Vanessa Williams Talks About When Her Dog Went Missing

Vanessa Williams

This past Memorial Day, Vanessa Williams, Grammy Award winner and actress on “Ugly Betty”, returned from a trip and found her dog, Enzo, missing from her New York home.

Williams was certain that her Yorkshire Terrier was stolen. She contacted police and she even did interviews asking for the safe return of Enzo and promising that charges would not be pressed. Eight days later, Enzo was found in Connecticut.

Enzo was fine and doing well, but the ordeal was horrible for Williams and her family. Williams said, “It was like a death in the family. We were heartbroken. Between praying, putting up posters, searching the neighborhood and searching the Internet –- the anguish was remarkable.”

For more information, visit Steve Dale’s Pet World.

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4 Responses to “Vanessa Williams Talks About When Her Dog Went Missing”

  1. kaefamily says:

    Rich or poor. Famous or not. A caring and loving dog owner feel the heart wrenching pain when her/his beloved pet is lost.

  2. NH says:

    Good thing Vanessa wasn’t dealing with Verizon. She’d never get her dog back!

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    I am so happy to see that little Enzo is as loved as my doggies! Good job Vanessa! I love you on Ugly Betty!!!!!

  4. E says:


    When did the ludicrous term “went missing” replace the perfectly good word “disappeared”?!

    In any event, I am SO glad she got her dog back. I would be heartbroken if my cats disappeared.

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