Vick May Plead In Dog Fighting Case; NFL Denies Suspension Rumors


ESPN is reporting that Michael Vick and his attorneys are evaluating whether or not to take the plea bargain offer after 2 more of his alleged co-conspirators are expected to cooperate with the prosecution.

According to Collins R. Spencer III, a spokesman for the defense team, Vick’s lawyers were surprised by Purnell Peace and Quanis Phillips’ decision to plead guilty.

“They didn’t see it coming,” he said.

Another co-defendant, 34-year-old Tony Taylor, has already plead guilty and has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

According to the article, Vick has until Friday to accept the deal. If the deadline passes, Vick may face additional charges.

The NFL is denying a story on that Commissioner Roger Goodell was close to announcing that Michael Vick would be suspended for the 2007 season for his alleged involvement in dog fighting.

On Sunday night, the Sports story quoted two sources from the NFL saying the league was heading towards a suspension, and they have been planning in this direction ever since the beginning. The sources said the NFL would announce the suspension before the season started, and they claimed that there was really no other choice than to suspend Vick.

The story said the announcement of Vick’s suspension would come this week or next week.

In response to the story, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said: “No decision has been made.” He said the league is still waiting the results of its independent review and investigation. The league will not take any action until there has been an undetermined conclusion.

As the Vick story continues to make headlines, people everywhere have been speaking out against Vick and his possible involvement in this horrible crime. What do the young people of America have to say about Vick? One thirteen-year-old, Daniel Catizone, voices his opinion in his local newspaper:

When will sponsors and professional sports teams stop glorifying athletes who take steroids and take part in illegal activities and give them a slap on the wrist and minor game suspensions?

I am 13. What kind of example does this set for kids my age? It states you can commit the crime and hire a good lawyer and not get penalized. What rights do the defenseless animals have?

People should only get ahead through hard work and dedication, but every day we read that someone famous or athletic gets a break because of his or her status.

Many animals were tortured and abused and Vick was a part of this. Get him out of the game and in jail where he belongs.

Source: Yahoo, USA Today, Asbury Park Press

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4 Responses to “Vick May Plead In Dog Fighting Case; NFL Denies Suspension Rumors”

  1. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Sources state Vick’s decision to accept plea deal dependent upon NFL’s Goodell’s decision between a period of suspension or a “lifetime ban” for Vick.;ran=3186

    I want to see this case go to trial. If not, Vick’s plea deal had better include Vick’s full and complete allocution of his activities, and penalty of a substantial jail sentence and massive fines. Otherwise, Goodell should definitely ban him from the NFL for life (as if any team would want to take him on after this).

  2. straybaby says:

    ” If he does not accept a deal, the source said, prosecutors plan to seek a superseding indictment against Vick for an additional charge under the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”

    5yrs would be a good deal better than 20, so i hope if he goes for a deal, he gets at least 5 and has to admit all which would hopefully lead to others involved from different kennels.

  3. catmom5 says:

    That’s one smart 13 year old. His parents must be very proud of him! Now if only some of the “adults” involved would get their heads screwed on straight we might be able to have some true heroes for our kids!

  4. Arlie Rufus says:

    As Arlie Rufus writes this he is hearing that there could be a plea deal in the dogfighting case involving Michael Vick, among others. Arlie Rufus has one thing to say — no plea bargains! Arlie Rufus adovcated Michael Vick and others getting their day in court — and Arlie Rufus still wants that day. That day is not just for Mr. Vick — it is for the dogs who are made to fight and then killed. Make your voice heard along with Arlie Rufus — be vocal. No plea bargains! The dogs deserve real justice!!

    Arlie Rufus

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