Vick Buys Condo In Miami High Rise


With all of Michael Vick’s financial and legal troubles and his Sugarloaf house on the market, it’s a bit surprising that he recently purchased an expensive condo in the Philippe Starck high-rise Icon in South Beach.

Since Vick isn’t allowed to leave Virginia, he hasn’t visited the condo yet, but his brother, Marcus Vick, has been staying at the place.

The question is why would Vick spend all of this money on a Miami property when everyone is knocking at his door to collect money from him?

Michael David Smith from AOL Sports said that Vick may be planning to file for bankruptcy. Smith quoted the Wall Street Journal: “The state’s lenient bankruptcy laws have long made the state a destination for debtors on the run.”

Source: AOL Sports, New York Post

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6 Responses to “Vick Buys Condo In Miami High Rise”

  1. Sharon says:

    How nice that the bankruptcy laws still favor rich people. Thank you George Bush. I lost my American manufacturing job, my house, my health insurance, my savings, everything and a criminal is buying a condo. Is his brother going to live in it while he’s in jail? Isn’t is going to be hard to run another illegal business out of an apartment complex. Dog fighting is out, maybe they could go for a meth lab.

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    And his brother will no doubt continue deviant activities at the luxury condo. Women, drugs, ect. I am shocked that the condo association allowed MV and his brother to live there. They must really be hard up for money. Also the neighbors are sure to raise a stink when the become aware of who has moved in!

  3. catmom5 says:

    This shows the true character of the man, IMHO, because he’s still looking out for NUMBER 1 ~ MV, and could care less about the animals and people he has hurt/killed/tortured. Wish that Florida would clean up its “easy” bankruptcy laws! MV will never change!

  4. Lynn says:

    Is there no justice?

  5. straybaby says:

    “I am shocked that the condo association allowed MV and his brother to live there.”

    that’s a really good point. hard enough for upstanding citizens to get in if they don’t fit the exact mold of the association. interesting . . .

  6. Lynn says:

    Don’t know about Florida, but in many states condo associations really have little to say about who buys in.

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