Vick Working On His Redemption After Dog Fighting Guilty Plea


Last week, Michael Vick made a public apology and said he found Jesus and had turned his life over to God. Many questioned if this was simply all an act, and if we should really believe his apology.

Now, Vick is working on redeeming himself by doing community service and going to church. Is this simply another PR move or did Vick truly become a man of God?

This past Saturday, Vick was at a school, painting, repairing and spending time with some boys who have no male role models in their lives.

The next day, he went to church with his family. He sang, prayed, and lifted his hands toward heaven.

Rev. Steven Terry, minister of the church Vick has been attending recently, said Vick has come a long way from where he once was.

Vick and his girlfriend, who is in her final weeks of pregnancy, entered the church through a back door with Vick’s daughter.

The sermon was about redemption.

Rev. Terry asked how many people from his congregation had struggled with addictions.

“I’m called to tell you of the saving power of Jesus Christ,” Rev. Terry said. “You must decide where you want to spend eternity.”

Rev. Terry said that Vick asked for help from Andrew Young, former U.S. ambassador, chairman of Goodworks International and an Atlanta resident. Young recommended that Vick attend Rev. Terry’s church.

He said Vick has attended two or three counseling sessions a week and has listened to every thing Rev. Terry has said.

“He has been hurt and extremely embarrassed,” Rev. Terry said. “I don’t believe he knows how he got involved in this.”

“I’ve discussed it with my congregation,” Rev. Terry added. “I’ve asked them to just treat him with love. I honestly believe he’s looking for forgiveness. You don’t always get that from human beings.”

Source: Virginian Pilot

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45 Responses to “Vick Working On His Redemption After Dog Fighting Guilty Plea”

  1. Sharon says:

    There will be no redemption. He is not a man of God. He is a criminal who is sorry he got caught and worried about losing all his money.

  2. nora says:

    redemption. so sad. He is a poser. He is also someone that young men with no role models SHOULD NOT be exposed to. I think that the San Antonio incident of poor little Tobi being tortured to death by 3 male teens probably is a reflection of M V’s influence on young men. What a horrible thought.

  3. Stefani says:

    It will take a lot more than this for me to believe in his “redemption.”

    For example, a nationwide, personally-financed campaign to raise awareness about how cruel dog-fighting is, and to turn kids off of it. Not these half assed apologies that seem almost like he’s saying “immature” people can engage in this activity and should be forgiven for it.

    I do believe that if he is sincere (can such a person EVER be sincere? One who has shown such a cold cruel heart?) the path of contrition would be directly related to helping those dogs he used to kill so cruelly. Financing a national anti-dog fighting campaign, AND financing bully rescue and rehab charities.

    Then, maybe then, I will believe there is SOME small possibility he is trying to make up for what horrors he has inflicted on his fellow creatures.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  4. Denise says:

    wonder how many times he invoked the name “Jesus” when he was fighting,hanging,drowning and electrocuting dogs then went to church services on sunday’s….according to this article Jesus was nowhere lost in Vick’s sordid lifestyle going way back to 1998.,2933,295056,00.html

    One very good indication that Vick’s mea culpa is full of empty promises is that he has been a “man of God” for quite sometime. He did not suddenly “find Jesus.” According to reports in Cybercast News Service, Michael Vick has had at least seven quotations since 1998 where he thanked God or invoked his faith as the reason for his success. In 2005 he responded to criticisms by saying, “I’m trying to be Michael Vick, the quarterback God made me to be.” In 2004 he told the Macon Telegraph, “I’m just blessed to be in this position. I wake up every day and I thank God.”

    In a 2001 interview after he was a first-round draft pick, Vick told ESPN, “The Lord has blessed me. I have to thank Him for all this.”

    So, Michael Vick is not new to the idea of Jesus. He supposedly knew Jesus when he was committing the crime of dogfighting. He knew Jesus when he was allegedly brutally killing dogs. And, he knew Jesus when he supposedly lied about all those activities. So when Michael Vick said, “I need to redeem myself,” what he really could have been saying is, “I need to get myself out of this at all costs.” And, he’s using religion to do it. Someone who “knows Jesus” also knows that they cannot redeem themselves, that redemption has been bought at a price, with no human assistance.

  5. kaefamily says:

    “Financing a national anti-dog fighting campaign, AND financing bully rescue and rehab charities.”

    I am with you 101%, Stefani! AND he should also be made to help out at pet shelters if he is truly seeking redemption with Jesus!

  6. 2CatMom says:

    Ditto to everysaid …and he should marry his girlfriend.

  7. Lynne says:

    I wonder if he gave this girlfriend herpes too:

  8. Gary says:

    Somehow, I can’t get the smell of “lawyer” out of any of Vick’s actions. By the way, how much $$ is this Terry thinking for his church from Vick? (I won’t address any minister as Rev) What a bogus scam it all is.

  9. janet says:

    I’m so happy that he lifted his hands to heaven. What a way to show off how pious and devout he is. He uses Christianity the way the politicians do, I wonder if all the blood dripped off his risen hands onto his face. Redemption, my ass.

  10. FiverCat says:

    The only thing Michael Vick found is a gaping hole in his bank account. His God is the all mighty dollar!

    Don’t think you can fool people that easily Mr. Vick!

  11. catmom5 says:

    Doesn’t know how he got involved? That’s simply an unbelievable comment! I agree that this is most likely a huge PR stunt. I hope not, but I’m having a hard time believing anything that man says or does. He really has NEVER done much to address the issue of the dogs he fought, tortured and killed ~ I think some of you have some wonderful ideas, but doubt that he’ll ever do much more than he’s doing now. Yeah, he pretty much blew his reputation, didn’t he?

  12. Carol Johnson says:

    So Vick claims that he has been “hurt” and embarassed?

    Gee…..tell that to the dogs he brutally killed….or the ones that will die because they were bred and trained to kill.

    Has this morally retarded person said one word about them…has he made any offere to provide them with shelter??

    The only thing he wants to redeem is his big bucks.

  13. Bridgett says:

    Too little, too late, Mr. Vick.

  14. NH says:

    Poor Vick. Did Jesus to tell you to get your girlfriend pregnant too?

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Is this simply another PR move or did Vick truly become a man of God?”

    Did he continue to worship the torturing, brutalizing and killing of hundreds of animals for sadistic thrills and profit, or was he truly promoting animal welfare, taking care of God’s animal kingdom?

    Carol J has it: the only thing he wants to redeem is his big bucks.

    And he should marry his girlfriend. Is she pregnant or is that a PR stunt?

  16. Bridgett says:

    One of his former girlfriends caught a disease from him eh? Didn’t see the need to tell her before they had sex?

    All around great human being isn’t he?

  17. Sylvia says:

    My immediate reaction was “bullshit” - wait, that’s still my reaction - he’s an idiot and only time will tell if there’s a real honest person inside - time without a football contract and millions of dollars……..

  18. Charlene says:

    Vick has demonstrated no remorse for torturing and killing innocent animals. His heart is cold and he is totally devoid of compassion. I am not impressed by his finding Jesus — only cowards hide behind the bible. What a crock!

  19. cardinarky says:

    From what I have learned from 60 years of Theological study; Jesus is very offended by all of this………… some point in the future, He will deliver Vick a final eternal judgment on the matter.

  20. Furbabies says:

    Great showmanship. Give the crowd what they are looking for. Remember, these are the same folks who said he wasn’t guilty. They are so gullible, they will believe anything this jerk throws at them. He’s only doing this before sentencing to look good to the judge and say “See I’m a changed man!”. Bulls**t.

  21. keciacat says:

    Bridgett wrote: Didn’t see the need to tell her before they had sex?

    If he told her ahead of time, he would have to wear a condom and I am sure he would never even consider doing such a thing, LOL!

  22. Shaun in Tucson says:

    Whoopi Goldberg saw fit to defend him during her debut on The View today.

  23. Lynn says:

    “kaefamily” wrote: “AND he should also be made to help out at pet shelters if he is truly seeking redemption with Jesus!”

    NO, NO, NO, NO, a thousand times NO! This man has no empathy and will most likely NEVER have any empathy for animals and therefore should NEVER EVER be around animals. They are things to be used in dog fights. He could probably step on a tail accidentally and not give it a second thought, whereas you or I would be picking up the animal and crying as we told it how sorry we are.

    I was home this AM and turned on “The View”; new host Whoopi Goldberg’s first day as moderator. She brought up the Helmsley bequest and essentially thought it was crazy to leave money to a dog and disinherit two grandkids. [Mind you, Barbara Walters is nuts about dogs…..but not enough to contradict anyone on a pet issue at the expense of bad ratings.] Then the issue of Michael Vick came up. Read the link:

    I don’t watch much tv, but in my opinion that show just tanked.

    On the GOOD side: the other night I watched a rerun of an early July episode of Letterman were Drew Carey was a guest. [This was before Vick admitted guilt and before the NFL took action.] Carey came right out and said that if the NFL didn’t kick Vick off the team Carey would watch no more football. Now there’s a REAL man!

  24. Christine says:

    Article says Vick is working on his redemption by going to church and raising his hands to God. Some redemption that is! In my opinion, the only way he could come any where close to redeeming himself is to donate money to and personally work in humane animal shelters, showing that he’s willing to help animals instead of torturing and killing them.

  25. menusux says:

    Re: MV and his spending time with boys who have no male role models:

    This man is NOT a role model for them or anyone else! I wouldn’t let my kids spend time with him, nor would I let them spend “role model” time with a known substance abuser and those who’ve committed a bunch of assorted offenses.

    I would never want them to think that doing whatever the person did might be OK for them to do too. They could possibly think that because they’re smart enough to know that this person’s done something wrong, is not (yet) in jail and seems to be getting along OK, even though he/she did whatever he/she’s been convicted of.

    There should be plenty of good male role models for these kids in the area–men who do a host of jobs and do them every day who’ve not been convicted of anything.

  26. Lynn says:

    Keep him out of the animal shelters. Animals know instinctively whom to trust and whom to fear. Why would you want to hve these animals cowering whenever Vick came to the shelter?


  27. Katie says:

    Redemption! right. The only thing MV is concerned with is his loss of a job and all that money. He’s hoping the judge sees him. He’s hoping the judge will not send him to jail. I hope the judge sees through the PR machine. MV has been doing this for years, I can’t believe he thinks a few minutes in church will wash away his guilt.


  28. Lynn says:

    RE: menusux says September 4th, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    “There should be plenty of good male role models for these kids in the area–men who do a host of jobs and do them every day who’ve not been convicted of anything.”

    OK, fine. So where are they hiding?

    Understand that kids raised in the ghetto have vastly different perceptions about life and values than other kids have. They need to be mentored by individuals who have similar childhood backgrounds. Just doesn’t work if some person who’s never lived in a ghetto tries to be a good joe and mentor.

  29. menusux says:

    Michael Vick, who appeared to have everything and threw it all away certainly is no role model for anyone. There ought to be some men in the area who fit the mold for these kids to look up to.

    Looking up to Vick is like looking up to the pimp or pusher on the corner–he is no answer at all.

  30. Lynn says:

    No, Menusux, apparently there is no one who can or is willing to go into the ghetto and speak from experience, having been convicted of the dog fighting crime, who also hails from the ghetto himself.

    Vick is no one to look up to from your perception, but to a ghetto kid, he IS someone to look up to and listen to. And if Vick can learn that it’s wrong to use animals for fighting, he can at least tell the story about what happened to him, how he suffered as a result. It doesn’t matter [in this case] that he shows no remorse….or if he shows remorse for the loss of his big salary. What matters is that he tells a tale of having had it all and throwing it away all because of dog-fighting.

    What other way would you propose these kids learn that dog fighting is bad? Where is the solution to stop the problem?

    Try looking at it from the ghetto kid’s perspective and not from how YOUR child would deal with this “mentoring.” Two totally different worlds here.

    And yes, I’ve not said a word about animal pain or suffering. The objective is to get to the ghetto children and educate them that it’s wrong and illegal to use animals for fighting, regardless of how these kids feel otherwise about animals.

  31. Lynn says:

    To demonstrate the difference between the kids of the people blogging on this site and the kids that come from ghettos, read this:

    More in-depth info about the characteristics of people involved with dog-fighting:

  32. Baaboo says:

    REDEMPTION….HA, what a joke. Found God, ha, what a joke. God is crying for what he did to his creations. Didn’t Vick also do something horrible to his girlfriends little dog ?? There is a special place in hell waiting for him, can’t wait until he gets there!!!!

  33. menusux says:


    Until this point, you didn’t state that you were referring to Vick speaking to kids re: dogfighting. On that point, I do agree with you, but with regard his being with these kids without addressing dogfighting, he is certainly not anybody one should model their life after.

    He’s well qualified to tell them what they should NOT be involved in, but I’ve yet to see that Vick himself was doing any anti-dogfighting “mentoring”.

  34. Lynn says:

    Menusux, I think something got lost in translation.

    I have indeed been advocating all along that Vick himself go into the ghettos on anti-dogfighting campaign, using empirical experience and celebrity [fallen] to attract an audience. Check out “Lynn says: September 4th, 2007 at 6:13 pm.” I thought I was fairly clear about this is my several posts within this thread. Why would I care for him to mentor kids regarding issues other than dog-fighting?

    True, no one’s seen Vick come forth to do any anti-dogfighting mentoring. And of course he would be stupid to physically put himself in such a position at this time [lest he be charged with further crimes].

  35. Diane says:

    As far as I know, he has never expressed any concern over the dogs that were taken from him, asked anything about what will happen to them, or said one word to acknowledge the pain of the dogs he tortured and killed. He doesn’t get it. He never will. Some people are just like that, and I refuse to believe race has anything to do with it.

  36. Lynn says:

    That’s because Vick is tunnel visioned to his wallet.

  37. Myrtle says:

    Well, it is PR..I personally think it is just PR and he is trying to impress people..I am not impressed. Of course he knew what he was doing…he is just a stupid moron in my opinion. I think the comments from Whoppi Goldberg are ridiculous. I am not impressed with her either. Now I will no longer watch her in anything if she can actually say what she did on The View . Michael Vick is a phony in my opinion. I read the previous comments and I saw the references to God….yes, it appears he did know God..and if he did know God..then he committed a sin as well as a crime. God will forgive…though I am finding it hard to do..but the crime must still be paid for…I feel bad for the dogs…NOT him. I think he should have to pay a huge sum to animal welfare agencies or humane societies. Keep him away from animals…he is not to be trusted at all in my opinion.

  38. ellie says:

    I am apparently in the minority, in that I believe redemption is possible for Vick. He does have to begin somewhere. He may be going through the motions because his handlers are telling him to. Or he may be beginning to understand the evil he’s done.

    Which is not to say that any expressions of remorse or even outward evidence of remorse should lessen the punishment he deserves. But if he cooperates fully with the feds, serves his time, quietly rebuilds his life, and uses his notoriety and money to do good–yes, he can redeem himself as a person.

    It will take years and years of actions, not words or promises. I don’t know if he is a person who is capable of such change–I hope he is. He’ll have to overcome the justified cynicism of the people who now revile him. He’s shown himself to be not only a dog killer, but a liar. He has to prove his sincerity, and it’s not going to be possible if he’s just going through the motions to polish up his tarnished image. He has to really want to change and prove over time that he has changed.

  39. Stan says:

    Um, As the Lord said, tie Mr Vick to the rape and torching and death devices!
    For sure let’s forgive ;-)
    (No really, he did not bet on them), So please NFL let’s keep a open mind!

  40. Beauty's Mom says:

    This is a letter I posed on flickr.

    Michael Vick,
    You say you have “found Jesus”. This statement is a bit premature. Usually your type finds Jesus AFTER they have been sitting in a jail cell. I suspect your timing is a feeble attempt to use Jesus as your get out of jail free card.
    Before I am accused of racial profiling by using the term “your type”, let me clarify that statement — I simply mean to imply that you are nothing more than a common thug. Thugs come in many shapes and colors; sometimes they even masquerade as football players.
    You’re not the only one who has had a religious awakening. I’ve had one too. As a matter of fact I had a vision in which Jesus spoke to me. He said” Tell Michael to liquidate all his assets and donate the money to animal resuce organizations”
    You say you have to redeem yourself — Here’s you chance.

    The above is a photo of Beauty. She spent most of her first two years of life locked in a crate in a bathroom. Beauty came to live with us on January 26, 2007.

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  42. Dee Eagle says:

    Whoopi Goldgerg stated that Vick’s behavior could be attributed to his “cultural” upbringing, meaning it is part of everyday life in the south to hurt and torture animals, and engage in illegal activities. I was born and raised in GA, and I can assure you that is not the case. I’m sick of people justifying terible adult behavior, because of some crap that happened when they were young. Like the Eagles song says, “GET OVER IT.” Vick is a grown man now and is responsible for his actions. I don’t care what his “cultural” upbringing was. Did his Mama teach him right from wrong? Don’t care. He is an adult now and is responsible for his own behavior. All this religious activity now is what has been known for years as “Jailhouse Religion’. It is nothig new. He’s not sorry for what he did, only that he got caught.
    Former Whoopi Fan,
    Dee Eagle

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  44. michael b. says:

    i think what you are doing is good

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think what you doing is right

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