Vick Pleads Not Guilty To Dog Fighting Charges

Michael Vick, star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons football team, plead not guilty to charges that he fought dogs over several years starting in 2001. He was ordered to surrender his passport and cannot travel far without court order. Vick was also asked to surrender his dog breeding license and is prohibited from selling or possessing any dogs. He was released without the need to pay bail.

Itchmo’s extensive Michael Vick dog fighting coverage is here.

The Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, said that his decision would be to suspend Vick for 4 games — the maximum any given team is allowed to suspend a player. However, Blank said that the NFL requested that he wait before suspending Vick.

Vick arrived at the courthouse at 3 p.m. in a black sport utility vehicle and was booed by a crowd of hundreds as he emerged. Wearing a dark suit and blue shirt, the quarterback looked straight ahead as he walked up the ramp to the courthouse. He did not respond to reporters.

(Source: AP)

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24 Responses to “Vick Pleads Not Guilty To Dog Fighting Charges”

  1. Bridgett says:

    They can only suspend him for 4 games? So is the NFL saying it is okay to electrocute dogs?

  2. Anonymous says:

    So Vick is so special “he doesn’t need to pay bail” ? Please tell me I am missing something.

    Sorry for the Anom.. My post name is AM.

  3. Katie says:

    I agree: can only be suspended for 4 games?? and why doesn’t he have to pay bail, like any other citizen??


  4. Bridgett says:

    Nope, you ain’t missed a thing.

  5. catmom5 says:

    So much for integrity and morals! Cannot believe that the Falcons could even consider keeping him. What is this world coming to? THIS JUST DISGUSTS ME!

  6. kae family says:

    They belong to the privileged class hence the laws of the land are different for them.

  7. Lis says:

    The team can only suspend him for four games. More serious actions have to come from the League. Also, if the team suspends him and he appeals (which he would), the appeal goes to an outside arbitrator, who would decide the issue solely on the contract–and therefore could possibly reach a decision in Vick’s favor.

    Whereas if the League suspends him, the decision is appealed to the Commissioner of the NFL. Who will have been the guy who actually made the decision in this case. Result: they can suspend him much longer and they can make it stick without fussing with outside arbitrators who don’t have a commitment to making sure that Vick doesn’t play again.

    And having “requested” that Vick not show up for training camp, they’re taking the time they’ve bought that way to make sure they’ve got all their ducks lined up and Vick won’t have any grounds for dragging the whole thing into civil court.

    Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, I doubt seriously that Vick is ever going to play in the NFL again.

  8. straybaby says:

    Lis, thanks for saving me some typing!

    yeah, his days with the falcons are done and perhaps in football. not sure when Nike will drop him, but i’m betting they’re getting their ducks in a row also. my hope is they all are making sure their ducks are in a row so he can’t sue down the road and win *anything*. i would like to see him get out of jail and having to live on what he has left with his star earning power gone and any chance of re-couping anything. (if guilty that is ;) )

  9. Diane says:

    I still like Jon Cryer’s idea: wrap him in liver and let him loose in a kennel.

  10. Trudy Jackson says:

    He’s going to have a jury and not the judge . He said today He wanted a jury to deside His case.
    And I heard= [as I watched TV local news] that PETA did actually admit they had known about vick for a long time. So, where were they, and why didn’t they step up and say something a long time ago? Oh, I know- they were too busy coming to N.C. and killing our animals.!

  11. Mia says:

    May Vick burn in hell for the mistreatment and the abuse he caused those animals. He is not above anyone or anything but he seems to need a MAJOR attitude adjustment. How about a few years in the big house?

  12. Teresa says:

    We have athletes will illegal gambling and we have steroids and hormones. It’s time people learned that there is much more. Animal cruelty. Why are these people our heros???

  13. Lynn says:

    OK, let’s line up the facts:

    • Hudson set Vick’s trial date for November 26, which almost certainly means he will not play football this season. Football starts in early September.

    • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Falcons to hold off on any disciplinary action until the review is complete. And when will that be? Who is doing the review? And what exactly are they reviewing [legality of terminating Vick’s contract, guilty or not]? The Falcons were prepared to suspend Vick for four games before Goodell interceded.

    • Conviction rate is 95 percent in federal trials; but with the dream defense team Vicks will have lined up, they just might confuse the jury and land an acquittal. Still, Vick’s reputation is shot. Shades of OJ. He’ll be radioactive.

    We can only hope that the prosecutor has all his ducks in order and that the jury is comprised of people who aren’t affiliated with dog fighting. And that the Judge, if rendering a guilty sentence, punishes them all to the maximum to make those involved think twice about staying involved in this vicious and heinous crime against animals.

  14. straybaby says:

    “• NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Falcons to hold off on any disciplinary action until the review is complete. And when will that be? Who is doing the review? And what exactly are they reviewing [legality of terminating Vick’s contract, guilty or not]? The Falcons were prepared to suspend Vick for four games before Goodell interceded.”

    they hired an investigator (team?) to look into the charges to see what was hard evidence, and also what code of conduct violations there are. if i got it right, the investigator (team?) is from DC and out of the same office/dept/area as the former commish. DA background i believe. bottom line, doesn’t sound like they are looking to give him a pass. the ’stay away’ from training camp was buying time to be more thorough and make sure when they proceed with suspension and anything else, they have their facts in order. it’s supposed to happen quick, which will prob be during the preseason. with the trial date and the issue of a change to the indictment possible by end of august, doesn’t sound like he’ll be on the football radar anytime soon. and i think that’s everyone’s intention. the league has a solid foot when suspending, which the team doesn’t. see Lis’s post above for that info.

    we need to give them time to do it right. demanding action is ok, but pushing for action that gives Vick the basis for a lawsuit is rather pointless, imo.

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    Lis & Straybaby I pray your both right.

    Diane I’ll tie the liver on. I like to put liver first on only two parts. The heart because it’s so ugly & cold. I don’t consider him much of a man so their is parts of his body he doesn’t need, that would be the second place. Dog fighters say they love their dogs so he should be real safe in the pit with the liver. I would be safe with liver around my babies.

  16. Lynn says:

    Yes, Straybaby, it sounds like the NFL is protecting themselves legally. Never mind whether they deplore dogfighting or not, it’s safe to assume that they’ve discovered that the American public finds it appalling. Putting pressure on the companies whose products Vick endorses was a great move, too.

    I’m reminded of an article Newsweek National Sports Editor, Mark Starr, wrote a week ago in which he wrote about Arthur Blank, the Falcons’ owner and his mother, Molly: “Molly Blank was a remarkable woman, who took over the family business, a small pharmacy, after her husband died when Arthur was a teenager and transformed it into a multimillion-dollar wholesale business. She was a feisty, opinionated, engaging and high-minded woman. Recalling that film, I have some notion of how she might feel about this Michael Vick affair. Now it’s the son’s call.”

    My gut tells me that Arthur Blank’s sense of values will prevail over continuing to employ any pro footballer who is an embarrassment to his organization.

  17. Vick Dog Fighting Poll Shows Extent Of Public Anger | Itchmo says:

    […] Almost 2 out of 3 voters said that Vick should be immediately suspended, showing the extent of outraged against Vick’s actions. Their sentiments are in direct contrast with the NFL’s opinion to let Vick play. […]

  18. G in INdiana says:

    We were in Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day and the local Nick rep was there. We were shopping for some shoes for my daughter and he came up to help us.
    I flat out told him that until Nike dumps Vick, there will be no Nike items purchased with my money. He sighed and said I wasn’t the only one who had told him that. I said I was sorry, but his company has to listen to their customers and they are pissed off.
    As for the NFL, they are actually being amazingly strong in their support of animal rights. I think they know this is a bigger problem in their organization than just Vick. It’s a subculture and they are trying to get out ahead of the firestorm and let those involved know and correct their behavior before those players get nailed as well.
    I suspect the other defendants in the case are being treated more harshly to get them to turn on Vick. In turn Vick will spill his guts about the whole enchilada and the NFL will be forced to deal with it.
    This isn’t just about Vick, it’s about a pile of immature, psychopaths who get off on blood sports and money.

  19. Lynne says:

    G in INdiana, that’s great news about the Nike rep. And good for you for voicing it.

    I hope you are right about the rest of your post. I feel it is up to us all to keep this issue at the forefront of public consciousness. Shame is still a powerful force for change. I just bought a bumper sticker for my car and will slap it on as soon as I get it. It reads, “Dogfighters are Cowardly Scum”.

  20. Shaun in Tucson says:

    Thanks for mentioning the bumper sticker, Lynne. I just ordered one, too.

  21. Mary says:

    I agree with G in Indiana; I think we are going to find that this is bigger than Vick and that it is pervasive throughout a lot of the NFL. The fact that the Redskins player defended Vick is an indication that other players in the league were probably aware. This dogfighting operation was big; it did not happen in a vacuum. How many other players knew or were involved? And what is the extent of drugs, gambling, and other illegal activities associated with it? I think before this is over the NFL will have a lot of housecleaning to do in addition to Vick.

  22. Blue's Mom says:

    where did you get the stickers?

  23. Lynne says:

    I got the bumper sticker here:

  24. Kevin says:

    I’m appalled that he did not have to pay bail! If it were you or I, we would be in jail trying to come up with the money.

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