 percent cheaper not because we cannot make gluten. Gluten is only a part of the cost of a can of pet food. The can, water, vitamins, MEAT, etc must have cost something. If gluten was 80 percent of the cost of a can, and American gluten cost 20 percent more, a one dollar can of cat food would cost 16 cents more to use American gluten.

    But ingredients are just part of the cost. There is the can, the factory and labor, utilities, transport etc. I doubt using American made gluten would add a penny a can

    Lying crappers

  29. 5CatMom says:

    e wem says: “We also need a new government because the current one sucks big time”

    Couldn’t agree more. Also, the new government should be LESS GOVERNMENT.

    There are SO MANY governmental departments, agencies, offices, etc., that they can’t do a blasted thing.

    They know nothing, they do nothing.

  30. pat says:

    Helen, melamine was indeed detected in pork meat. this is from the transcript on the usda site:

    “OPERATOR: Next question comes from Carrie Pace Belvert of Sacramento Bee Newspaper.

    Q: What were the actual parts per billion test results on some of this pork meat that tested positive, i.e. over 50.

    DR. PETERSEN: None of the results were over 50, and then one university that was initially involved with the test developments reported a number in the 10 to 12 parts per billion range. So somewhere between 10 to 12, closer to that end of the spectrum, and 50 is quite likely where we may end up at the end of the day but not today. ”

    Please take note of the fact that he said one university came up with 10-12 ppb, but neglected to say what any others reported. If I were cynical, and I am, I would think that he named the *lowest* number found… which would be why they decided that they couldn’t detect below 50 ppb… even though they *did* in fact detect it.

    Arithmetically, it gets more interesting when one looks at the “safety factor”. They start out presuming that they can detect down to 10 ppb, and call that a 2500x safety factor. First off, this presumes that there’s an acceptable level for melamine ingestion, probably based on the EPA assessment. Also, they never actually name a number in ppb that is acceptable… they do this safety factor voodoo instead to confuse the issue.

    Now, my question is, if they were originally thinking that 10 ppb put them in a range of 2500x times the safety factor, does that mean that 10 ppb times 2500, or 25000 parts per billion is an acceptable level of melamine presence with a safety factor of 1?

    Ok, now they’ve revised that number to be more conservative. They’re saying a detectable level is 50 ppm and revised the safety factor down to 250x. This revises the acceptable level to 12,500 ppb, if I’m correct in assuming the method of how they get to that safety factor number, which is a considerable shift.

    The problem with these figures is that at no point do they give an actual number in ppb for an acceptable melamine level, which is troubling. You have to guess at what they’re thinking. Then they further cloud the issue by saying that a 132-lb person would need to eat 800 lbs of food to reach an unacceptable level of contamination. Does this mean that a 10-lb. infant needs to eat 60.6 lbs of food? And what does this mean for small fry fish? I realize it’s apples and oranges, but they’re doing a *lot* of apple and orange reasoning if it lends weight to their argument that food and animal feed is ok.

    The idea that everything a person eats would have to be contaminated above a certain level to be dangerous is absurd. If you eat a melachop that contains 10 ppb melamine, eating something that does not contain melamine does *not* lower your exposure. You still ate the same number of melamine particles.

  31. Helen says:

    Deanna: The bee threads are in News Recall Related, Titled “Honeybee Die-Off” and “Vanishing Honeybees” Links to some very interesting articles on there too.

  32. Helen says:

    Steve, e wem: What those stores MEAN is “We can’t meet the demand our customers have for organic food by paying American farmers a fair price for their organic food. Our profits are WAY bigger when we import cheap so-called organic food from melamine land.”

  33. Deanna says:


    Thank you so much!!!……You’re not kidding about LOTS of great articles! I had absolutely NO idea regarding the extent of this issue! I still have LOTS more to read….just wanted to come back here and thank you for pointing me to the info!


  34. Kathy says:

    Anyone else think the reason they’re not testing for cyanuric acid is maybe just maybe that it’s being added right here in the good old USA?
    That would wure explain how they knew to look for melamine in the first place, cyanuric can legally be added, and they could jump right on the melamine to smoke-screen the fact that their own financial supporters are adding it in the first place!

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