Vick May Serve Shorter Prison Sentence


Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Michael Vick could end up serving as few as 12 months of his 23 month prison sentence due to his application into a prison-monitored drug rehabilitation program.

Vick’s entry into the program could possibly mean that he could be out of prison by the end of this year or early next year and be back in the NFL by the 2009 season.

The one-year long drug treatment program, located in Leavenworth, Kansas, allows inmates to take off up to a year of their sentence if they complete the program.

Earlier last year, Vick tested positive for marijuana after pleading guilty to charges related to dog fighting. This most likely added time to his prison sentence.

It is unclear though if Vick’s 12-month term starts from when he began serving his sentence in November or when he enters the drug program.

A Leavenworth spokesperson said that Vick would have to spend a minimum of one month at the prison before qualifying for the drug treatment program.

Humane Society investigator John Goodwin said, “At the time that he was sentenced, I and a lot of other people who watched this case felt Vick received a fair sentence. If this really happens, that he’s able to get out in what’s basically half the time, I think there’s going to be a lot of outrage about the whole situation. It’s just another example of big money allowing someone to get away with something the rest of society couldn’t.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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25 Responses to “Vick May Serve Shorter Prison Sentence”

  1. Tanya says:

    “have money (or fame), go free even from murder, rape, and serious charges of dog fighting”

    “got no money (and no fame), spend rest of life in prison for simple shop lifting.”

  2. Mark says:

    I second Tanya. The US legal system is a joke. If you’re rich, you’re OK (expensive lawyers, out shortly). Otherwise, forget it.

  3. Kevin says:

    I agree with both of you. Not hard to stop smoking pot if your in prison. I’ll bet anyone that one of the first things that idiot will do when he gets out is buy some pot. I am outraged by this! I hope he gets shanked while in prison!

    The common American would be doing life.

  4. straybaby says:

    i believe it was speculated when he tested positive for pot, this could be why.

    be interesting to see if he has an actual history with drugs . . . don’t they test the players?

  5. cat lady says:

    what a disgrace

  6. Gindy says:

    You knew he and his lawyers would find some way to make sure he’d get out early. Have him some some J, get busted, then apply for a drug treatment program to get a reduced sentence. See how that works, folks? Happens all the time and not just to rich folks. I had a low life cousin who did the same thing and no lawyer told him how, his prison pals did.

  7. Lynne says:

    They are all counting on the public to forget the incident. When Vick steps on to the field again, he should receive the same howls of outrage that sounded when the dog fighting first came to light. However, I feel the public will meet his return to the NFL with a tepid response. Americans have very short memories.
    I stopped watching football decades ago, so they receive nothing from me.

  8. Sharon says:

    Vick is not a pot smoker. If he was he wouldn’t have been out killing dogs. The two do not compute. It was a calculated move to get him a get outta jail free card. Big surprise, it worked and he will be back in uniform for the 2009 season. Ricky Williams is the only football player ever crucified for smoking pot, he lost millions and a career over it but guess what? he never killed anyone, dog or human.

  9. NH says:

    Oh for the love of God! What else will this jerk do to get away from spending time in jail? What a big fat baby! He’s not even man enough to do his time. What a loser. His parents should have used birth control!

  10. Hazel Chambers says:

    Vick is a maggot…but then so is a so-called justice system that allows this two-legged worm to get away with all that he has.

    If he were Joe Lunch Bucket working for an hourly wage….and tested postivie…..he would be history permanently.

    It is a sad reflection on our society that we worship this type of scum.

    Vick is moral scum….but the sports page often reads like the police blotter.

  11. kathy says:

    As a 70s survivor I have to say—-I never knew a pot smoker that acted like that. Was he even tested for cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc??? However, Kevin, there’s probably more pot in the prison than there is on the outside. And there are plenty of hard drugs–never been there myself but a good friend did 13 years for a marijuana charge, I believe what he told me.
    The only bright side I see (pretty dark really) is that most US prisoners have Hep C that they contracted using IV drugs in prison.

  12. Diana Vacek says:

    I am outraged!!! This man has killed, tortured and mentally and physically scarred God only knows how many animals and he is going to get out of prison early, because he is playing the rich and famous game?
    Dogs are being banned just based on breed, some are being enpounded for months and others are being killed and responsible dog owners are loosing their dogs, because of scum like him. He committed unspeakable crimes, and because he is a rich human, he’s going to not even serve 23 months? Obviously, he’s just a wimp, and not sorry one bit for what he did to those animals, or he wouldn’t even be thinking or asking to get out early. He is a murderer and a coward!
    Where is the justice in this country? All Americans that should call and write to whomever, to let them know that this piece of scum needs to do the light sentence he got of 23 months, for being a sadistic murderer.
    I’m not advocating using drugs, but how many average Americans, are sitting in jail that long or longer just for possession, and they didn’t kill or torture animals?
    We need to stop the injustice in this country to ourselves and the animals that can’t defend themselves. This lack of compassion for other species besides ourselves is not going to help to stop the abuse/neglect and torture of animals, because now those others like Mick Vick, will see that this society really doesn’t give a damn about the animals!!!!!

  13. Pam says:

    Our legal system is such a disgrace, it’s an embarrassment. This man is no more repentant than Hitler was. Too bad he won’t consider suicide.

  14. animalrescue says:

    This is a shame.. He beat the system again.. Yes I agree money talk’s shit walk’s.. Smoking pot is not exactly a drug addiction give me a break and they gave him time off to see his kid born too.. I just hope that the State of Virginia hold’s to their guns, step’s up to the plate and give’s him mucho time.. Don’t they drug test in football ? Where does Goddell get these creeps from ?

    What a disgrace our legal system is..

  15. toni says:

    what a bunch of crap! can we contact someone? Get another petition going?

  16. Stefani says:

    Y’all, whatever team takes him on for the 2009 season should be subjected to relentless protests. Let’s make sure it happens.


  17. CGP says:

    The Atlanta press lambasted his lawyers for not warning him about smoking pot during the time he was waiting to be sentenced. How dumb do you have to be to be warned about NOT breaking the law while waiting to be sentenced for a crime you’ve already been found guilty of? Now he’s getting rewarded for breaking the law - again. I am dumbfounded by this whole mess. Just proves that in the good ole USA you receive the amount of justice you can pay for.

  18. Anonymous says:

    a “maggot” - amen.

  19. Denise says:

    don’t worry his attornies let him know how to cut this even shorter. Oh come on we know he should have gotten at least 5-10 and I don’t mean months. the courts need to set an example and starting with him would have been a great idea. he is a real turn off and people should treat him like they feel about him if that makes sense. I hate him.

  20. catmom5 says:

    The only GOOD thing to come out of this is that most of his dogs have been given another chance at life. Our justice system DOES NOT WORK! IMHO, this is just another “gimmick” to avoid paying for the horrors he was responsible for. Sad, very sad, indeed.

  21. Sylvia says:

    If he gets out early it will be a travesty of justice but not surprising. And when he plays football again - and he will - people will actually pay to see him play. The only thing his arrest and prison time will have taught him is how to not get caught he next time he breaks the law - and he will. Our system is broken.

  22. Diana M. Vacek says:

    People should start going on television and talking about how dogs that have just gotten loose and not harmed anyone are being impounded for weeks or months, and in alot of cases being put down. Other dogs are sharing the same fate just based on breed. For example, go to page 2 on this website and read about the fate of the dog Rosco, but Mike Vick can torture and kill numerous, numerous animals and only get a 23 month sentence and now is possibly going to get out sooner because he is attending some drug program!!!
    Just recently 2 different individuals were busted for dog fighting and one man got a sentence of 105years and the other man got some really really lengthy sentence too. It was posted on BSL Updates from
    If my dog got impounded I’d be calling all the news channels to do an interview with them and let the American people know what is really going on in this country, because most Americans don’t know. Just ask your neighbors, if you don’t believe me.

  23. Dee says:

    Is anyone really suprised by this? Big, rich, football player, and if money hadn’t talked, then he would have played (and won) the race card. I’m a huge football fan, but will not ever watch anything NFL again. I encourage everyone out there to talk to as many people as you can. Get them to boycott the NFL.
    Why release him early, for completing a drug rehab program? He wasn’t arrested for drugs. And I agree, it’s pretty hard to NOT stop smoking pot while you’re in prison. It is a shame that the greatest legal minds can advise one to smoke a joint, get tested for drugs, all so one can get away with murder!!
    I’ve said it before, here it is again, HE’S A PIECE OF SHIT.

  24. judi says:

    I agree with Dee! HE’S A PIECE OF SHIT!

    Isn’t gambling against NFL rules? Do they intend to do anything about that or will they sweep that under the rug also?

    They should also test for steroids. The big ole fat herpes infested lug is probably full of that as well.

  25. Leo says:

    I’m glad that Mike’s sentence might be reduced. I don’t think that he was treated fairly. We can send Mike Vick to prison for dog fighting
    pit-bulls which are dangerous dogs that kill kids. But, government officials can hire prostitudes, and not do one day in jail. Which is worse?
    Degrading a Female or fighting pit-bulls. I’d like anyone to answer Degrading a Female. I’d like to see peoples response to that answer.
    The real reason the Mike is in Jail is because of peoples envy.

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