Veterinarian Finishes Surgery On Dog Outside After Fire

FireA major fire broke out at the Jasmine Veterinary Clinic Thursday afternoon while a veterinarian was performing spay surgery on a dog.

Mark Jasmine, the veterinarian, was in the middle of an operation when he heard his son alerting him of a fire in the building. His family, who lives upstairs in the apartment above the clinic, was able to get out safely.

In the clinic, there were two animals inside: the dog that Jasmine was performing surgery on, and a cat. Jasmine ran out with the dog and put him in the car, and then he ran back inside the clinic to rescue the cat, and put the cat in another car.

He then finished up the spay surgery on the dog outside while firefighters were taming the flames.

No one was injured in the fire.

Sources: WTAE, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

4 Responses to “Veterinarian Finishes Surgery On Dog Outside After Fire”

  1. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Wow. Amazing!

    I’m very impressed that he was able to stay calm enough to finish the spay surgery and keep that dog alive, AND save the cat too!

    That’s awesome! +8,532,297,195 positive karma points for you, Dr. Jasmine!

  2. NH says:

    What a great doctor!

  3. Lynn says:


  4. Jenny Bark says:

    I don’t know this vet or where he is at in Pittsburgh but boy do I think he is one great guy. I would trust my babies with him, if I already didn’t have a good one. I’m going to find out where he is going to keep practing at. Great job doc..

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