Vet Extracts Toy Lizard From Inside Real Pet Lizard


Finley Collins, age 7, thought her pet lizard was giving birth to a baby lizard. But as science tells us, lizards do not have babies; they have eggs.

Mushu, a 12-inch bearded dragon, was taken to the animal hospital, after her family noticed there was something protruding from beneath her tail. Finley was certain that her pet was pregnant and she was about to deliver a baby lizard.

Well, in fact, Mushu did have a lizard inside of her.

John Rossi, the veterinarian, sedated Mushu and found something that he had never seen in his 21 years of practice.

“The next thing I knew, I was seeing legs and a body and a head,” he said. “It was very strange to be tugging on this thing.”

Rossi began to see legs belonging to a rubber lizard inside of Mushu’s body, and he realized what he was dealing with. He pulled a 7-inch rubber lizard out from her body. And everyone simply started laughing.

The veterinarian said the toy lizard passed through Mushu’s entire gastrointestinal tract.

Mushu had swallowed the toy lizard that was placed in her playpen to be her companion. Instead of playing with her friend, she decided to eat it.

Rossi said he has seen bearded dragons swallow suction cups, screw, and dimes, but not rubber lizards. He did not X-ray Mushu beforehand because he thought she had swallowed a long, rubbery worm. Bearded dragons, a variety of Australian lizards, are sometimes known to attack smaller species of lizard.

He warns pet owners to be careful of what is given to a pet to play with.

Rossi said he would call this incident of a swallowed lizard lizardus rubberi. He joked that Mushu the mother lizard is resting at home following her delivery. And Baby Mushuette remains at the animal hospital under watchful care.

Source: Florida Times Union

5 Responses to “Vet Extracts Toy Lizard From Inside Real Pet Lizard”

  1. mittens says:

    ok , was this lizard drinking with that guy who swallowed the poisonous snake? it’s “‘ girls’ gone wild, reptile edition”…

  2. Furbabies says:

    Parents: A cautionary tale. Watch what your little kiddies are up to. This could have very easily be a tragic story, not a funny one. If they are going to have pets, be sure that they are familiar with the requirements of that particular animal. If they had been educated beforehand they would have known that this breed of lizard ATE small lizards, not enjoyed their company. Bottom line, know your pets before purchasing and have all the necessary items for their needs.

  3. Bridgett says:

    Any self-respecting lizard would have been mistaken.

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  5. CORNELIA says:

    Dealing with a pet should be fairly well.A owner will be knowing the good and bad of his pet.He can identify easily when his pet falls sick.If that is the stage its better of dealing with vetinstead of we handling it ,to get it cured at the best.

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