Vice President Of Pet Food Institute Says US “Must Walk Tightrope” With China

Nancy Cook, vice president of Pet Food Institute, spoke at the recently held Meat Industry Research Conference in Chicago.

Cook said that U.S. legislators who are involved in trade negotiations with China “must walk a tightrope. We can’t insult them. They’re our largest growing supplier of ingredients in the world.”

She also made a statement in reference to Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), “Have we figured out how to put a COOL label on a Hershey bar? It’s about 10 feet long.”

Cook added that pet owners feel confident in the safety and quality of the pet food on the market despite the pet food recalls. She said there was initial panic right after the recalls, but now pet owners have returned to their normal purchasing habits.

Source: Cattlenetwork

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  1. Bee Safe Foods says:

    >>She (Cook) said there was initial panic right after the recalls, but now pet owners have returned to their normal purchasing habits.

  2. Velvet's Dad says:

    I sent this email to the PFI:

    Tell Nancy Cook she needs to take her head out of the sand.

    Pet owners who have diligently followed the pet food recalls and scandals have not returned to our “old habits.” And let her know we have let many other pet owners know the true nature of organizations like the Pet Food Institute.

    We are pleased pet food aisles at places like Petco and PetSmart are empty. We are pleased that Menu Foods may very well go out of business.

    Furthermore, tell China to go to hell. The Chinese government doesn’t give a damn about our pets; they only care about their profits.

    Ditto, the PFI.

    The PFI is front organization for unscrupulous companies like Hills, Iams, and Purina. These companies in particular will never get another dime from us. (My own cat suffered and died as a result of eating ‘Science Diet’. Never again. Never again.)

    Do you get it, Cook & Company? Can you feel the intensity of our hatred and loathing we have for you? You did this. You, the PFI.

    We, the pet owners who have been following all this the last year, say clean up your act, PFI. At present, we want no part of you.

  3. Katie says:

    Ms Cook and the PFI: I can never forgive you for the pain and suffering you caused my pet and her human household. The agonizing worry of what was wrong and was she dying. I can’t even look at a bag of commercial dog food. And, I don’t think I’m alone. The pet food isles seem empty of shoppers. I read that someone was in Petco last week and there was a huge deal on Purina, when the clerk was asked why the food was marked 50% off she told them, no one is buying it! PFI you would like us all and the world as well as your stockholders to believe it is business as usual but - I don’t think it is.

    I do need to thank you however. My dog is on home cooking. Her health is outstanding. No more allergies. No more sickness. No more doggy odor. Sparkling teeth. Unbelievable energy. The best thing I ever did was change what she eats! And…. her humans are eating healthy now too!

    We read the labels. No more China poison. Tread lightly! Sorry, I don’t want their poison. Corporate America wake up - I’m not buying your goods from China and I’m not going to poison my family.

    March 28, 2007; was a wake-up call for me.


  4. JJ in IL says:

    Katie you put it exactly how I feel about my dogs overall condition. No more dry kibble in this house-ever. Her coat is so shiny, healthy, teeth so white and clean and home cooking is so easy once you get the right foods that contain the minerals your pet needs.

  5. June says:

    This is poppycock. The Chinese buy Treasuries for the same reason I do - it is a no-brainer safe investment. They will not shoot themselves in the foot because Labor and consumers in America stand up for themselves. If they sell our debt, it will be for sound economic reasons. The Chinese are not lunatics.
    “Gindy says:

    October 30th, 2007 at 7:46 am
    Given the absolute fact that China can easily sink our financial markets(they own billions of dollars of US bonds and papers), no wonder she is treading carefully. All the Chinese have to do to cause an even larger down turn in US markets than is already coming is to burp a few billion dollars worth of bonds back for collection.”

  6. Cathy says:

    Well… since my pet is dead, my habits have certainly changed. I’m sure there’s alot of people like me who don’t have pets anymore. This isn’t just about dog food, I used to buy tons of toys and grooming products. If and when I get another dog, you can be darn sure I will never buy any commercial food or treats - same goes for the rest.

    “We can’t insult them. They’re our largest growing supplier of ingredients in the world.”

    Nobody from China or the PFI worried about
    MY feelings when my dog was sick or after he was dead. Doesn’t this jerk realize that she’s insulting every person who had a sick or dead pet with her idiotic comments? Does she realize that the “BUYER” is the most important person in the sales industry? Am I supposed to worry about THEIR feelings? Does anyone in the PFI think that because half a year has passed that our feelings - helplessness, guilt, rage, anger, depression are all gone? They don’t have to figure out how to put anything on any label. If I don’t see the information I want to see on a label, I DON’T BUY THE PRODUCT.

    Chaoslillith: Nutro is crap. Do a little more research. Look at the ingredients list: lambmeal, chickenmeal, glutens - what do you think that is??? BYPRODUCTS-crap Their processing plant stinks so bad the people who live near it can’t even go outside - what do you think that’s from??? CRAP in their food. Don’t recommend it to anyone!!!!

  7. Klondike says:

    It is just PFI nonsense about relations with China. They just don’t want to get off the cheap ingredients. See how Asia is developing its own economy.

  8. Gindy says:

    Don’t be stupid June, they already threatened to dump the treasuries to pressure us on trade sanctions. Read some econ news instead of the funny papers sometime.

  9. Julina for "Isis" who lost her life because of these crooks!!!!!!!!! says:

    Screw this turn coat trader b..iaaatch!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to carry her arse to China.

  10. Carl Michaelson says:

    I have most certainly changed my dog food buying - I feed little Molly three different brands of food claiming to contain no chinese ingredients.

    I also have researched dog toys and buy only “made in the U.S.A.” certified toys. Dog toys can contain as much lead as children’s toys.

    The ladies Nord and Cook instead of regulating need to be regulated but they won’t be. Our president agrees with them. If you voted for Bush this is what you voted for.

  11. anonymous says:

    You are a total ass-ole if you thinklike this !
    Wake up Toots!
    Wait til it happens to the people food.
    Have you read the Herald Tribune today and seen what the Chinese are doing to the Prescription medicine coming out of China?
    What a bunch of SCUMBAGS!

  12. Dee says:

    To hell with China. Surely this great country is capable of producing non-toxic pet foods, animal and child toys. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didnt they say they would take over the US without firing a shot? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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