Vick’s Girlfriend Leaves Vick Two Days After Giving Birth To Daughter


Not only is Michael Vick dealing with financial troubles, but now he is dealing with relationship problems.

His girlfriend and his children’s mother broke up with Vick two days after she gave birth to the couple’s second daughter. According to a person close to Vick, “[Mike’s baby mother] ended things … its sad because with all he’s going through now, he could really use her … I think she’s already seeing someone else.”

Does this mean that Vick is available? I’m sure there is a long line of women waiting to date him.

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21 Responses to “Vick’s Girlfriend Leaves Vick Two Days After Giving Birth To Daughter”

  1. Guthrie says:

    Good for her. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the correlation between animal and child abuse.

  2. Bridgett says:

    That was exactly my thought. Plus, he doesn’t seem like a guy who has much of a future anymore.

  3. Chris says:

    Good for her!!!!

    I agree with you both. It is also quite doubtful that he will have a line of women waiting for him.

  4. Donna B says:

    I guess now that he will probably be in a financial mess - he isn’t the “catch” he used to be. One thing in her favor - thank God she never married him!

  5. lilly says:

    A woman with a brain, unlike vICK..good for her. I just hope she keeps away from him…Pet abuse then child abuse..Pathetic piece of whatever you want to call him. He had a future ahead of him, but totally blew it with his animal abuse. He’s scum.

  6. Lynn says:

    Who cares? Surely if she was that close to him - for two kids, no less - she would have known what he was up to. Yet she didn’t do or say anything that would have come to the animals’ defense. She was protecting her own interests. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s a gold digger and now that we know there’s no gold to be dug…………..

    What goes around, comes around. To everyone.

  7. Gindy says:

    I dunno Lynn, a lot of women (even wives) are not privy to their mates activities outside of their presence (Mrs. Larry Craig or Mrs. Ted Haggard come to mind {sorry about the pun}).
    Who can say what she knew or didn’t know. If he kept his animal abuse activities far from where she was present she might never have known. I also doubt she had access to any of his personal financial dealings and she most likely was nosy about it.

  8. Sharon says:

    The only reason to be with someone like him is the money. Now that he is broke she has moved on. Sounds like they were made for each other.

  9. Debbie says:

    Good for her but what took her so long, this guy has been fighting dogs since 2001, how did she not know any of this, surely she has been to his house if she is on her 2nd child with him. He is selling his mansion in Atlanta but bougt a million dollar condo in Florida which his disgraced brother is partying with pro players in. Guess he’s not as strapped as we thought. I hope he gets what he deserves. At least his children will be safe now.

  10. Guthrie says:

    I thought the rich folks went to Florida because bankruptcy is easier.

    By the way, do you people blame domestic violence on the wives who stayed? Have you listened to how you sound? Yep, she deserved it for staying. It’s her fault he abused dogs because she didn’t stop him. And she left as soon as the baby was born and she could get out.

    You people sicken me. Remind me of why abuse has existed for so long.

  11. Nora and Rufus says:

    LYNN! MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. That is a reality. She knew about the Dog Fighting no doubt, and now that the cash flow is not the gravy it used to be, not to mention all the negative publicity, she has flew the coop. But also since he was so abusive to those dogs (torturing and murdering) I am under the assumption that he also could have been abusive towards his Human Females. But Lynn, you took the words right out of my mouth. And Guthrie, no one blamed the woman for anything.

  12. Guthrie says:

    No no one blamed her. Just trashed her for being with him. She should have known. Blah, bull crap, lack of understanding. None of you know whether she knew. I hope you people learn compassion SOMETIME in your little lives. Bunch of effing know-it-alls. If we were you, our lives would be perfect.

  13. Nora and Rufus says:

    Gezzz Guthrie, take it easy. Mighty sensitive there. My life is certainly not perfect and I would never say it was…….If you know it all, well then, more power to ya.

  14. Lynn says:


    Women who are trophy wives/girlfriends are a far cry from women who are abused.

    The reality is that when women are “maintained” or “kept happy through “disgenuous acts” [e.g., freedom to buy out Neiman Marcus] they tend to overlook what’s really happening. The relationship is not primary to them; the payoff is.

    The above is miles apart from domestic violence, though it does have some similar characteristics. But we’re not talking about an abused woman in Vick’s case. We’re talking about a woman who, if my guess is right, jumped ships because the first one [Vick’s] had sunk.

    If you ask women whose marriages fell apart due to various covert, illegal activities of the spouse, very, very, very few would say in retrospect that they didn’t know. Many just don’t WANT to know because they don’t feel they can survive without the spouse. Or they don’t want to give up the perks. So they turn on the blinders.

    In Vick’s woman’s case she chose to walk. So she had an agenda.

    No one in this blog ever trashed abused women or blamed them. But if my hunch is right, Vick’s girlfriend was far from abused. So I am not sure how domestic violence got into this topic.

  15. Dee says:

    I agree with Lynne. She more than likely knew, or suspected, but chose not to look. Two of a kind.

  16. haters says:

    stop judging, life goes on and he’ll find another women you are a dime dozen. no one’s perfect. and the dogs are breed to fit read a book. wow get a life.

  17. truth hurts says:

    you know the sad part is , if mike vick comes back and does well all this would be forgotten about. and the very same people turn there back will be in his face smiling. when the grass is cut low the snakes will show.we persecute mike for dog fighting what about george bush he has had thousands of young americans killed I dont see you rushing to judge him absolutey brainless lol.

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  19. rashaad says:

    yo that ain’t right watch she going to want him back when he get out he coming back and taking over the NFL and you all will be proven wrong

  20. sandra says:

    Please Please leave the man alone he’s paid for what he did and as for the girlfriend what kind of woman leaves her man when he’s in trouble. Hell he didn’t fight her he fought dog’s I don’t think she really loved him she left him when he really needed her. Oh well she’s gone now and he has to move on with his life. Give the man a break he’s young and did something stupid. He needs to choose his friends more carefully and remember you don’t call every one you hang with your friend. You only get 1 or 2 good friends in life and him being a celebrity it’s really hard to say who was really a friend. I will pray for him and hope his eyes are now open and he will not make this mistake again. Its now time for him to chill and get his life back together. Get close to God because satan is so busy

  21. daraannwill says:

    Good for you girlfriend! Any man that would do what he did to an animal is forgiveable. This man is evil with some deep psycholgical problems! You made the right decision. Keep on trucking and don’t look back!

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