Vick’s Collectibles Not Selling After Dog Fighting Charges

Vick CollectibleYou can’t even pay people to take Michael Vick memorabilia nowadays.

No one seems to even want to touch merchandise with Vick’s face on it.

Before his dog fighting charges, Vick’s collectibles always sold well in Field of Dreams, a sports memorabilia store in Virginia. Even at 50-60% off, none of the merchandise has budged. People can’t even be bribed to take any of Vick’s products.

The day that Vick was indicted, store manager Brent Lewis said he came in that day and and took Vick’s collectibles off of the walls.

“I can’t think of anything people have reacted to this bad,” Lewis said, “not even murder. Even O.J.’s stuff sold now and then as a novelty.”

“It’s like a gallon of milk,” Lewis said. “We try to sell before the expiration date is up. Michael Vick’s expiration is up.”

All of the Vick collectibles are hidden away in the back of the store and wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. Lewis knows he won’t sell the products, but he keeps them around just in case a buyer comes in and asks.

He said there was a small interest in Vick’s products right before his indictment. Some people thought he would get out of the dog fighting charges and would be more famous than before, and the value of his collectibles would go up.

Lewis added that some athletes with criminal pasts have made a comeback with their collectibles like Pete Rose. One of his most popular items is a $300 baseball that reads: I’m sorry I bet on baseball. Pete Rose

But Lewis said, “I can’t see Vick signing something that says ‘I’m sorry I fought dogs and it ever selling.”

Source: The Virginian Pilot

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  1. Lynne says:


  2. Lynn says:

    That’s great news! Maybe we can collect it all and give it to homeless people so they an have a bonfire in the wintertime to keep them warm.

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  4. furmom says:

    “Vick’s expiration date is up”

    I like that quote.

  5. nora says:

    Karma is a “B”.

  6. bengals says:

    great idea Lynn!!!

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