Vet Makes House Calls To See Your Pet


You hate it. Your dog or cat is terrified of it. The whole experience is so stressful. Taking your pet to the vet is just plain dreadful. (If you don’t know what this is like because your pet is happy going to the vet, consider yourself extremely lucky. The rest of us have to drag, carry, or push our pets inside the door.)

This vet makes house calls, so pets don’t have to go through the trauma of going to the “bad people that poke me, put things in my ear and make me sit on that cold table.”

Veterinarian Lisa McIntyre of Naperville, Illinois has offered in-home animal care to much of the Chicago suburbs since May.

For many of her customers, both human and animal, a checkup becomes a less stressful event.

One of her patients, Luke, has definitely taken advantage of these house calls. Luke’s owner said that he used to be a “bucking bronco” when he had to go to the vet’s office. To restrain this 6-year-old Weimaraner, anesthesia was sometimes needed. Due to that extra cost, visits became expensive and would total up to $400 each time.

Now with the house calls, Luke is patient and passive, and he can now have more regular check ups on his health.

From Chicago Suburban News:

By going into the home environment, she can gain valuable insight into the animals habits: what it is being fed — or conversely — what it is eating that it shouldn’t be.

And the stress-free environment has its medicinal benefits as well. Cats, especially indoor ones, don’t take to stress well, McIntyre said, and the exertion can leave some felines with a racing heart, complicating the examination.

“I don’t know if it is stress induced or if the animal has a serious medical condition,” she said.

Working out of a mini-van that is stocked like an animal’s Walgreens, McIntyre said she is as capable as any vet’s office.

“Most things — other than X-rays and surgery — we can do,” she said.

One of the more often requested services McIntyre has performed has been euthanasia for older animals. She’s found many owners would prefer to spend the final moments with their pet in a familiar place, rather than in a vet’s office.

McIntyre recalled one such appointment for an elderly dog earlier this month. She conducted the procedure on the front lawn, under the warm summer sun.

“The whole thing was very peaceful for the dog and the owner,” she said. “It’s helpful for the grieving process.”

6 Responses to “Vet Makes House Calls To See Your Pet”

  1. Robert Davis says:

    A good Mobile Vet in the Minneapolis, MN area is Dr. Fisher of House Paws Mobile Vet Care….

    My senior shepherd hates vets but is much calmer with a home visit.

  2. mittens says:

    if you live in the new england area AHouseCallVet is the best-dr. lipton. i have one torbie i absolutely cannot get to the vet- it’s like juggling razor blades to get her in and out of the carrier. thank god for the house call vet. miss torbie is hyperthyroid , 20 years old and i was always expecting her to have a heart attack on the way to the vet. no more. she’s so old that the stress of the car was more detrimetal then not going to the doctor.

    i would also highly suggest that if you have a dear pet you need to let go, to euthanize, a mobile vet can make all the difference. i just had my crf failure tabby go and dr. lipton rearrange her schedule to come to my house- and it was perfect. my baby died in my lap surrrounded by the familar and her friends. the dr. was the best choice to- so calming and caring. she even asked if i had someone to talk to and would be ok before she left.

  3. Robert Davis says:

    Hi Mittens….I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. You are so right about having a home vet. This is one of the reasons I have one as well, unless of course it is an emergency, like my german shep that died in 2005 from cancer. I thought he had bloat but it was cancer and he was bleeding internally. Home vets are perfect to allow for the safe environment a family members needs to pass on to the other side.

    Take Care.

  4. mittens says:

    robert- thank you

    one of the reasons i can’t fathom cruelty to animals is that watching my cat suffer tore me apart-imagining anyone enjoying another creature’s suffering…

    i’m so glad i lknew about the mobile vet-my last 3 cats to go on died at home. for me i wanted the same for her- and i knew she was miserable after 4 days in the hospital. going back to die-i just couldn’t do it.

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  6. Nancy says:

    Do you cover the Bellwood area in western cook county.

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