Vick To Talk On Tom Joyner Radio Show About Dog Fighting Case; Falcons Want $22 Million Back

VickMichael Vick will appear live on-air on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this Tuesday, August 28.

This will be Vick’s first public comments made to any media outlet after his court hearing, scheduled for this Monday. Vick is expected to “accept full responsibility” for his role in a dog-fighting operation and plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges.

Vick is expected to talk to Joyner about his court case, his thoughts about his career in the NFL and to make a personal statement to his community. Callers will have an opportunity to address Vick on-air. Also, Tom Joyner Morning Show listeners can submit questions for Vick at

The Tom Joyner Show airs weekdays from 6:00 am to 10:00 am EST. A live audio stream of the show is available by clicking on the ‘Listen Live’ button on or listen live on a Tom Joyner Morning Show affiliate.

In Vick related news, the Atlanta Falcons will try to recoup $22 million already paid to Michael Vick.

To collect the $22 million, Vick must remain on the Falcons’ roster. A source said the Falcons will not release Vick until the matter is resolved. The Falcons are expected to cut Vick from the team once the signing bonus matter is settled.


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18 Responses to “Vick To Talk On Tom Joyner Radio Show About Dog Fighting Case; Falcons Want $22 Million Back”

  1. menusux says:

    Vick has a court date tomorrow in Richmond at 10:30 AM, Eastern Time, for the plea agreement:

    08/27/07 10:30 am Richmond Case # 3:2007 cr274

    USA vs Vick Plea Agreement Hearing Michael Vick

    WAVY-TV 10/Associated Press August 26, 2007

    “RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Michael Vick is due back in Richmond tomorrow to formally enter his plea to a dogfighting conspiracy charge. Vick is scheduled to enter the plea before U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson, who will be presented with Vick’s plea agreement. Sentencing could be months away. The NFL commissioner has suspended the Atlanta Falcons quarterback.”

  2. nora says:

    Oddly enough, I listen to the Tom Joyner morning show Monday thru Friday between the hours of 5:15 AM to 6:00AM when I am racing down the Hiway to work each week morning. It is the more entertaining and the best music of all the morning shows available. For example as compared to “Mancow” who I used to listen to until about 2 years ago. Granted I don’t agree with all the views that Tom Joyner and his crew take per their comments, ecetera…..The fact that they are HUMEROUS and controversial holds my attention and makes me laugh. EXCEPT Tom Joyners take on Michael Vicks dog killings. Last week Tom Joyner and his crew said “SO WHAT.” They are only dogs and they feel that race is playing a part of M V’s bad rap. This comment made me absolutely so furious that I SAW RED!!!!!!! So everyone, get ready for this radio show to SUPPORT this Dog Murderer and get ready to be soooo furious that you will want to lash out in retaliation for this misrepresentation of empathy for the pyscho DOG MURDERER.

  3. menusux says:

    Vick & Company need to get a handle on history. During the time of slavery, those African-Americans “owned” by “masters” were able to be legally beaten, abused, and even killed without any legal charges. Only “owners” had legal rights–to beat, rape, buy, sell and even kill–whatever they chose to do.

    They were considered to be property and whatever was done to them by or on behalf of the person who “owned” them meant no crime committed.

    Abusing and/or killing a slave was the “So what?” of that era in the Slave States.

  4. L.B. says:

    Ironic, isn’t it? Vick & Co as modern-day slave-masters. Hypocrites & cowards they are. Takes a real big man to overpower, torment and control another living being who’s at an unfair disadvantage. Maybe he should be called Massa Vick from now on.
    But the fact that the victims were “only” dogs makes it okay, right. Dogs don’t feel pain or fear or panic. Oh, wait, they do,.. but it’s okay because they’re “less” than human. And because they’re less than human, humans have no moral obligation to protect them, contribute to their welfare, or keep them from harm; in fact, humans have every right to orchestrate their suffering for fun & profit!

  5. Julie says:

    Don’t even get me started on this one! The dog fighting and killing are completely unacceptable! And the fact that this is done for fun and profit?! I agree with L.B. Vick & Co are hypocrites and cowards. A good friend of mine has a pit bull mix that she got as a 5 month old puppy. She was used as a bait dog and was in very bad shape when found. We weren’t even sure if she was going to pull through at the time. She is now 2 1/2 years old and the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Thank goodness that at least she was taken out of that horrible place!

  6. Rose says:

    I hope they get the $22 Million PLUS INTEREST!

  7. menusux says:

    “But the fact that the victims were “only” dogs makes it okay, right. Dogs don’t feel pain or fear or panic. Oh, wait, they do,.. but it’s okay because they’re “less” than human. ”

    Back in the days of slavery, it was considered that those who were enslaved were not human beings—same reasoning employed there. There was much debate among various “religious” leaders at that time as to whether “Negroes” had souls.

  8. theAsocialApe says:

    i hope vick gets shanked in prison.

  9. Lynn says:

    Well, Massa Vick, just remember: What goes around, comes around. I eagerly anticipate news of your fate on Monday.

    Come on, Judge Hudson, make my day.

  10. Jean says:

    You got to ask yourself WHY






    to do this ones soul is given over to the devil and the person is pure evil
    this horror continues as man finds it entertaining and money making

  11. BC says:

    Oh come on now….why all the reference to massa, slaves, owners???? This is not an African American issue, this is an animal cruelty issue and it doesn’t matter if Vick is black, white or pink………he’s scum and he should suffer the same fate as those poor dogs did. There is no excuse for dog fighting……..none!

  12. ellie says:

    BC, I think there’s just an extra level of irony to the fact that SOME blacks are minimizing cruelty to animals–saying they’re JUST dogs, just property–in the same way that SOME whites minimized cruelty to black slaves–saying they’re JUST slaves, just property.

  13. mittens says:

    it used to be that if allowed yourself to be disrespected and exploited, say , like paris hilton you were nothing more than a cheap tart best suited to the street corner and headed straight for the gutter sooner than later. now her ilk are lavished with attention and praise-filming yourself and your boyfriend both acting like self loathing whores-here! have a tv show!. youre a drug dealing, gang banger with a lengthy police record littered with violent offenses-here, have a recording contract!

    this same lack of control and negation of self respect is now glorified, marketed and blazed across screens , burned into cds across the world. the flip side is the likewise complete lack of respect for other humans and for other lives.the glorified hoochie momma personae of paris and the arrogant , entitled thug insistence of the right to participate in cruel criminal behavior- like dog fighting-are coins mint from the very same realm.

    it’s like we’re in hell and i’m not even a christian. there are no values. everyone’s own higher power is their self and their own will. if there are consequences for one’s actions, there’s always an excuse, usually an accusation directed toward other people: “i’m just being prosecuted because i’m black, latino, poor etc etc” .no one bothers to even claim they didn’t do whatever. they head straight for “mommy /daddy beat me”, “whitey is out to get me” and the victim “wanted it anyway or doesn’t warrant concern because theyre not as human or important as i am “.

    dog fighting and it’s abysmal cruelty and out right barbarism is merely another expression of the evil gang culture that’s been celebrated and exploited for its huge cash making abilities and has become, over the past 15 or so years, ingrained at the center of popular american culture so much so it can be used as a plausible excuse for bad, criminal behavior. it’s part of someone’s “underground” and therefore legit culture one has no right to criticize let alone bring charges against. drug dealers, murderers and rapists are extolled, women are there for you to pleasure yourself off of and to belong you have to be more deadly, more brutal, more viciously butch then the next guy. and it’s all ok because ‘ the man’ doesn’t let you make it any other way but to be a conscienceless robothug. the raping, the blood, the torture, the beatings and the killings involved in dog fighting that we are so rightly enraged and appalled at are also directed at humans- something that should always be in the front of our minds when we look at a case like vicks. somewhere in the usa someone, like a member of MS 13, is doing the same thing to someone’s son or daughter not ‘just’ to a dog.

    with his expensive threads, polished looks and high priced lawyers vick is nothing but a well scripted and scrubbed cretin- a lowlife gangster and a bully. trash with cash. the vicks and ,to a less destructive though no less pathetic and demeaning manner the hiltons, are an example of the rot that is presented as success , achievement in our culture- models of behavior that elicit lots of attention and generate the mad benjamins. who wants to be the next malcolm x, the next martin luther king jr when you can be knee deep in bitches and hos and have every material possession and do whatever you want to whomever you want? it’s all about values and because we do not celebrate education, self sacrifice to higher good ,self respect and the ethical treatment of others we have the obverse : the debauchery , insanity and violent social unrest before rome was sacked for the final time , throwing an entire globe spanning culture into the dark ages.

    that anyone can defend vick with a straight face in a manner similar to the defense of OJ just proves we are ,i suppose, already in the dark and have been there for quite some time.

  14. keciacat says:

    I am surprised that we are not hearing that it is a “cultural thing” dontcha know!

  15. Diane says:

    It seems to me that the best way you can show how you feel is just not to listen to this show. Let this creep fade into well-deserved obscurity as soon as possible.

  16. Lynn says:


    I’m sure that nearly everyone posting on this website will indeed agree that this is an animal cruelty issue. No question there. If a nun had done what Vick did we would certainly be just as angry.

    Race/culture is an indirect issue, although I have not seen one person posting on this website who pointed a finger directly at Blacks. [It is simply coicidental that news lately has been of Blacks associated with Pit Bulls or dog fighting.]

    Regardless of the origin of dog-fighting, present-day practices in the US find it most prevalent in impoverished neighborhoods where gangs thrive. These neighborhoods may be heavily populated by Blacks or by Latinos or Asians or other ethnic groups or a combinatin thereof. Dog fighting has become an easy way for a kid to make a buck with street dog fighting. We know that gangs reside within lowest income neighborhoods. A study by the Chicago PD revealed that over 60% of all those arrested for involvement with dog fighting had gang affiliations.

    The mention of slave masters is really just a fall out of the recent news [Blacks and dog fights]; any reference to slave abuse [so-called property] and dog abuse [so-called property] is not meant to imply that dog fighting is strictly associated to those of African ancestry. Not by a long shot.

  17. menusux says:

    What’s interesting about this is that some of Vick’s defenders have been inferring that it IS a race issue when it most certainly is not. It has ZERO to do with the color of someone’s skin–it has EVERYTHING to do with the person inside that skin.

  18. L.B. says:

    That’s right, it has nothing to do with race, it’s about the humanity of the person. The irony of the parallels between both gross injustices (slavery and dogfighting) seems to be lost on some people. (Including Vick himself, Tom Joyner & his crew, the NAACP to some extent, etc.) Deliberate cruelty and brutality is just wrong, whether the victim is a human being or an animal.

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