Vick Admits To Financing Dog Fighting Operation And Dog Killing


Michael Vick has admitted that he and his three co-defendants killed dogs that did not fight well in documents filed on Friday with a federal court in Virginia.

Vick will appear in court on Monday, and Judge Henry E. Hudson will have the final say on his plea deal.

In the plea agreement, Vick will plead guilty to one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture.”

Vick could be sentenced up to five years in prison and be fined $250,000. Federal prosecutors agreed to ask for the low end of the sentencing guidelines.

In a signed statement of facts, Vick admitted buying property that was used for dog fighting, but he said he did not gamble on the fights or receive any of the winnings.

“Vick did not gamble by placing side bets on any of the fights. Vick did not receive any of the proceeds from the purses that were won by ‘Bad Newz Kennels.’”

He said the money from the winnings were typically split between his co-defendants Tony Taylor, Quanis Phillips and sometimes Purnell Peace.

Vick also said that he, Peace, and Phillips caused the deaths of at least six dogs.

The statement said that the three tested some dogs in fighting sessions on Vick’s Virginia property in April. They agreed to kill approximately 6-8 dogs that did not perform well in the “testing” session. The dogs were killed in various ways which included hanging and drowning the dogs.

“Vick agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts of Peace, Phillips and Vick,” the summary said.

Source: CNN

45 Responses to “Vick Admits To Financing Dog Fighting Operation And Dog Killing”

  1. Lynne says:

    He didn’t want to admit to gambling because of the “morals” clause in his NFL contract.

    And killed “6-8″ dogs? They can’t even remember how many they killed???

  2. straybaby says:

    yup. he ran a gambling operation and never gambled.

    did ya all know i was born yesterday . . . .

  3. 2CatMom says:

    Apparently torturing animals isn’t enough to get you thrown out of the NFL. But gambling is apparently much worse in the NFL’s eyes.

  4. straybaby says:

    ok, on page 8 of the statement of facts it says that vick along with the other 2 sponsored Too Short in a fight (item 29) and (item 30) they won the purse. isn’t that gambling or do they actually have to place a side bet?

    sponsoring a dog would be putting up money and winning the purse would be wining their money and the other guys, right?

  5. 2CatMom says:

    You notice how the story keeps changing:
    First, I know nothing about dogfighting, my relatives live there. Next, its I knew there was dogfighting going on but I had nothing to do with it. Then, its yeah, I knew about it but I never attended. Next, I attended but I didn’t finance it. Then, I did finance it but I don’t know anything about dead animals.

    And now the finale (for the moment anyway): I knew about it, I did finanace the operation, I did murder and torture animals, but gamble, what do you think I am?

    Vick, we know what you are. You are a lying, financially underwriting torturer of innocent animals. And I don’t care if you bet on the outcomes or not. (Though I’d be glad to bet my paycheck against yours that you did). You still have not shown any real remorse - you just want to do whatever it takes to get you the lightest sentance.

  6. straybaby says:

    2cat, you summed that up quite well!

    if he owns the business, even if he didn’t actually profit from the purse, using it to *pay* his employees still seems like he took the money, doesn’t it? i’m sure the irs could clarify that for him. the feds have the financial records, so i’m sure it could be cleared up as to whether he actually profited/gambled on the fights . . .

  7. Baaboo says:

    Do I look stupid ?? Vick is as guilty as OJ !!!!!

  8. straybaby says:

    this ought to be good:

    “In the plea deal, Vick agrees to cooperate with investigators and provide all information he may have on any criminal activity and to testify if necessary. Vick also agrees to turn over any documents he has and to submit to polygraph tests.”

    polygraph tests?! lol!~

  9. Debra says:

    So, if I go to the track and HAND some of my money to my gardener and have him place a bet. If he wins and keeps the money as his salary, well, then I guess I would not be gambling either. Right?

    It is obvious that Michael Vick thinks the American public is stupid, Mr. Blank is stupid and Mr. Goodell is stupid.

    The question I have is Mr. Goodell, in fact, as stupid as Michael Vick thinks he is? Because I know I am not that stupid.

  10. bengals says:

    yeah, like I was born this morning, I am nieve, and a total idiot…. please Vick, you are such scum and aren’t worth the cr*p that I stepped in earlier today…you know, when I was born…

  11. Barb says:

    Let’s hope the judge doesn’t accept this plea deal. I heard some attorney say, on the Nancy Grace show last week, that the judge was a big animal lover. Hope he does right by the animals.

  12. nora says:

    Everyone is right about M V changing his story every other day just so he can possibly still play football. I just must have faith that all the people involved in bringing him to justice and dealing out the punishment that the Dog Murderer deserves are not influenced or restrained by all the lies and underhanded people that are coming to the Dog Murderers defense. Com on Judge, don’t let America’s animal lovers and defenders down. This pattern of abuse has to be brought to the publics attention, and prove that real punishment will be given. Vick is such a liar and so are all the athletes who are coming to his defense, as if we were all that STUPID!

  13. Marie says:

    I hope he gets the maximum penalty. Vick is a HORRIBLE man!!! Those poor dogs.

  14. margo says:

    Did the NAACP address this little mistake?

    Michael Vick Hit With Sex Suit
    Woman claims star NFL quarterback passed along herpes in 2003

    Settlement reached in Michael Vick herpes case
    Woman claimed she tested positive after having sex with Falcons QB

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    MSNBC said a raid on DMS (whoever that is) home. Removed 12 distressed Pit Bulls. I’m betting, don’t know but betting Vic & his buddies are talking. Like i said I realy don’t know about Vic but am guessing.

  16. margo says:

    “Vick did not gamble by placing side bets on any of the fights. Vick did not receive any of the proceeds from the purses that were won by ‘Bad Newz Kennels.

    BULL S***
    March 2003:
    A fight is held around Blackstone, VA between 2 female dogs. Vick and Peace allegedly sponsor one of those dogs. Purse rises to $26,000. However, the dog Vick and Peace allegedly sponsors loses. According to the police, Peace asked Vick permission to execute the dog. Peace is said to have killed her by electrocuting her.
    Two male pit bulls are also allegedly fought between Bad Newz Kennels and the dogs from C.W. #2 for a purse of $20,000. Bad Newz Kennels loses.
    Vick allegedly pays for the two losses by retrieving $23,000 in cash in a bag from his vehicle.
    Bad Newz Kennels also allegedly fights a female pit bull against a dog named Cleo from New York for $6,000. The man from New York is the government’s Cooperating Witness #1 (C.W. #1). Cleo won and the dog from Bad Newz Kennels is allegedly executed by Peace with a gun.

  17. Debra says:

    Nora said, “Vick is such a liar and so are all the athletes who are coming to his defense, as if we were all that STUPID!”

    It’s not just athletes and the NAACP. Jamie Foxx, the actor, is defending him now, too.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Here is the contact information for Judge Henry E. Hudson.

    When writing please address as The Honorable Judge Henry E. Hudson. This is the man who will sentence Vick. It’s up to him to decide how much time the scum sits in jail, so be polite, and ask his honor to make a statement against dog fighting that will be heard across the country.

    The Honorable Judge Henry E. Hudson
    Lewis F. Powell, Jr., U.S. Courthouse
    1000 E. Main St., Suite 305
    Richmond, VA 23219-3525
    Phone: (804) 916-2290

  19. straybaby says:

    Anonymous says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 4:11 pm

    is there an email address? i know he’s hearing the plea on Monday but not sentencing yet.

  20. Anonymous says:


    I’m looking for an email address but havent found it yet. Will keep looking. If anyone finds it —- please post.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jamie Foxx said:

    “It’s a cultural thing, I think,” Jamie said. “Most brothers didn’t know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn’t know that was Fed time. So, mike probably just didn’t read his handbook on what not to do as a black star.”

    “I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don’t get time,” Jamie continued. “I think in this situation, he really didn’t know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt.”

    FOXX you are an idiot! What a stupid thing to say. You have just made the S*** List and others will remember what you said! Notice the Nike shirt!!!! He probably said the same thing about his buddy OJ.

  22. Anonymous says:

    To all who defend this low life piece of s***. You are no better than Vick and just as Sick. You are just a worthless as he is. I will not support or attend anything any of you are involved in or associated with.

    Boxer Roy Jones Jr. knows what it’s like to be criticized for being involved in animal fighting. Jones has, in the past, been tied to cockfighting.

    New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury has come to the defence of embattled NFL star Michael Vick, calling dogfighting a sport and comparing it to hunting.

    Clinton Portis defends Vick and Dog fights.

    Jamie Foxx defends Vick.

    Deon Sanders said his brother was just havin some fun.

    NAACP - White or excuse me Rev. White ??????

  23. Debra says:

    Interesting theory on what Vick MIGHT have been thinking (this comes from an Arizona Wildcats website -

    “So many have guessed as to why Vick was so nonchalant about these charges when they were first presented. Was he in shock? Disbelief? Did he think he had done nothing wrong, or maybe underestimated the outrage killing dogs would stir amongst the masses? I don’t know. Maybe those theories are true. What I think is that Vick thought that there was no way his boys, his entourage if you will, would roll over on him as quickly as they did. After all, he’s been carrying these guys for years, brought them to the big games, the big parties, let them live in the big house. He probably expected them to take the heat for this, deny that Vick had any involvement whatsoever, spend a couple years in jail, get out, and then be reimbursed by Vick for the rest of their lives for being loyal.”

  24. EmilyS says:

    can some lawyer explain how he’s admitting to some crimes (the financing of dogfighting and the dogkilling, which would be cruelty) but only pleading guilty to others? How does that work… didn’t they CHARGE him with those crimes???

  25. Jenny Bark says:

    Every time someone defends Vic I keep wondering if they fight dog or go to dog fights. I know it’s wrong but I keep thinking that.

    Debra love your web site. Fist time there. I wish I could go to Virginia but I have to go to the hospital for 1 day stay. Please keep us informed.

  26. straybaby says:

    i think they charged him with conspiracy based on what they had. the grand jury was looking over the new evidence for further charges. that’s why he entered the plea and hopes they take it. no more new charges from the feds. the feds are now passing their evidence to the state where he can face stiffer penalties including felony animal cruelty.

    just in! NFL has suspended him indefinitely!!! AP on CNN.

  27. Barb says:

    Earlier I wrote my friend Brenda of Kinship Circle asking if she had an email address for Judge Hudson. This is what she wrote back:

    Emailing the JUDGE in Vick’s case is so wrong.

    Judges (in some states it’s law) do not read public mail prior to sentencing.
    I learned the hard way when I issued well-meaning letter campaigns to judges in other animal abuse cases.

    Received responses from indignant to downright nasty…Some saying the influx of letters could even HURT the case, because the judge is getting so perturbed.

    I am in no way saying that this is the situation with Judge Hudson, but Kinship Circle will ordinarily NOT issue letter campaigns to judges just prior to a sentencing.

    What people seem to be forgetting is that everyone should be focusing on the STATE’S case against Vick, not as much on the federal case which is basically a done deal because of Vick’s plea bargain.

    KC’s last letter campaign included all contact info available to the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney, Gerald Poindexter, who is leading the state’s investigation/conviction of Vick.
    He could face up to 40 years in the state’s case! Why is everyone freaking out about contacting the federal judge, a go-nowhere sort of effort?


    Everyone “reacts” but few take time to read.

    I have no contact info for Judge Hudson…sorry…


    So, once again contact info for the State is here:

    Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter
    Post Office Box 358 * Surry, Virginia 23883
    ph: 757-294-3118; fax: 757-294-3560

  28. Lynn says:

    Better check NFL’s website. They’ve suspended him without pay as of a few minutes ago. Didn’t fire him, though. They left the door open.

    When you read Vick’s plea deal he makes himself sound less involved in all the circumstances. He admits to killing dogs. To boot, he claims he contributed monetarily to the Bad Newz operation, but never took money back. Well gee, that just makes me think that he was supporting the operation not to make a profit, but to pay for the chance to kill dogs! No words to describe him.

  29. Bridgett says:

    Lynn, just saw the article on Yahoo! Yes!!!! Now if he gets sent to prison for a very, very long time, there will be millions of happy dogs!

  30. Bridgett says:

    the article says the NFL has left it open for the Falcons to go after him for his $22 mill. signing bonus. Better and Better…

  31. Lynn says:

    Well you know Arthur Blank has taken all of this personally and my money’s on Blank!

    Really anxious to see how long Hudson tosses him in for. They’re calling Judge Hudson the “hangman.” Good - right man for the job!

    General consensus is that while Vick has football talent, he is deficient in many skills, so even if they do allow him back to play for the NFL at some point, it is doubtful he will command a large salary AND more than likely he would start at the bottom rung. The guy’s cooked. Good.


    “I don’t know what’s going to happen to Michael Vick, and I don’t care,” he said, slowly and with emphasis. “The guy has embarrassed the NFL and embarrassed the game that a lot of us care about greatly. He’s not worth any more time and energy and attention. It’s his problem now.”

    So when does Poindexter get his chance to prosecute?

  32. Lynn says:

    Oh-oh. Look at this:,2933,294493,00.html

    This rapper has a history of animal cruelty charges. The current situation may have nothing to do with dog-fighting….but the rapper also keeps weapons.

  33. NFL Suspends Vick Indefinitely For Financing Dog Fights | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] indefinitely suspended Michael Vick after he filed and signed court documents that admitted that he financed the dog fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels, and that he helped kill some dogs that did not perform well in the testing […]

  34. ellie says:

    2CatMom, all sports leagues consider gambling the worst offense AGAINST THE SPORT. It’s not that they think gambling worse than torturing animals in an absolute moral sense, but gambling strikes at the heart of the sport itself and can’t be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Bad behavior off the field doesn’t affect the sport directly the way gambling does.

    I’m happy that the gambling angle is what really sank Vick with the NFL. I think the NFL did exactly the right thing. They left the door open just a bit by calling it an indefinite suspension–just in case Vick is magically rehabilitated and truly remorseful after he serves his time, so the NAACP and its ilk can’t squawk too much. But it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s out for good. And I am very thankful.

  35. 2CatMom says:

    Ellie - no doubt that’s what the leagues think, but the NFL’s actions tell me that they get what the public thinks. Like you, I think he’s done.

  36. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I am extremely unhappy with the disingenuous “summary of the facts” filed with Michael Vick’s plea agreement, a creatively rewritten document which allows Vick to be able to deny his full involvement. I have no control over legal decisions made by others, but I am free to decide what *I* believe about Ookie the Dogfighter:

    “Michael Vick is a LYING dog killer.”

    That’ll look nice on a sign, a billboard, in skywriting above a stadium, won’t it?

  37. catmom5 says:

    NPR just had a brief segment on the MV plea deal. Interviewed someone from Sports Illustrated (I think) who said he has been inundated with emails supporting Vick and comparing dog fighting to hunting (geez ~ it’s only a few dead dogs). Also said the responses seemed to follow racial lines. Maybe we need to get the word out to the sports community about how we feel…

  38. ellie says:

    catmom5, I am wondering how Sports Illustrated–or anyone–can tell from e-mails what race a person is, to know if responses follow racial lines. Do most people identify themselves by race in their e-mails? I doubt it. And if they do, what stops people from misidentifying themselves? One can say anything in an e-mail. I can claim to be any race or gender, and they wouldn’t know the difference.

    I think there are people who WANT to see this as some racial/cultural divide, rather than a divide between people who believe in common decency and those who don’t.

  39. catmom5 says:

    Don’t know why he said what he said about race, just passing along his message. I do understand that the race card has been played by some folks and organizations. Guess my point was that maybe we ought to make our feelings known to Sports Illustrated and other sports media.

  40. Kevin says:

    I think that if you use Ebonics when sending email, that will answer everything in a nutshell.

    Vick is a liar and needs prison to think about what he did.

    Oh, and his buddies too!

    Maybe when he’s in prison Hollywood can do a movie on him.
    “The longest yard.”

    OOPS! Sorry, that’s been done.

  41. Traci says:

    “catmom5, I am wondering how Sports Illustrated–or anyone–can tell from e-mails what race a person is, to know if responses follow racial lines. Do most people identify themselves by race in their e-mails? I doubt it. And if they do, what stops people from misidentifying themselves? One can say anything in an e-mail. I can claim to be any race or gender, and they wouldn’t know the difference.”

    There are no-good people just looking to incite conflict and bad feelings per race/racism.

    Saw it from yahoo trolls all the time before they shut down the public message boards. Lots of jerks with no lives and plenty of bitterness and venom have computers (yes, us nice folks do also) and they are same type that call in to hate and trash radio shows. No surprise.

    Humane humans regardless of skin color condemn dog-fighting for exactly what it is and don’t play semantics or analogy games.

  42. Vick To Talk On Tom Joyner Radio Show About Dog Fighting Case; Falcons Want Million Back | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] comes to you when called.Sign up for our daily email digest or subscribe in a RSS reader.Michael Vick will appear live on-air on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this Tuesday, August […]

  43. If Vick Talks, He Could Face Shorter Sentence In Dog Fighting Case; Mother Defends Vick | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] Michael Vick is expected to plead guilty in court today. […]

  44. Diana says:

    Michael Vick is guilty of torturing and the kills of numerous animals, including the animals that were used to train these dogs, to fight and kill. What about them? O

  45. Diana says:

    Michael Vick is guilty of the torturing and killing of numerous animals, including the animals that were used to train these dogs, to fight and kill. What about them? What about the dogs that were removed from his property? These poor souls have been tortured and maybe will have to be put down because of what they have been through. Are we to only count the dogs that they killed?
    Michael Vick and people like him are the reason that this Breed Specific Legislation is being put into law in numerous states and responsible dog owners and their pets that have not harmed humans or other animals, are now going to pay the price for these other people.
    This man should get the maximun sentence and as far as I’m concerned that wouldn’t be enough for what he has done!!!
    Even if he was sorry for what he has done, to God knows knows how many animals, he should get the maximum sentence, but I don’t believe for one minute that he is sorry. Just listen to all the different lies that he has told and look at the expressions on his face. He is not sorry at all for the torturing and killing of all the animals involved in this dog fighting.

    Diana M. Vacek

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