Symptoms Of Affected Dogs From Jerky Treats Compared To Fanconi Syndrome

The cases of dogs becoming ill after eating jerky treats made in China continue to be investigated. The American Veterinary Medical Association, the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine are all analyzing the cases of affected dogs.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

Richard Goldstein, a veterinary kidney specialist and professor at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, said the dogs are showing symptoms that a typical animal hospital may see once or twice a year. He described them as “Fanconi-like syndrome” symptoms.

Goldstein added that suddenly, veterinarians have seen three cases in a week. Based on tests of affected dogs, there has been damage to a specific area of the dog’s kidneys.

Fanconi’s syndrome is an inherited disease that affects the kidney’s ability to function. The proximal renal tubules of the kidney do not properly reabsorb electrolytes and nutrients back into the body. This disorder affects 10% or more of Basenjis. Norwegian elkhounds, Shetland sheepdogs, and Schnauzers are also predisposed to this disease.

The FDA is testing various samples of pet jerky treats for contaminants, but so far, the agency has not detected any toxins.

Kurt Gallagher, a spokesman for the Pet Food Institute, said they were not aware of any problems with dog or cat treats.

Source: USA Today

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  1. purringfur says:

    More info on Fanconi’s Syndrome:

    Fanconi’s Syndrome in Dogs

    Fanconi’s syndrome is an inherited disease that affects the proximal renal tubule and causes abnormalities in sodium, glucose, calcium, phosphate and amino acid retention, sometimes leading to fatal disturbances in acid-base balance.1,2,3 The disease can also be mimicked by certain toxins and drugs that affect the proximal renal tubule and interrupt normal functioning.4,5


  2. Carol says:

    I am thrilled to see the vet associations mentioned above seem to be taking this much more seriously than the FDA and PFI. Maybe we’ll get to the root of the problem soon before we lose more beloved pets. I do plan on getting some boneless chix breasts today, cook them and then cube them and put in freezer for my guys’ treats from now on. I just wish the PFI took a more aggressive approach. It seems they still think any complaints about pet food problems are just from “hysterical pet parents”. They should remember this old saying—-Once bitten, twice shy.

  3. Carol says:

    I am eagerly awaiting a meeting tomorrow night here in Rhode Island when the RI Vet Med Society is having a public forum on the pet food recall and there will be the vet that took care of my 2 ARF cats (an internal medicine vet), a vet nutrionist from Mass and a person from Cornell on the panel. and of course I will be there—–anybody got questions they want me to ask—the second half of the forum is a qustion and answer session!

  4. purringfur says:

    “Gonto” Treatment Protocol for Fanconi’s Syndrome

    Pet owners whose pets may be affected with the syndrome could suggest their vet consider following the Gonto Protocol:

  5. Pukanuba says:

    “Kurt Gallagher, a spokesman for the Pet Food Institute, said they were not aware of any problems with dog or cat treats.”

    Excuse me? Not that this comes as a complete surprise……spin spin spin & cover-up is the name of the game for the PFI & all those useless yokels within it. They wouldn’t know a toxin in pet food if it bit them in the a$$…….especially when it comes to all their rich & powerful buddies in the pf industry. The more you lie & cover up, the more you’ll get in your bonus this year. So that means everyone in the PFI will get a huge bonus……

  6. Carol says:

    I completely lost what respect I had for the PFI when they were the ones to go “in place of Menu Foods” to the Senate hearing (the first hearing). I did not feel that was the right thing to do as I wanted to know why the PFI did not want to hear from MF also! I was very misinformed then about the connections to all these organizations. It will be hard for me to ever truly believe that the PFI is about the animals!

  7. nora says:


  8. 5CatMom says:

    “Kurt Gallagher, a spokesman for the Pet Food Institute, said they were not aware of any problems with dog or cat treats.”

    Kurt should log onto ITCHMO occasionally, then he’d learn what’s killing pets.

    Itchmo, what do you think? Is the PFI logging on?

  9. Louie W. says:

    For now, I’m not buying the “inherited disease” theory.

    The experts first need to eliminate the possible “contaminated food” theory.

    What’s needed here is a logical approach to solving this problem, and that won’t come from the FDA.

  10. purringfur says:

    Did my 3rd comment get lost?

  11. Don Earl says:

    When were problems with these treats first reported? About a month ago?

    And no one has a clue what’s causing the problem?

    Would we be this helpless if our food supply was attacked by enemies?

    That’s scary. It would appear all it would take to kill every man, woman and child in the country is to poison the food supply.

    Why should it take more than 24 hours to identify a threat from ANY food item?

  12. Cathy says:

    “Goldstein added that suddenly, veterinarians have seen three cases in a week. Based on tests of affected dogs, there has been damage to a specific area of the dog’s kidneys.”

    I’m sure it’s unlikely that “suddenly” three dogs showed up with an inherited disease all in the same week. I’ll bet next week, “suddenly”, we’ll hear that more treats are being recalled. It’s just a shame that this news is not being more widely publicized. How many more dogs have to get sick before these greedy jacka$$es are held accountable?

  13. Louie W. says:

    “The FDA is testing various samples of pet jerky treats for contaminants, but so far, the agency has not detected any toxins”

    Not likely that they will, either, with the PFI standing over their shoulder.

    Remember: What gets rewarded, get done. The FDA is being rewarded for NOT finding the toxins.

    Rather than waste tax dollars, the FDA should send the samples to Expertox.

    The reason Expertox finds toxins (while the FDA and other labs don’t) is because they’re not biased toward NOT finding toxins.

  14. purringfur says:

    Referring to Fanconi’s Syndrome: “The disease CAN ALSO BE MIMICKED BY CERTAIN TOXINS and DRUGS that affect the proximal renal tubule and interrupt normal functioning.4,5″

    “The ACQUIRED FORM OF FANCON’S SYNDROME can be caused by HEAVY METAL POISONING (LEAD, MERCURY, CADMIUM AND URANIUM). Drugs such as a gentamicin,5 cephalosporins, outdated tetracycline, cisplatin, and streptozotocin can cause proximal renal tubule resorption abnormalities.4 CHEMICALS such as Lysol® and maleic acid also have been reported to cause the syndrome.4 Renal cystic disease and neoplasia,3 including multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathies, also have been found to cause acquired Fanconi’s syndrome.4″
    [Capital letters are mine.]

    For those pet owners whose pets may be affected, ask your vet to look into the “Gonto Protocol.” - article by Steve Gonto (”Fanconi Disease Management Protocol for Veterinarians”)

  15. Louie W. says:


    To solve a problem, you need to gather data about it, and determine what are it’s characteristics.

    One of the obvious characteristics is “numbers affected”.

    See if you can pursuade them to form a group who job it is to quantify (count) the number and symptoms of reported, or suspected cases, including those that are anecdotal.

    Some of the EXPERTS need to make a real commitment here and develop a PROACTIVE approach. Once committed, experts SHOULD know how to proceed.

    As someone else wrote: This is the Pet Food Recall, Phase 2

    Good luck.

  16. Louie W. says:

    Another more simple approach, is to get on a plane and GO THERE.

    Go to the company where the treats are being made, and inspect the factory.

    I suspect the problem will be obvious.

  17. highnote says:

    Purring fur I think you got something there. Outdated tylenol. Acetaminophen in the tylenol that was outdated.. Maybe that is China’s way to get rid of old outdated products. Heaven knows what could be in the pet treats..
    Surely they know that there has to be something wrong here. They should keep testing the products till they find the answer and not stop.

  18. menusux says:

    Have been asked to make mention of this from Itchmo Forums on the blog–hope this is the right place, as it’s the most current story we have re: Chinese jerky treats.

    Went over the FDA Import Alert for Salmonella detention list once again. Found another added twist to all of this. This company is in Brazil and is listed as shipping from Brazil, but they actually get their chicken breasts from China:

    IMS Brazil Ltda. 7/25/05 Chicken Breast Dog Treats
    Hugo Metz 222 72B[][]02
    Estancia Vehla 72B[][]99
    Rio Grande do Sul 70Y[][]99
    FEI# 3002486817

    *Product distributed by this firm is manufactured by Jiujiang Huaheng
    Leather & Plastic Co, Ltda., China

    Have no idea whether the product is labeled as being from Brazil or China–here’s the Chinese producer, and they are on the Salmonella detention list under the China heading:

    Jiujiang Huaheng Leather 7/25/05 Chicken Breast Dog Treats
    & Plastic Co., Ltd. 72B[][]02
    North Area Ruichang 72B[][]99
    Golden Industry District 70Y[][]99
    Jiujiang (City)
    Jiangxi (Province)
    FEI# 3004332793

    We’ve been keeping a running list of Jerky treats known to be made in China on an Itchmo Forums thread, so if you’re looking for something specific or have another to add to our list, here’s where you can find it at Forums:

  19. 5CatMom says:

    From Purringfur’s comment,

    “The disease can also be mimicked by certain toxins and drugs that affect the proximal renal tubule and interrupt normal functioning”

    That’s interesting. One of the substances mentioned in the link is malic acid.

    Drug researchers are trying to develop a medication for fibromyalgia that uses malic acid, acetaminophen and other ingredients.

  20. Carol says:

    It sure is a red flag when a condition shows itself under “normal” times once, twice or three a year and then is seen three times a week as this is at least a 5200% increase I believe (if my math memory brain works) so if this isn’t looked into by the powers that be, we can all just stay under our covers!!

  21. 5CatMom says:

    Forgot to add,

    Drug research is another one of those human activities that creates waste materials. The waste products go SOMEWHERE.

    Where do they go?

  22. trueanonymous says:

    WELL SAID: The reason Expertox finds toxins (while the FDA and other labs don’t) is because they’re not biased toward NOT finding toxins.

    pfur, great sleuthing.

    i don’t see the acetometaphin link, but certainly the heavy metals.
    outdated drugs? seems like a stretch but the metals are cetainly enough to X these products off the list forever.

    MENUSUX: tks for your great input as well

  23. straybaby says:

    i was just getting ready to ask if they are checking the treats for heavy metals. if you look at them, they have a grid pattern that looks like they were pressed in metal while drying. the moisture in the treats could have leeched the metals into the treats, and it stayed in even after the moisture was gone. saliva would releech the metals i would think . . . .

  24. 5CatMom says:

    This is the contaminated pet food/treats via recalled human drug products theory (a work in progress):

    The acetaminophen link:

    Some pet foods = sick pets (kidney’s affected) = acetaminophen a possibility.

    Some pet treats = sick pets (kidney’s affected) = unknown toxin, malic acid a possibility (see Purringfur’s post/link).

    Acetaminophen and malic acid = Nutrasweet. (chewables, more research needed on liquid)

    Nutrasweet = Monsanto = Operations in China.

    Nutrasweet = Children’s liquid pain medicine

    Children’s liquid pain medicine recalled.
    (more research needed here)

    What happens to recalled products, or products still in the manufacturing pipeline?

    I’m still working on this, so don’t go “blooey”.

    LOL. Just thinking out loud here.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wild horses killed by nitrate contamination:

    Itchmo Admin: The name of the last person to post is showing up in the “name” field under “Leave a Reply”.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Anonymous, thanks for the heads-up. We have been aware of this issue and we are looking into the problem.

  26. thomas says:

    Fivecatmom I recently spoke with a drug rep. from a major company. I asked what they do with recalled drugs etc. in this country. She said they were put into an oven and burned. She also stated if she has to take a drug she only uses those manufactrured in this country.

    I have to wonder what other countries do with recalled drugs? Do they just throw them in the mixer for any food product they are making?

  27. Katie says:


    I hope you write a post about what was said at the meeting - sounds really interesting. You are so fortunate to have a group willing to sit down with the public.

    If questions are asked: I would be interested in what they are seeing as lingering effects in the surviving cats and dogs. Any unusual conditions, stomach or intestinal. Have there been increases in cancer. Are these animals now more prone to disease.

    You all are great! I’ve been gone for a couple of days, and can’t believe everything that is happening!


  28. 5CatMom says:


    Good for you for asking her, and I’m not saying it didn’t happen as the drug rep. says. But did you ask her if she witnessed the destruction?

    I recently contacted a company that was affected by a human drug recall. The collection and removal was handled by a company they hired for that purpose, and the collection/removal company hired another company to perform the physical destruction.

    The recalling company didn’t want the tainted product back in their warehouse due to risk of a mixup.

    What came back to the recalling company was a piece of paper that they could put in their files for the FDA inspector.

    At least that’s how the process was described to me. I’m not certain that the FDA requires that the recalling company be present, so this may be a weakness in the system.

    Let’s hope that ethical companies ARE involved in the process, but there may be some opportunities for human error, IMHO.

  29. Carol says:

    Katie, I sure will post what is talked about—I am as interested in the long term effects as you are. My vet is the best!!! He said not to euthanize the first kitty Jessica when I took her in Feb 12th as he thought what was wrong might be reversible as it came on fast and then the same when Smudge got sick. He was so right!!! He is an internal medicine specialist so my cats had the best from the beginning and he is one of the vets that is NOT AGAINST home cooking!!!! He was already treating my golden for cancer so when the bill kept rising, he said let’s take care of the animals and worry about the bill later….He is the best in my eyes for also talking about this disaster!!!

  30. Carol says:

    Katie, I am not sure how to get the posting of the meeting on here for you to see who else is speaking so if you google “RI public forum pet food recall” you’ll see it ( I don’t understand copyright and alll that so I’m afraid to cut and paste!) I’m a computer newbie!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Carole- have your vet cloned. We could use a lot more like him. Big thumbs up to people like him in time of crisis.

    5CatMom- good job researching. Keep it up guys. As always, thank you Menusux, Don and everyone for keeping on track.

  32. Kathy says:

    If it were not from Dr. Gonto my dog would be dead.
    My dog used to love the Smokehouse Chicken Breast Tenders and I gave them to her thinking they were ok because they were “supposedly” 100% chicken/natural, etc… I don’t believe any labels anymore. Anyway, my 2 1/2 year old Maltese has Fanconi Syndrome - diagnosed about two months ago. I caught it early because I am an overprotective “Mom”. Dr. Gonto told me what to do and almost immediately she felt better and was back to her old self. Thank goodness my regular vet was open and willing to do what Dr. Gonto was telling him to do - saved her life.

  33. Tribyrd says:

    Did your dog have a high BUN? My 11 month old was diagnosed in June. Is your dog still on sodiium bicarbonate? Mine had a very high BUN–we go back for repeat blood gases in a couple of weeks. She is acting fine now, but still on Dr Gonto’s supplements.

  34. e wem says:

    *Product distributed by this firm is manufactured by Jiujiang Huaheng
    Leather & Plastic Co, Ltda., China”

    menusux, great information. This reminds me of a 2005 article I saved about chicken in China being fed the ground leather scraps from leather factories
    from the article:

    “In addition, Mr. Liang, who works in the leather industry, also revealed a terrible story about using leather waste products as feed for fish, chicken and pig farms in China. He said that the leather production process uses many chemicals, and a large amount of leftover bits and pieces of material would be cut and discarded. “In mainland China, some people only collect these waste materials and grind them to powder, then mix them with millet and salt powders and sell them as feed materials.” One such factory he knew of was the Hong Kong Fur and Leather Factory in Northeastern China, Mr. Liang said. ”

    Meanwhile, I feed my cats Kumpi dry food and homemade. I have been giving them a bit of Brandon Farms Organics dry which is supposed to be locally made. Krogers just came out with Brandon Farms Naturals Adult Cat Formula and I just tried it on my cats. They threw up like crazy. This Naturals has a lot of the familiar ingredients, fish meal, rice bran etc. I now worry it contains foreign ingredients so my cats are staying with Kumpi.

    Has anyone else had trouble with the new Brandon Farms Natural Adult Formula?

    You folk are right - homemade is best. I found a source of Amish raised chicken and beef and hope these guys arent buying Chinese ingredients too. It sure tastes better and it is the first ground beef my cats desire to eat

    This Food Fraud SUX big time

  35. e wem says:

    I grew up in an era when cats got canned ground fish factory slops, mainly heads. I remember they had a lot of soft stools and diarrhea from that smelly food, but I never saw a cat throw up once in all those years. My mother recalls how cats were considered to have very long life spans, unless they were run over, killed by a dog or other accidents due to curiosity.

    How things have changed. This is not right and the animals are being poisoned

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