Vick To Possibly Take Part In PETA Public Service Announcement

sadvick.jpgReports have been surfacing this week that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants Michael Vick to take part in an anti-animal abuse public relations campaign. On Wednesday, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk did not deny the reports to ABC News, but said any deal would have tight restrictions.

Newkirk acknowledged that Vick’s attendance at an eight-hour “Developing Empathy for Animals” course at the PETA headquarters in Norfolk might be construed as an effort to shorten his prison sentence, following his federal guilty plea on felony dogfighting charges. A sentencing decision is scheduled for December 10. But Newkirk also said PETA’s position that Vick deserves jail time remains “unswerving.”

Newkirk said that she did not feel the group was aligning itself with one of its biggest enemies, but that Vick’s public statement against animal cruelty could reach an audience that PETA can’t. “We’re not here to preach to our choir,” Newkirk said. “Our job is to try to open abusers’ hearts and minds.”

But according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Daphna Nachminovitch, a PETA official who taught the Falcons quarterback during last month’s course, said Thursday there were no plans for him to do a public service announcement.

In a statement e-mailed to the Journal-Constitution, PETA said: “If Michael Vick went on TV and said, ‘Look at me. I have lost everything — my career, my income, respect, friends. I’ve hurt my family, and I am an object of scorn. My life is ruined. I have gone from being a star to the gutter, and now I’m going to jail. Don’t be like me. If you fight dogs, stop. And if you don’t, don’t start,’ we would be very pleased.

“Short of that, it’s not happening.”

Source: ABC News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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23 Responses to “Vick To Possibly Take Part In PETA Public Service Announcement”

  1. Nikki says:



    Deal With Vick Would Require an Admission He Is Going to Prison

    Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has spoken with representatives from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals about appearing in an advertisement for the animal protection group, but no deal on a partnership has been reached, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told ABC News Wednesday.

    “The requirement from us would have to be extremely strong language,” Newkirk said. “It would have to include Michael Vick saying, ‘We’ve lost everything, and you would, too.’” MORE at

    Ed. note: We at MVKD find some irony and a great deal of hypocrisy in the high profile role PETA has assumed in the Vick case — a case which is primarily an issue of exploitation and abuse of pit bulls.

    PETA is, in fact, no friend to the breed. Not only is PETA in support of breed bans against pit bulls but, moreover, espouses the complete extermination of the breed, regardless of their temperament, history or behavior.

    Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, has herself been highly vocal in speaking out against pit bulls, and in so doing has perpetuated the harmful myths and negative stereotypes surrounding this much maligned breed. Newkirk wears her hatred for pit bulls on her sleeve, allowing her personal bigotry to fuel public hysteria and discrimination against all pit bulls, the majority of which have proven themselves many times over to be gentle, loving and loyal companions.

    It should also be noted that it has only been a few short months since PETA themselves stood trial. In January of this year, two PETA employees, fully backed by PETA’s Newkirk and a highly-paid legal team, stood trial on 24 felony counts, including 21 counts of animal cruelty and obtaining property under false pretenses (lying to the shelters PETA adopted dogs and cats from, then euthanizing the animals rather then finding homes for them.) Thanks to a skilled and manipulative defense team, the two PETA staffers were found guilty only of lesser charges; however, the trial exposed PETA’s shocking record of euthanizing healthy dogs and cats - up to a 90% euthanasia rate — as well as the fact that PETA is singularly responsible for the deaths of over 14,400 dogs, cats and other companion animals during the period of 1998 - 2005. (Source: “PETA’s Dirty Secret” at

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    To change any animal abusers mind to somehow not hurt or neglect another animal because M V says so publicly is a good thing. But the numbers of euthanizing animals by PETA speaks for itself. Also the way PETA lied to get possession of the poor dogs and cats is a sickening fact that cannot be ignored. I myself am horrified and will back away from any support without badmouthing PETA. To think that any Dogs or Cats that were rescued from labs may have just been euthanized for the HELL OF IT makes me too sick to my stomach to think straight.

  3. Nancy G. says:

    I have no respect for PETA anymore, for many reasons, and I wish the media would stop treating them as if they are the be-all and end-all of animal welfare groups. If anything animal related comes up in the news, there is a “PETA spokesperson” being quoted in the news article. They are too extreme, narrow-minded and self-righteous now.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    Nancy I agree with you. I am tired of all animal groups & animal people being lumped in with Peta by the media. I think a lot of people have left Peta & a lot more will be leaving.

  5. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Perrrrfect! Then I will be able to publicly protest acts of Ookie the Dogfighter and PETA simultaneously.

    “MV + PETA
    Dog Killers Unite!”

  6. Bridgett says:

    More and more bizarre. This is like a story out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. A statement like this from MV might be more believable AFTER he has served his time in prison. But now? This is just CYA.

  7. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Nikki, I love what you wrote, and I myself have been known to post something similar to your (true) statement “Not only is PETA in support of breed bans against pit bulls but, moreover, espouses the complete extermination of the breed, regardless of their temperament, history or behavior.”

    I have a question for you, though. I went to (and enjoyed the righteous pummeling given Vick and Babineaux, etc.) but couldn’t find an “about me” or “about us” or “who we are” link on the site. It seems linked to Itchmo somehow, also, but I can’t find forward or return links marked as such. Maybe that could be added?

    As an equal-opportunity skeptic, I’m anti-PETA *and* firmly against those PETA Kills Animals website folks, because I know they are devised and funded by powerful and wealthy industry lobbyists and others who are *against* consumer rights, food safety, industry transparency, and reasonable (not radical) animal welfare. Anyway… That’s why I want to know more about the link you provided.

    Thanks for your great post and your pro-bullie stance!

    PBL and Bunny the Pit Bull!

  8. straybaby says:

    Pit Bull Lover says:
    October 5th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    nice thought, but i can just see all those Vick supporters getting behind this and saying “he’s all better now”


  9. BC says:

    Don’t believe everything about PETA that you read from Berman…..
    He is paid by the tobacco company, hates motherhood and apple pie….he even puts MADD down!

  10. NH says:

    I have no interest in what Vick says.

  11. Kristy says:

    BC and all:
    I’m glad someone else posted this. I was about to get upset that everyone thought was a legit site. If memory serves me correctly, that org is not only backed by tobacco companies but by “Consumers for Freedom” which is notorious about putting false info out about many animal welfare groups. Mainly because they are a colation for restuarant and agriculture groups - ie: the meat industry.

    I’m not a fan of PETA (I respect some of what they have done and hate other things they have done) BUT my big pet peeve is misinformation (which is why I don’t like PETA either.) Don’t get me wrong, I eat meat, but the org that constantly puts out fake websites against PETA and other groups actually does it because they HATE that animal welfare groups make them do things more humanely. I would look up the exact info right now, but my computer is acting buggy and I’m about to have to reboot. So Google and look in wikipedia if you want more info.

  12. Kristy says:

    Here is there main webiste: Take one look and you will see that they don’t like doctors, animal groups, and research on food nutrition.

    My fav artice on there from a quick glance: one that tells NYer’s “fried food isn’t that bad for you….” LOL. You really can’t take anything these people say seriously. Fortunately, they quickly list their “other” websites (such as in a small section on the left nav bar for quick perusal. ;-)

  13. Bridgett says:

    Kristy and BC,

    Thank you for posting those sites. It is really hard to take a group seriously who says obesity doesn’t cause diabetes.

    So, who should we believe?

  14. BC says:

    Thanks, Kristy! Sometimes we forget that we can’t believe everything we read on this darn computer!! Check it out when it sounds unbelievable, don’t just automatically believe anyone.
    Personally, I wish PETA didn’t have anything good to say about Michael Vick (because he doesn’t deserve it) but that doesn’t mean I think they are a corrupt group!
    Let’s go get Vick, not PETA:)

  15. Lynn says:

    If for one minute I thought he was sincere and remorseful and REALLY, REALLY had changed, a public service announcement would be a good thing.

    Being a person who trusts my instincts………and who trusts my knowledge of psychosocio behavior, I’m very comfortable with nixing any public service announcement by him.

  16. Jackie says:

    I think it would be a very good thing if Michael Vick did a PSA against dog fighting for PETA. Let’s not forget that there is still a certain population that thinks he did NOTHING wrong and that dog fighting is perfectly fine and normal. Perhaps he can impact them and help some animals! If he were responsible for stopping even one kid from fighting his dog (kids fighting their dogs is rampant in our inner cities), it would be wonderful.

  17. Jackie says:

    Just an add on to my message. PETA’s attempts are NOT about Michael Vick being remorseful (which he probably isn’t 100% at all). They’re about trying to help animals. PETA knows that Vick is in a position to get to certain kids that fight their dogs. These kids would NEVER listen to people like us - but they WILL listen to a Michael Vick.

  18. Nikki says:

    The fact that PETA workers were fraudulently adopting animals from shelters only to immediately euthanize them and illegally dump their remains is indisputable. The fact that PETA stood trial on 21 counts of animal cruelty is also a fact. The high rate of euthansia quoted from is also indisputable - this data was taken from PETA’s own records and has been reported by major news outlets:

    From Critics have charged that many of the group’s loyal supporters will be shocked when details of PETA’s euthanasia policy emerge. The Virginian-Pilot reported that the group euthanized more than 6,000 animals between 2001 and 2003, about 83 percent of those it collected.” (link

    And the fact that PETA supports BSL against pit bulls and advocates for the breed’s extermination is also indisputable. Link:

    As the MVKD’s editorial states, PETA is no friend to pit bulls and their hypocrisy in this case is glaring.

  19. Stefani says:

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    On the one hand, this is exactly the kind of thing I have been saying Vick should do. However, he needs to personally FINANCE a national campaign against dog fighting, not merely appear in a spot paid for by someone else.

    Also, I have been enlightened by people on this list about PETA’s position on breed specific legislation, which I oppose. Demonization of the pit bull is not right, and is not the answer. Criminals and perpetrators of cruelty, and those who would exploit the strength of large breed dogs with strong jaws will simply move on to another suitable breed — Rotties, for example. There are plenty of breeds with similar physical characteristis that they can begin breeding for aggression, using, misusing, and abusing to “make them mean.” It’s not the breed, its the purposes it’s been hijacked for, and the thugs will just move on to another suitable breed. It’s the PEOPLE.

    So, again, I have mixed feelings. Yes, he should be publicly enunciating how awful what he did is. Yes, he should be explaining to kids that this is WRONG and that they should not look to him as a role model in this respect, but instead, should report cruelty and dog fighting. This is exactly appropriate for him to do, and is the only thing that would have any chance of earning an ounce of forgiveness from me. (Not forgiveness, but . . . I would stop railing against him.)

    However, it needs to be something he sincerely wants to do, to the extent that he uses his OWN money to finance it. THEN and ONLY THEN, will I believe that maybe, just maybe, he has learned something from this and is attempting to do pennance.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  20. Stefani says:


    Today I saw not one, but two, male people “walking” pit bulls on leashes, basically pulling them and semi-dragging them along, yanking the leashes (a rope, in one case) when the dog so much as looked in another direction. I know they treat them this way for a reason. They treat them this way to “make them mean.” I don’t understand why there aren’t cops driving up to these people and taking their pets away from them before it’s too late.


  21. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Sorry, people, but this is a bit of an angry rant. I’ve just had enough. Vick’s sentencing isn’t even until early December and… *sigh* Here’s my “bottom line” regarding all this…this…PR junk, religious epiphanies, empathy training, etc.

    In my not so humble opinion, Michael Vick’s legal team, public relations gurus, opportunistic animal rights groups, spiritual advisers, supportive community leaders and politicians, former coaches and teammates, and Vick — Ookie the Dogfighter — himself, can all just shut the heck up for now.

    I will not believe, nor do I want to hear/read another d@#ned word about Michael Vick’s sorrow, regret, and redemption — until he’s spent at least a year in a federal prison (and I don’t mean a work camp, a drug treatment center, house arrest, or half-way finishing up paying his debt to society in a half-way house). Nobody needs to be thinking or TALKING about Vick’s “PSAs for Animals” until at least *January 2009*, when he’s released from a medium security federal prison and put on supervised probation.

    Michael Vick, take your punishment like a man. Pay your debt to civilized society for the laws you’ve broken, and perform your penance BEHIND BARS for the scores of dogs you helped mistreat, torture, and kill. With the acceptance of your hopefully harsh sentence, WALK THE WALK to correct the horrible, dead-end example you’ve set for children and adolescents in neighborhoods like the one you grew up in. Try to lead by example kids who aspire NOT to follow in the footsteps of Michael Vick the NFL quarterback, but who don’t even know there is more out there for them than the drugs, violence, blood, death and ghetto/backwoods glory of Ookie the Dogfighter.

    Hm. Maybe I should put this another way…

    You’re from “game bred” stock - right, Michael Vick? Tenacious? Athletic? Exceptional drive? Proud? Powerful? Then shut your lawyers and your PR team and preachers and all your “handlers” up and simply take your punishment. You’ve been acting like a cowering little bait dog trying to hide behind the educated “grand champions” you’ve invited into your pen to protect you. Stop your whining. You get what you deserve. (Isn’t that the way it’s *supposed* to go down, Ookie?)

    [Sorry for the rant, my Itchmos! I just… I can only take so much. Hopefully, somebody in Vick’s camp keeps up with what folks are saying about the situation, and I just had to, finally, let it fly.]

  22. PETA Voices Concerns Over Britney Spears’ Pets | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] high-profile situations lately. Earlier this week, they grabbed a few headlines with reports that Michael Vick might do a public service announcement denouncing dogfighting after taking one of their animal empathy […]

  23. Nikki says:

    Pit Bull Lover,

    The MVKD site is my own — there is no activist group or ulterior motive behind the site. It is simply a “.info” site, one that compiles headlines and links to newsworthy items related to the Michael Vick case. I wrote the editorial regarding PETA and did my research before publishing the commentary. I checked the records which the cited as their source of data on PETA’s euthanasia rates and found them to be accurate. I also double checked to make sure there were additional credible sources which also reported these facts before publishing my opinion piece.

    The only objective my MVKD site aspires to achieve is to heighten awareness of the abuses and cruelty suffered by pits through blood “sports” such as dogfighting. In addition, I wanted to create a site that would serve as an information portal for the Vick case, much as I attempted to do with the pet food recall earlier in the year; similarly, I’ve tried to advocate for the pit bull through sites like my site and via my annual “Good Dogs” anti-BSL calendar which features ambassadors of breeds targeted by BSL and public discrimination (

    Glad you appreciated my comments.

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