Vick Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty To Dogfighting Conspiracy

TaylorOne of Michael Vick’s co-defendants, Tony Taylor of Hampton, Virginia, pleaded guilty at the U.S. District Court in Richmond to one count of conspiring to traffic in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and sponsoring a dog in an animal-fighting venture. He is scheduled for sentencing Dec. 14.

Taylor said that he wasn’t promised any specific sentence in return for cooperating with authorities.

Last week, he pleaded not guilty in his case. In changing his plea to guilty, Taylor waived his right to appeal. He told the judge that he understands he is now a convicted felon.

A statement of facts filed today said that Vick supplied most of the money used to run the operation and gamble on the fights. Taylor and the two other men charged in the case typically split the winnings. Court papers said that Taylor left the operation after a disagreement with the others in 2004.

From CNN:

It is widely believed that Taylor’s plea, which had been expected, and his future cooperation could hurt Vick and help the government prove its case against the Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback.

In his first public comment since the indictment, Vick called his legal predicament “a crazy situation” and said he hopes to return soon to the the gridiron, wearing a Falcons jersey.

But, he acknowledged in phone interview Monday with Atlanta radio station V-103, “There are a lot of things that needed to be worked out.”

“I’ve been (in Atlanta) for the last seven years of my life. I would love to come back,” Vick told radio personality Porsche Foxx. “But it remains to be seen.”

The president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP criticized the prosecution of Vick at a news conference Monday morning. Dr. R.L. White, Jr., accused the government of “piling on.”

“There’s a penalty in football for piling on,” White told reporters. “After a player has been tackled and somebody piles on, they’re penalized for unnecessary roughness. Today, the NAACP blows the whistle and warns the powers that be that you are piling on.”

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17 Responses to “Vick Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty To Dogfighting Conspiracy”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Vick is going down.

  2. catmom5 says:

    It is so frustrating to me that this is being turned into a RACE problem by some people and groups. IT IS A DOG FIGHTING PROBLEM and I don’t care where you’re from, how much money you make, how tough your childhood was, or what color your skin is ~ THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR CHOOSING TO BE A PART OF SUCH A HORRIFIC AND VIOLENT ACTIVITY. The only ones who didn’t have a choice here are those poor dogs.

    And it’s not a CELEBRITY problem either!!! Vick and other dog fighters know good and well what they are doing.

    Crying that they are being picked on because they are a certain race (or famous or . . .) is the same thing they are accusing others of.


  3. wescott20 says:

    This is certainly NOT a race issue… Al Sharpton himself was disgusted by Vick’s actions and was wise enough to recognize this for what it was…barbaric animal cruelty, nothing else. The government is, for once, doing the right thing when it comes to combating animal abuse. I hope that trend continues. Vick ruined his own life…he brought this on himself. Period. If the NAACP is going to defend Vick and speak out against the govenment’s action to bring him to justice, then they have lost my support evermore.

  4. denni50 says:

    Vick is obviously delusional, read his statements, “a crazy situation”, “hopes to get back to the gridiron” and “alot of things need to get worked out”.

    I mean he literally believes this is going to blow over and he’s coming back to play football and everything will be hunkey-dorey again.

    somebody needs to slap some sense into that vacuum upstairs and tell him the only “worked out” he’s gonna get is his 1 hour of physical activity every 24 hours in the federal penitentary.

  5. furmom says:

    If this Taylor has changed his plea to guilty, for whatever reason, I think they should give him a break to a certain degree, if he is instrumental in testifying against the others. The dog-fighting is perfpetuated by protectionism and the group-think condoning it, once that is broken there might be some progress changing attitudes. If someone like vick wants to plead not guilty, great, throw the book at him.

  6. Lynn says:

    This is NOT a race issue. [Please stop pulling the race card. It’s SO undignifying in this case.] If the Pope himself was involved in dogfighting I’d feel no less adamant about this issue.

  7. 3FURS says:

    Yes Lynn, there are many,many men and women of the same race as Vick who can hold their heads high, because of what they’ve accomplished to the betterment of mankind. That’s a cowardly way out, trying to say he’s being singled out. He’s a human being, period. And all human beings have to account for their own actions.

  8. Kevin says:

    I have to laugh at the NAACP. Whenever a black man is accused of anything, this is the way they react. I hope no one was expecting otherwise. Now that Tony has plead guilty, I’m sure Vick is now losing even more sleep.

    I hope the government keeps piling it on.

  9. Cube says:

    Great take on this story here:

  10. Captn' Carl says:

    Vick playing the “race card” with the apparent sanction of the NAACP. What a surprise!

  11. Stefani says:

    It really disappoints and saddens me that the NAACP is coming out today to defend this guy. Why are they even expressing a public opinion as an organization on this? What in the world does this case have to do with race? Or, perhaps more to the point:

    How does jumping to Michael Vick’s defense serve the interests of “the advancement of colored people” (since the NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). It seems to me that by making this ABOUT race, they are trying to set “colored people” back in terms of public perception — to say somehow that this type of behavior is OK or is to be condoned or accepted among african americans. How in the world is that a PRO black position?

    I feel much as I did when so many prominent black leaders jumped to OJ’s defense. They cheapen themselves when they do this. They should expect more.

    I guess they think that if Vick were white, we wouldn’t be so upset about this. Well, THEY ARE WRONG.

    I want a bumper sticker that says:

    “It’s about CRUELTY, stupid. (Not race)”

    NAACP has lost its mind, lost its way. To support someone NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO simply BECAUSE they are black is just as bad as going after someone SIMPLY BECAUSE they are black, which is NOT what is happening here.

    And, it’s also being an apologist for behavior you should NEVER want to characterize as associated with your brethren. By taking up for it, its almost like they are saying “this is OK for black people to do, if a person is black and does this we want them to get off.”

    That makes the OPPOSITE point than the one I think they intended to make. It makes a statement about what kind of behavior is ACCEPTABLE among your racial group. And you REALLY don’t want to condone this behavior, to make the rest of the world think it IS associated with race.

    Do you?

    Sheesh. It makes it so hard for those of us who have been arguing with ignorant people the last few days, trying to convince them that it is NOT something that African Americans condone. I just spent the evening reminding a relative about the cruel, horrific, sadistic spectacles that were put forth by the Romans in the Coluseum, where animals were slaughtered for the pleasure of the onlookers (our European ancestors . . . ); about the horrible running of the bulls in Spain and the bullfights — that caucasians are JUST as guilty of this type of behavior as anyone else.

    And I fight so HARD to make this point . . . then the NAACP goes and undoes all my hard work by telling my relatives YES, this IS about race, and YES, this is something that the black community . . . well, almost condones. Or, at least thinks is no big deal.


    Kudos to Al Sharpton for signing on to the PETA statement. Stay righteous, brother Al. Love ya!

  12. Lynne says:

    I have no stats to back up my belief but I’m willing to bet that most dogfighters are white. This is not a race issue. The NAACP needs to focus on genuine racial issues, like the one going on in Jena, Louisiana (
    and leave the Vick case alone.
    The spotlight is on Vick because of his fame as a football player. The attention and animosity would be exactly the same if he was a white player. The issue is cruelty to animals and anyone attempting to turn this into something other than that is deflecting much needed press away from those who need our help the most: the animals. As a shelter worker in Columbus, Georgia said, “Dogfighting is not a sport. It is organized crime”. Amen, sister.

  13. Sharon says:

    Vick is a rich, black, football player, kinda like OJ. He belongs in prison. the NAACP is a worthless organization made up of losers. black people in this country ought to be in the street protesting what happened during Katrina and the Iraq war, instead they are coming out in support of a heinous criminal.

  14. Stan says:

    Instead of writing about it on here, Every one should email these thoughts to the NAACP ! Thats what I did.

  15. JM Leong says:

    Here is where you can view the video on CNN of the Atlanta NAACP’s president’s statement regarding Michael Vick.

    Without re-hashing comments already left above, I would like to say that the language this gentleman used in his statements was … interesting. And poorly chosen, if you ask me.

    “Hours of excitement,” “piling on,” “unnecessary roughness,” “viciousness.”

    Yes, I’m sure, Mr. NAACP, that dog-fighting proponents derive “hours of excitement” from this cruel practice. Unnecessary roughness? Viciousness? Sounds like he’s describing dog-fighting, doesn’t it? Way to create a visual, Mr. NAACP, one that totally contradicts your message.

    Tell him what you think at

    I also agree with the comments above which state that this case is one in which the NAACP has debased itself by rushing to defend Michael Vick, and it makes it appear as if dog-fighting is acceptable among African Americans — which I think is a ridiculous message to be putting out there, one that in effect disparages rather than “advances” Black Americans.

    Shame on RL White. The Black community deserves better spokespersons than that!

  16. Denise says:

    Wayne Pacelle wrote a good commentary in his blog with regards to the NAACP trying to turn this into a racial issue, much like what was done with the OJ case.

    The physical evidence on Vick’s property clearly establishes beyond reasonable doubt the crime of dogfighting took place…at issue is to what degree Vick’s role and involvement played in that “business enterprise”.

    Trying to deflect this heinous, egregious animal cruelty as ‘racial’ is offensive and indefensible.

    Mr. White should read today’s headline where the Feds raided a US Senator’s home(whom I am sure is WHITE).

    we should all write to the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP denouncing its comments and position.

  17. susan says:

    Keep in mind … such acts of uncaring violence also reflects the way a person treats the world around them. You can pretty much judge a man’s character by the way he treats his animals and animals have no voice to defend themselves against abuse. The spotlight that shines on our movie stars and athletes unfortunately still shines just as bright when they make stupid mistakes.

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