Vick May Take Dog Fighting Plea Deal To Play Football Again

NFL Roger GoodellSources close to Michael Vick are reporting that Vick’s decision to take the prosecution’s offer depends on whether or not the NFL will allow him to play again.

Vick is awaiting a decision from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (pictured), who is conducting a separate investigation into whether Vick ran afoul of the league’s conduct policy. If Goodell bans Vick for life for his participation in dog fighting or gambling, Vick is expected to take the case to trial in the hopes that an acquittal will allow him to play in the NFL according to the source.

The source also says if Vick is not handed a lifetime ban, Vick may take the plea deal in the hopes of a lenient sentence.

Two more of his co-defendants are expected to plead guilty in exchange for more lenient sentences.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot
Photo: AP

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10 Responses to “Vick May Take Dog Fighting Plea Deal To Play Football Again”

  1. nora says:

    If any Team allows him to play on the field again, any respect or faith for the NFL I had will be destroyed forever. Whatever team takes this guy on, I hope they don’t have a moments peace with anti-Vick demonstrations, sponsers dumping them and all the evils that will accompany an evil choice.

  2. Stan says:

    People need to write the NFL, and tell them if that is the case, you will boycott the games!
    I hope I’m wrong but look where it is headed already. If you have money that seems to be all you need to beat the law. Our law system needs a major overhaul!

  3. straybaby says:

    the NFL shouldn’t make a decision/announcement until AFTER Vick choses to plea or stand trial. they have until the end of the month to add more charges against Vick, and doesn’t Vick only have until Friday to decide? NFL claims their investigation isn’t over yet, so they should stay mum. this A-hole shouldn’t get to sit there and play spoiled little boy and get what works for him.


  4. catmom5 says:

    I agree that the NFL should wait to see what MV decides to do. Just shows the character of this man ~ and if he is found guilty or pleads guilty and is allowed to play professional football again their code of ethics and moral conduct clause means NOTHING!!!

  5. wescott20 says:

    On the evening news they were just saying that there is a prevalent dog fighting culture in the NFL and the NBA. Now a lot of the participants who play on the various teams are worried and asking questions…wondering if they can get in trouble for just going to a dogfight, which seems to be a common form of “entertainment” for the overpaid bastards. They go as casually as we would go to the movies on a Saturday night. I will boycott both sports leagues…not much of a sacrifice, though, I must admit. I never watched that garbage anyway…I always intrinsically disliked these athletes, and now I know my gut instinct was correct.

  6. Bridgett says:

    Don’t you get the feeling the NFL is just going to let him get away with this?

  7. Lynn says:

    I worry that the NFL doesn’t have the you-know-what to do the right thing. I think first and foremost the NFL, at the very least, needs to set standards that coincide with a strong, ethical value system, founded on decency, humanity, honesty, and the well-being of ALL creatures, great and small. Let’s hope they know what those values are, commit to them, and have the gumption to uphold them and take immediate corrective action when players violate them.

    My hunch is that the NFL is going to watch and see how the rest plays out before issuing their decision……and, if done in that order, you can bet their decision will make them look faultless.

    What’s with this plea bargaining stuff anyway? All it does is compromise the justice system. Do away with it and make offenders dance to the music.

  8. Kathy says:

    My grandson really wants to play pro football. He’s only 12, but it begins to sound like I better become his skateboarding sponsor in the hopes that he will make a better choice!

  9. Arlie Rufus says:

    As Arlie Rufus writes this he is hearing that there could be a plea deal in the dogfighting case involving Michael Vick, among others. Arlie Rufus has one thing to say — no plea bargains! Arlie Rufus adovcated Michael Vick and others getting their day in court — and Arlie Rufus still wants that day. That day is not just for Mr. Vick — it is for the dogs who are made to fight and then killed. Make your voice heard along with Arlie Rufus — be vocal. No plea bargains! The dogs deserve real justice!!

    Arlie Rufus

  10. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I’d like to remind people that federal/state investigators reportedly exhumed the bodies of SEVENTEEN (*17*) dead dogs from Vick’s property, including the eight (8) that were allegedly killed days before the first search warrant was executed.

    IMO, Vick deserves a sentence that requires him to serve *at least* two years in a medium/maximum security prison before he can even be considered for parole. Furthermore, I will be disgusted with the NFL if Vick is allowed to play in the NFL ever again, and I pity any team and its law-abiding players (Um… *Are* there any out there anymore?) who will have to endure eternal protests, and people in the stands holding up taunting posters, as a result of Michael Vick being paid to be one of their teammates.

    Ookie the Dogfighter already made his choices and at least 17 dogs, “man’s best friend,” paid the price. The National Football League needs to do what is best for the sport, its current and future players, coaches, and its fans — including those who are 6, 8, or 10 years old.

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