Van Stolen From Seattle Animal Rescue Operation


Animal Talk Rescue, a Seattle pet store and animal rescue organization, has been really unlucky this past year. Last October, someone broke into their building, ransacked the store, let out and stole some animals, and stomped some of the smaller animals to death. No one was ever caught for the crime.

Now, someone has stolen the organization’s van that they use to transport the animals to the vet. When an employee was preparing to load up the van with some cats, someone entered the building, grabbed the keys off the counter and stole the van.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s so stupid, because it doesn’t hurt me as much as it hurts the animals,” said Missy Young, Animal Talk Rescue. “The ones paying for it, paying for it with their lives are the animals,” said Young.

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The stolen van is a light blue 1993 Chrysler mini van with a Washington state license plate “ANML TLK”. The van has a bumper sticker on the back that says “”.

“What she’s doing is such a hard job, and it just makes me cry to think about it, you know?” said Maggie Maxum, store supporter, during last October’s attack.

“Just bring my van back so that we can keep doing what we’re doing,” said Young.

For now, the shelter is using a volunteer’s loaner van. They couldn’t operate without it. Tuesday morning, they have to transport some 30 cats to the vet’s office.

Pictured: Ruby who is up for adoption at Animal Talk Rescue.

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4 Responses to “Van Stolen From Seattle Animal Rescue Operation”

  1. JJ 2 says:

    The scum that vandalized the shelter, stole and stomped the animals to death (those little victims were probably kittens, too…only a pathetic loser coward would hurt a kitten!) should not be allowed to walk this earth free…they should rot in jail. It’s getting to the point that animal shelters are going to need armed security guards at night to protect the poor animals from the predatory, sadistic filth that walks the streets. They’ll probably have to be outfitted with security cameras, visible and hidden, too. The fines paid by criminals convicted of animal cruelty should be increased to cover the cost. The reason these hideous crimes are so common is that laws don’t have enough teeth to bring severe punishment, which would be a deterrent. If a bunch of sick kids looking for kicks knew they’d be going to prison for the rest of their lives, they’d think twice.

  2. Traci says:

    Thanks Itchmo for putting this up.

    Gwendolen was me, my handle on my yahoo.mail account.

    Something not mentioned by the news is that the person must have been noting Missy’s habits for awhile since they came in to grab the keys off the counter where she had a habit to set them when the pet store part of Animal Talk wasn’t even open and people were probably in back taking care of cats at that time.

    She tells me she WILL put cameras in now as part of the security–so sad she has to have all that security to begin with.

    All the fosters coming in on Sunday got their spay and neuters thanks to another volunteer lending her air-conditioned in the back van to Missy for this time.


    JJ2, the animals who were stomped to death were small rodents. Cats in the front area cages (they ignored the cats in the back crate and quarantine rooms) where pulled out and dropped kicked (our vet determined that injuries, which thankfully healed, had to be caused by that action. They let those cats loose then on the rodents who weren’t already stepped on (they had just overturned the rodents cages in the front area, most of the rodents were found). Luckily we really didn’t have many kittens (none very young and none in the front) as I recall since it was last October and after kitten season.

    The original motive appears to have been the theft of valuable breeding reptiles including the rescue’s iguana (they broke the large glass (cage). They knew what reptiles to steal (how to sex them, and which were valuable breeders). That brings to question how chronologically old they were (kids or adults).

    So far no one has been caught.

  3. JJ 2 says:

    I’m really glad no kittens were hurt but I still feel terrible for the poor rodents that were stomped. It’s good to know, though, that the cats either escaped harm or have recovered. I sure hope the police catch the perpetrators. People like Missy are heroes, and I really admire them.

  4. Traci says:

    “People like Missy are heroes, and I really admire them.”

    I will pass that on :)

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