Vick’s Jersey Removed From High School Trophy Case

VickMichael Vick’s high school, Warwick High School, removed his football jersey from their trophy case after he pleaded guilty to a dog fighting conspiracy charge.

Vick played for two seasons at the high school before he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001.

The principal of the high school took down the jersey after Vick entered his guilty plea.

A spokeswoman said: “It stayed up through the allegations, but they did decide to take it down once he admitted some guilt.” She added that she didn’t think his jersey would be returned to the trophy case.

Source: Fox Sports

(Thanks Irene)

5 Responses to “Vick’s Jersey Removed From High School Trophy Case”

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  2. Matt says:

    HA, this guy can’t get enough bad publicity. Everytime you turn around someone else is taking something away from him. And good. He was participating in a sick sport. And once the NFL gets all their money back I wont be surprised if he ends up flipping burgers since he wasted all his money, I mean look at the house he had for the dog fighting I woulda thought it was the run down place…but now its a mansion ( But he wont have that for long I’m sure.

  3. NH says:

    Good job by school administrators. Thank you!

  4. Lynn says:

    Nice going, school administrators. Thanks for doing the right thing. As you already know, kids need POSITIVE role models.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    GOOD. the kids need to know & see what people think of him.

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