Vice President Of Pet Food Institute Continues To Defend Importing Ingredients

Open mouth and insert foot. That’s what Nancy Cook, vice president for technical and regulatory affairs for the Pet Food Institute, seems to be doing these days. Earlier this week, we posted about Cook and her statement that US must walk a tightrope with China because they are our largest growing supplier of ingredients.

In a local newspaper, Cook continues to make statements about importing. She said that most pet food and treats are made and travel within a particular region of the US and stated “You’re not going to bring ingredients across country if you can help it.”

She then stated that much of pet food ingredients are imported because the U.S. does not produce enough of the ingredients domestically.

Cook also said that one negative about using organic ingredients in mass production is that they are not produced in large enough quantity to replace what manufacturers are currently using.

She added that ingredients in pet food and treats are formulated to make a “complete and balanced diet.” Chemical names are listed on labels because it is required and they are the scientific names of the ingredients.

Source: Kane County Chronicle

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23 Responses to “Vice President Of Pet Food Institute Continues To Defend Importing Ingredients”

  1. Carol says:

    Nancy Nutjob should be Nancy Nojob!!

  2. Carol says:

    I also don’t recall reading melamine and acetaminophen on my cat food label–complete and balanced!

  3. kaefamily says:

    “She then stated that much of pet food ingredients are imported because the U.S. does not produce enough of the ingredients domestically.”
    What she is really saying without admitting: It’s not that we are incapable; we don’t want because the profit margin is not astronomical to cover the CEOs’ base salaries. Not even after offering the substandard living wages to the U.S. workers!

  4. Rose says:

    THe fet food industry will find out when consumers start choosing made in USA products above the imports. Consumer trend is already starting to shift towards safety being reason for choice above that of price!

  5. straybaby says:

    ““You’re not going to bring ingredients across country if you can help it.”

    A large amount of pet food ingredients are imported, Cook said, because the U.S. does not produce enough of them domestically.”

    okay . . .doesn’t make sense to move ingredients around the country, but it does make sense to import from china?! got it.

  6. kathy says:

    It makes more sense to move ingredients back around the world, after we already grew them and shipped them to China??????? Am I missing something??? This woman really is crazy–is she gorgeous or something? Is this a new species of shrub? I am baffled!

  7. Katie says:

    Interesting…so it makes more sense to move ingredients across the ocean than sending it from Ohio to Florida or Texas to Maine? Who is she kidding???

    And my dog food labels didn’t say; melamine, cyanuric acid, acetominophen, styrofoam ( oh! maybe that’s what she means…they used the chemical name!) or what other poisons might be in there on any given day.

    PFI, gotta love them! they just keep sticking their foot in their mouth. They must think we are all ignorant.

    kathy: I love it! “is this a new species of shrub”


  8. Sandi K says:

    If you do a search on the Internet, you will find that Nancy K Cook has been involved in tons of meetings, conferences and committees trying to prevent any change to imported ingredients going as far back as 2004, probably earlier than that also. I would say that she is one of the problems and the more we can do to help her lose her job, the better for our pets. She has been one busy woman, meetings with OMB, AAFCO, FDA to name a few and her name is listed under all these advisors also.

    Meeting Record Regarding: Substances Prohibited From Use in Animal Food or Feed
    Date: 8/26/2005

    Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade









    All I can say is God help our pets.

  9. catmom5 says:

    Sounds like this lady has a vested interest in imports, huh? How can she believe that we are stupid enough to believe a word of what she is saying? Hopefully enough people will catch on to her “logic” and find her another job. Hey, with her experience with imports, maybe she could clean out the vats where they create the toxic . . . er, nutritious, delicious foods for our pets. DISGUSTING

  10. Pukanuba says:

    Another one finger salute to Nancy the Fool (actually had another name in mind but can’t post it here). She must be having an affair with one of the owners of the manufacturers of poison in China……or he’s paying her off big time. Who is this moron anyway? I thought most women had a lot of heart when it comes to animals……she has a lot of something but it ain’t heart.

    Let’s throw her off the train & make a movie “Throw Nancy Off The Train”…….let’s throw some of that yummy pouched food off the train with her so she’ll have some munchies in the desert where we leave her……good riddance, you big bag of wind. Maybe Duane-o would be interested in a nice train ride…….

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    Great, She sounds just like Bush. doesn’t know which end is up.

  12. MaineMom says:

    Checked my dictionary. She is not a shrub - she is a locoweed - a plant causing severe poisoning when eaten!

    As Rose pointed out above, many of us are spending a lot more for organic and local produce, meat and prepared foods since March for ourselves and our pets. The smart retailers like Safeway, Raleys, Nugget and Whole Foods caught on fast, and pushed their suppliers and manufacturers. So when will the PFI wise up?

  13. furmom says:

    Well it may all be a moot point, imports from China. I heard on the news today that China has a very serious shortage of fuel. They had many gas stations that were shut down, truckers couldn’t transport, their economy could end up being literally brought to its knees if they can’t solve their fuel supply problems. North america is so overly reliant on Chinese products, we could have a problem getting all the things we use everyday. We are quickly losing our ability to supply our own needs. Unless the whole thing is reversed and NA goes back to supplying more of their own stuff.

  14. Jenny Bark says:

    Furmom, I haven’t heard about this. I know that it would be very hard on us Americans but I can’t help think that in the end it would be very good for us. First Nancy Cook wouldn’t matter to anybody anymore. Imo more & more people are going to be laid off pretty soon so instead America would be creating jobs. People might be able to save their homes. Instead of familys going in all different directions they would be spending more time together. More people would be home feeding their babies & etc., etc & etc.. American people are tuff & smart & can handle the hard times & come out winners. I know I’m dreaming because the way things are going our govt will send them all the oil we have & let our people be cold & hungry but I can dream anyhow.

  15. pat says:

    the american farmer is capable of producing everything we need, if the demand is there and they’re paid a reasonable price for their produce. the american manufacturer is also capable of meeting our needs, if the demand is there and they’re not trying to compete with nations whose goods are created with inferior materials and slave-wage labor. we all know why corporate entities and the associations that represent them want us to believe otherwise. too bad for them, my memory isn’t that short. within my lifetime, we managed to get along quite well without chinese goods, thank you very much. we can do it again. we *should* do it again, and right now, before we’re entirely at the mercy of forces that are completely beyond our control.

  16. Sharon says:

    I’m from Iowa. Farmer’s can’t make a living because of Chinese imports. Just like manufacturing jobs that have been sent overseas. Our government has sold out and made it more profitable for corporations to screw Americans in every possible way in order to make obscene amounts of money. The latest Iowa town destroyed by this is Newton. Maytag appliances will be made in China from now on. How dependable do y’all think they will be? They will now be worthless pieces of crap like everything else made there. I would love to move back home to Iowa but there are no jobs there. Thank you George Bush, hope you enjoy the sporting event tickets the Chinese president gave you. What price has America paid for what you have done to us? Do you think Nancy will get a government job soon? I’m thinking she’ll be appointed as Food Safety Czar.

  17. Sandi K says:

    Sharon, Nancy Cook doesnt need that Food Safety Czar position, its obvious her pockets are lined by China or if they arent, they will be soon. Im sure China loves her and they would be stupid not to reward her for touting them so much.

  18. nora and rufus says:

    This woman’s pockets are obviously being padded by China interests and she needs to be CANNED!!!!!! Put someone in her position who is not dominated and controled by special interests of the poison suppliers CHINA. Something is definitely wrong and totally corrupt with her statements and her still being in a controlling position.

  19. Concha Castaneda says:

    Speaking of Nancy. The other Nancy; Nancy Nord CPSC made the news MSNBC… Industries paid for top regulator’s travel. Check it out. I can see where one might suspect pockets lined with China, Spain, etc. are profitable in many ways.

  20. llp says:

    I agree with Rose. Some people think in the short term, others the long. I will do my best to buy and support USA products…it doesn’t take long to feel the effects of cashing in on the short term.

  21. jonathan says:

    Here we go again…I just love reading those words..Complete and Balanced Diet Scientifically formulated. So all Nancy has to say is double speak corporate gibberish to keep her useless job and to keep the pet food companies she is in bed with happy. Meantime, the pet food industry keeps on producing the same poison which a lot of people think is balanced and healthy.. All I see are a bunch of sick fat dogs and cats going to the vet to have their symptoms treated and getting no where fast with the problems including dental and other serious health issues brought about by these complete and balanced diets..
    I wish the public would get off their cell phones, get out of their SUVs and wake up!!!

  22. chris says:

    Why is there a PFI?

    They are worthless and full of crap!

  23. Denise Miller says:

    hi everyone love the post the shurb and locast that was good. Is she out of her mind. I ust eagle pack they will talk to you on the phone and buy no ingredients from china. I also cook some to for my dog. Hollistic chicken is what I feed. they told me wheat and rice gluttens are not good for dogs and cats anyway. They don’t even buy them but if they did it would be here in the us. I think the big companies buy this stuff from china because they use so much of it and its cheaper there. I swear it seems like the chinese are trying to posion us one way or the other. I think this women has to go. I think our govement let us down with this unfair trade agreement. everything we have here is from china and I am tired of it. take care everyone and buy american if you can find it. I have been searching on the internet.

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